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One of the great things about Tribal Wars is that it has a very basic formula that is easy to pick up in terms of troop types and resource management fundamentals. The different types of units all have clear strengths and weaknesses that are in almost every game (spears good against cavalry but weak against opposing offensive infantry etc) which is honestly fine and to be expected. You build your buildings logically as well. Farms to allow you to build extra units, resource buildings to gain more resources and so on. Tried and tested and has worked for 15 years and will probably continue to work fine Ad Infinitum.

Although its a long-term strategy game and generally speaking worlds last on average like 9-12 months if you have been playing for a few years chances are you've done a lot of start-ups, played quite a few different worlds and done the same thing over and over. There really isnt much difference at all between the worlds. Its either faster or slower or archers/no archers or a few other minor changes. Your strategy basically doesnt change much, its either build x or y building and build x or y unit and thats about it. The unit builds dont change, average building order doesnt change. Its quite static and tedious over time and certainly one of the things that puts me off these days starting a new world is the thought of doing the exact same thing as i have done the previous 20 times just to escape the drudgery of early game micro farming so i can enjoy the spicy mid-game.

So what i am proposing and i would like to see and i hope others do as well is a bit more variety between the different worlds. Why do they always have to have the same basic settings with minimal variety? For some reason the development team likes to create inane win conditions that are usually poorly conceived or designed and nearly always boil down to dominance anyway in their attempts to 'shake things up'. Instead how about world themes to shake the meta up a bit so its not a snoozefest?

For example:

Next world is a heavily forested world! There are huge tracks of woodland across the map. The following are in effect:

+20% bonus wood production
+10% workshop production speed
-15% cavalry movement speed
+10% infantry carry capacity

Or how about a steppes/plains themed world?

-10% wood production
+10% farm capacity
+10% cavalry movement speed
+20% scout effectiveness

Or perhaps you could be a bit more unorthodox and have like a world with lots of rain

+20% farm capacity
+10% to unit speed production
-10% warehouse capacity
-20% archer effectiveness
-10% carry capacity

These numbers are just pulled out of thin air as placeholders. The point is that im pretty sure all of these things would be very easy to implement from a development point of view and would actually be quite interesting to play. It would be pretty cool to play a world where instead of doing everything by rote you need to change the way you build and change your strategy according to what works best for the world. It wont be a case of just doing the exact same unit build that you always do because its the best in almost any situation. Instead you have to plan and decide how differently to do things, adapting to the conditions of the world around you. The scope of this is quite far reaching, there are probably infinitely possible variations on how to develop worlds differently. Hopefully it would encourage people to play more worlds and make everything a bit more active and enjoyable for everyone.

Let me know your thoughts


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I believe that this would be a great implementation to shake things up within the game, while still sticking true to what majority of the player base stick around for. I would bet that the number of players wanting to see another University world is slim to none, and the same with Great Siege. Most of the serious players here still wish to conquer the world!

If we are considering unconventional settings to add variety, I think implementing some uncommon speed settings (Single noble conquers, or higher base loyalty loss per noble hit come to mind) could be considered here as well.

One thing that does stick out to me here that you suggested - loss of specific unit effectiveness. This could obviously cause a drastic shift in troop build meta, as you noted. Many people wish to see a buff to Mounted Archers - maybe this is the best way to implement? Worlds themed around "Open Plains"?

The possibilities truly are endless here, and while some playtest would obviously be needed, I think it is a great theme to discuss.

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Some other suggestions from discord:
- specilization on villages: +10% Stable const.speed, -10% barracks const. speed
- Upon spawn of world getting to choose a minor version of a bonus village buff to go on your starter village
- faction system. Can't ally/tribe with people outside your faction. Factions give unique buffs/debuffs: Farm faction: Faster resource production, slower unit production. Amazones: Faster cavalry production, slower unit production. etc etc

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Maybe add some new units instead?

slingers, trebutche, 2handed sword fighter, maces, pikes etc and make new calculations, add heavy/light defence in the stats. 2 hander good against light armor and heavy but weak against cav and useless against archers.


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Used to play years ago. Paladin items etc.

Been playing recently, so it’s not so much same old same old for me.
However that being said I love the idea of some new units.

Trebuchets for instance, siege a village, have a rule where if you’re in range like a church radius perhaps you can hit them? Do minor damage or something?
Just a quick idea I thought up, barring that though, other units to counter units would be great to see. So we can not only focus on the medium of building like usual but counter builds vs other builds, actually have a different selection of troops, wouldn’t be easy to implement though and you’d need to or myself personally would like to see more than one added at a time :)

Though that could again favour pp players and I know that’s a huge issue here ( my trebuchet idea ).

Definitely would be interested to see several new units added, elephants anyone? ;)


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I asked my crew of friends what would they like to see. They don’t use these the forums often and they wanted similar.

Slingers, War Elephants ( that could damage troops and buildings as they’d savage a village or perhaps cancel out militia. Upgrades to Armoured War Elephants, Chariots, Ballistas, Broadswords men, Hoplite.

Church world or not how about a Priest to change morale?

So many options and could really turn the heat up on the game with different builds coming out. Attacking the unknown, Defending the unknown.


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Thats a great idea, +1
Thanks :)

Watchtowers are great too for beginners ( and for late game wars etc ) but the cost is insane. I’m sure it’s been debated a lot previously but could we get maybe medallion inventory items to increase levels or something else to help with the cost, or a points percentage of the village and the player for the value ie a 100k player must pay the full fee but a 10k player gets it a bit cheaper? let’s face it level 1-6 is useless almost.
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Don't get your hopes up, Norwegian server did something fun with no18 (a lot more barbs, the world had 82k villages, while the world before and after had 12k), it had 400ms limit between nobles and a ton of other unorthodox things. Was probably the funniest world I have played, lasted 3 years, and made people redefine the way they played as many things that usually worked wasn't effective.

Ok so, this world was a huge success... But the CM wasn't actually allowed to do this.

Innogames realized somewhere later, banned the CM, and put in the Norwegian Grepolis CM, who only posted the update posts and new worlds. Clearly telling us that the massive success no18 was, it was never to be repeated again.


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@JawJaw would be watching this thread and even posting I believe? I could be wrong about that ( yes I believe I was wrong ) He may take into consideration some of our ideas or we could post them individually for voting :)

That sounds like it would have been cool though. What other type of differences did you have on that world? What worked / didn’t? Might give some insight.
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Need to come up with exact units or ideas how about ;

War elephant, ranged and melee unit, archers on top shooting and it tramples.

Cost : More iron than hcav for armour plating.

Also does damage to buildings say rams do 100 damage, cats do 50 damage, elephant does, 30-35 or 20 damage and you pick target building or it tramples farm only, being so big and clunky or smashing wall as it attacks.

Offensive unit.

Weak vs archer and mounted archers but strong vs spear sword and offensive units when back timing. Maybe Hcav could be another counter to it what with running around cutting its legs etc or mass spearmen ( imagine real life heh ).

Time to build Unit : 5-8 extra minutes more than hcav?

Research Unit : 3-5 levels after hcav?

On research worlds it could be upgraded to Armoured war elephant, doing more damage, possibly changing the look of the unit carrying more armour perhaps slowing it a little.
Have to add in elephant defence and offence on each unit plus the elephant and damage to structure depending on ability to choose structure or wall only, though we have 2 anti wall units already be good to see another to target farm or select the structure of our choosing. I’d vote farm damage only for this one.

Anything else?

Also what about change in unit icons? Been a few years, I’m sure that’s been suggested, would rather see more units than artwork update though :)

Just my thoughts.
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How about villages pikes around the wall to slow the enemy’s fast units or moats?

Could add in a slow aspect and lose morale as the battle takes longer because the enemy couldn’t get over the wall, could be cheap or expensive or an inventory item.
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