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Discussion in 'World 58' started by Stoned Temple Pilot, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Honor still nobling barbs, going to be bloody awkward when they run out of them. Fork ftw.
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    soo does Honor ever support its members?
  3. Side 1:
    Players: Khite Tzu
    Side 2:
    Tribes: Honor, H20, H3

    Timeframe: Last month


    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 0
    Side 2: 0
    Difference: 0

    Side 1:
    Players: Khite Tzu
    Side 2:
    Tribes: FORK, Fork2

    Timeframe: Last month

    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 82
    Side 2: 2
    Difference: 80

    You have Honor running terrified ... oh wait
  4. u6s5l.

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    Look at his ODA gains.
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    Sounds like someone is a little annoyed at being booted. You could have easily left the world as a key component of Fork's imminent victory in this world and be remembered as someone who helped Fork, or you could open up on your tribemates and be a child. Go ahead and throw your toys out of your pram, it makes for a dramatic exit.

    You quit the world and your account was losing villages to honor, so the decision was made to noble out your account. This way, the villages would remain in Fork's control, but no.... you have to open up on HH because you thought he didn't deserve your villages. You didn't even know the deal with HH's account. HH had been away on duty, he had only returned recently and he was ordered to noble your villages. Great work there buddy.

    As for booting you, I noticed that I am lucky enough to have my name in your tribe's name. I'm glad that you idolise me but maybe you might want to speak to the rest of the council. They actually discussed it at length and then approached me about booting you. I simply agreed with them and hit the boot button but I'll happily take the brunt of your anger here. That's what being a Duke is about... being the person that takes the flack for tough decisions. That's something I doubt you are incapable of doing little man.

    As for my recent noblings, Nilay had to be internalled. Oh wait... I'll just let Honor noble him and they can open up a whole new frontline. Maybe we should check the number of internals I have had before the Nilay account. The Fork players can state categorically that I could have eaten all of the TWM account months ago. I had worked closely with TWM from day 1 and he gave me his whole account to be nobled but I gave most of the villages to the tribe. Meh...

    As for you personally, you complained about many leadership decisions, but not once did you offer to step up and help in any manner. All you did was complain and undermine my leadership. You even went out of your way to test my resolve (and many others) on many occasions and a lot of people are actually happy to see you gone. So you hate my face... good for you. I put the tribe before my own thoughts and I don't post internal issues on the externals. Again, nice work on throwing your toys out the pram champ.

    As u6s5l said, go check my ODA AND my war stats and then let's discuss yours.

    6 Khite Tzu 403 12 143.809.739 72.273.014
    7 Waffler Man 389 130 91.319.054 41.072.220

    I have more noblings, more ODA, more ODD and less losses than you, but hey... I'm just an internaller. On top of all that, I also have to run a tribe because people like you won't step up and do anything in a leadership position. Don't worry, I have broad shoulders. I can easily take your crap on the externals. The core Fork group know what the leaders have to deal with on a daily basis, but hey... I'm just an internaller.

    The one thing that I find funny is that your closest contacts within fork would possibly be the first to admit that you were a handful and that Fork is probably better off without you.

    So with that said... run along little man, you are simply one less issue to deal with on a daily basis... and that suits me fine.
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    STP has been going around worlds trolling and insulting multiple people. It's just his current troll mood. Best to ignore him. World goes to Fork, that's that.
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    yawn boring world is boring >.< well guess its just clean uptime
  8. Sigh too long didn't really read but here are a few points

    I was quitting yes (funny how the day after I announced on Fork forums I was giving away TW the account had incoming from Honor...) but I hadn't quit yet, read the thread title genius

    I was otherwise indisposed, those who need to know, do. YOU gave the account away for internalling without a single mail or any form of trying to contact me to say you were doing so, your ego believed the account was yours to noble out and I know dealing with people who don't have their noses up your arse is beyond your ability, maybe a little therapy would help ?

    Please don't suggest anything I would have offered in the way of assistance would have been accepted, any constructive criticism was seen as you say as 'undermining and complaining' it's Khites way or the highway

    Without doubt the worst Duke I have ever played under

    Nilay was never offered as an internal, he was given away to all your 'friends' which completely screwed yet another church cluster of mine in k55 even exceeding harith hafizs efforts

    Re your stats comparison please include the account size difference and activity levels, also ask Hells and streak what a poor neighbour I was, and for a laugh link any support requests I made in the Fork forums while you are at it :)

    u6 ... I find it amusing you are basically supporting a player who in your own words hoped your dog got cancer as well, how does that feel ?

    In short I am not bitter, I am amused however how many Fork players that are eating the account have hundreds of full nukes sitting at home to do so with ... good luck with your 'warriors' Khite lmao
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    Lol Fork is winning. There's tons of nukes to go around when you're munching. Nice insult.

    As for that above at me; times pass. He gets heated. I've been there and done that. If the best you have is to try and recall the past, so be it. I like to move on, unlike a certain someone who comes to every world just to troll. Stoned Temple Pilot, I think his name is.

    Yeah, I don't really care what he said. He was civil afterwards, worked with me, and apologized for his words and showed me he meant it with being a good leader and fun to work with. I enjoyed my time in Fork, short as it was, and can understand why others did and do. If I held grudges like you do, I might've keeled over a few months ago from the anger. I like not being like that, even if you don't.

    And what he said has no reflection on his current capabilities, current actions, and your actions. Defending his in-game stats is nothing to do with defending his personality, and it has nothing to do with the fact that you're simply trolling and bitter anytime we cross paths, or on here.
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    Bullshit, you would have read every word twice. It's in your nature to read what someone has said about you. You are an egotistical attention seeker, so don't post bullshit buddy.

    It might pay to go and get a coffee before reading this one... this one is even longer. And yes... you will read this completely... you simply can't help yourself.

    Erm... the thread title is quite clear to me. Is it clear to you? As for giving your account away, let's dig up your farewell post:

    Now let's analyse this. You quite clearly state that you are out of the game FOR GOOD. That means you are quitting. Your post also states for someone to take your sit and do with the account as they please. No notes left as to how the account is to be treated... nothing. There was no other post by you until the 29th. Whoa... a whole 2 freaking weeks. So let's check out your next post in our forum:

    You opened up on a tribemate. Bad form little man. If you wanted the account dealt with in a certain way, THEN LEAVE NOTES. But no... you bail on the tribe (bail... now there's an interesting word... lol) and you return 2 weeks later only to throw a dummy spit against someone who has worked hard for the tribe and you open up and nuke him. Pathetic.

    Your exact words: I will be nuking anyone else who attacks me from now on
    What a lovely tribemate. It's ever so clear you got on well with so many people within Fork.

    Apart from this post, there was no word to any of the leaders from what I know of. No mail to myself but hey, that's probably a good thing. Now let's match your posts with what was happening to your account on the battlefield:

    At about the 21st, Honor (namely Killer Raptor) started ripping into your account. At this stage, I was AWAY from the game and returned several days later. Upon my return, I was told about you being inactive and losing villages all over the place. As such, I ordered the tribe to open up and take as many villages as possible because we had no opportunity to get you to give the account to someone else.

    I can post the council chat log if you like where Brandon had tried to get the account from you but failed. Yes, the council HAD tried to contact you. More bullshit on your behalf, so don't give me this high and mighty shit about someone not contacting you for the account.

    Furthermore, as the Duke of Fork I DO have the right to do whatever I damn well please with your account when you simply dump it on us. Don't worry, we all know why you were indisposed. More people know than you probably would want... :)

    I have clearly gotten under your skin in some other world. From the moment you and I spoke to each other more than 18 months ago in W58, you basically spat in my face. Maybe you could leave the attitude at the door when speaking to me and you may find I am a different person to talk to. Speak to me like shit and I'll treat you like shit in return.

    My record as a Duke is not too bad and I'll happily compare worlds where YOU grew some balls and stood tall as a Duke. No, sit back in the shadows and pick the leaders apart. It's easier to do that. Feel free to let me know which world you were the Duke of the #1 tribe and were on track to win the world.

    Don't give me this shit about a church cluster in K55. Nilay was never supposed to be an internal as I had someone to play the account, but Nilay wanted to be able to continue to log in and he refused to hand over the account unless the new player agreed to not change the password. After the Roadtrash affair, the council decided it was easier to noble the account out. As for who got the villages, I do love how you focus on my 'friends' getting the villages. I'm sorry if it looks like I handed out the villages to my 'friends'... I'm ever so sorry for having friends in this game. Maybe this is something you would like to try making in future worlds.

    You were a good neighbour to whoever it suited you (and only you), whilst being a mouth to everyone else. Let's go ask some of the other Fork players what they thought of your negative posts in the forum. They grew tired of it. Your final thread only goes for 2 pages and the last page is full of people not overly happy with your actions of nuking your tribemate. Once you were booted, no one complained. People actually offered to nuke you:

    As for being a good neighbour, this game is more than just the people situated two villages to your right. You list 2 friends that were good neighbours - Hells and Streak. You may have been a good neighbour to them, but you were a shitty tribemate to everyone else. If you were so well liked in your area, why is there no farewell thread in the external forum for you? Most people will post a farewell to their friend when they leave a world. Where's yours buddy???

    Who gives a shit if you never posted a support thread?? I can only imagine you never posted support threads out of fear of no one sending you support due to you abusing them in the forum. This is a team game and there are times when you coordinate with your tribe in times of need. Do you think that you are a fantastic player for never asking for support??

    Wow... no support threads... you must be an amazing player!! Me thinks you are more of a loner who fails to make friends. I can't believe you even posted this.

    Yes, u6 and I did not get off to a good start, but our initial discussion was done for a reason. u6 is well aware of why it occurred and we have since forged a good friendship. I've got nothing but respect for him,something I will never have for you.

    Bitter?? Of course you are. Why else would you be here posting garbage about how bad I am as a player and as a Duke??

    As for the tribe's nukes, don't worry yourself where their nukes are. We'll sort that out buddy.

    Either way, if my leadership in Fork is so bad, then why has there not been a breakaway tribe? Why is Honor splitting at the seams with inactivity while Fork continues to fill their inactives with new players?? Maybe some people DO like me and you ARE simply the bitter and twisted cyber punk that you make out to be.

    Thanks... :)

    And yes, you will read all of this as you have an egotistical imagination that commands an interminable and inconsistent series of arguments to malign myself and to glorify yourself. Maybe you should put the ego aside and learn something from your time in W58.

    Now run along little boy.
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    Stoned you just got owned
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    Faaark do you need more fangirls??? <3 <3

    Was that a quote from the ever sexy and always exciting J.V.?!?!?!?! :icon_redface: Loved that account. Hmmmm... maybe Ill log in soonish if I am allowed to.... build more cats.... Nathan loves it when I log in and do that I think haha
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    considering I had to deal with 1000 mounted archers your cats aren't as bad anymore, just do not build 1000 mounted archers. Still trying to kill them off
  14. zeaho20

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    LOL! That's what happens when you think you can replace me *muah*

    BUILD SOME CATS!!! I'll log in more then lol
  15. Gula Behnid

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    can't you accept my nukes?

    Well he did what was needed, keep the account active and growing when I was busy.

    He just nobled a bunch of barbs and built crappy nukes :(
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    Has anyone noticed the number of fork and ex-Fork players that have posted here since my last post?? Has anyone noticed no friends of STP have come to his rescue?? Not one person has come here to defend STP or tried to counter my claims.

    Oh wait... STP will tell you that these are people who have their heads firmly shoved up my arse. Or maybe it's because w58 is a dead world. Yeah, that's a good enough excuse...

    STP... maybe YOU need to try harder to fit into a tribe, rather than blame others for your inadequacies.

    Maybe it's YOU that is the problem.
  18. My my, looks like Khite has thrown his toys yet again

    :) How delightfully juvenile, my 4 yr old has better control of his temper than you...

    Lets clear one thing up to start with, I am indeed honoured you have me mentioned in your skype profile :icon_redface: however I regret to inform you my criminal record is yet again clean, since you seem to like typing, make a sentence out of this ...
    arrested, charged, detained, released, charges dropped, reparation ... I look forward to your effort on that one :)

    Btw this covers your snide

    And yes that counters any attempt of yours to detract from this post by ... lets use your words

    Nice of you to try and drag my personal life on the forums though, really shows you up for what you are :icon_wink:

    Now I see you have been a little, lets say liberal, with the timeline so lets clear that up as well

    Actually you will see my post says (as you seem to need bolded capitals to understand) LET ME KNOW WHO TO PASS THE ACCOUNT TO

    And as you have said

    The FACT remains not a single mail from a council member as to what they want done with the account, who to pass the sit to, any discussion how to run the account before I go ...

    Yup and originally I was away for work, such it is and it had happened before, just think, a single mail to reply to my original forum post and someone would have been set as sitter :)

    All after the event, good try though

    No sweetie, I nuked a frontline player than did nothing other than claim inactives, ignore ingame support requests and refuse to discuss moving claims inside church zones

    Post it your highness, I spoke about 5 lines to you on skype before I rejoined Fork and then questioned the point of mailing and posting in the forums constant 'do this or you will be kicked and nobled' threats, comments which clearly got under your skin, not mine :)

    And you come up with one quote from a player posted after I nuked the Hariz freeloader :lol: Wow, I was obviously the most disliked player in Fork. Unfortunately I don't rely on my popularity playing a browser game as a reflection on myself, maybe you do. Good luck with that. Of course they offered to nuke me, those inactives are so attractive :icon_wink:

    I never said you were a bad player, whenever I made a thread looking at peoples stats YOU were always the one pointing out how fantastic your ODA was, which Antigoon has since wiped you in

    People stay in Fork to win a world, simple as that. Unfortunately I am cursed with things called principles, hence I was quite happy to leave, it is nice to see your reaction confirming what a good decision it was

    I presume since you read all my post this also applies to you ? Good advice you gave yourself there ...

    As for Ts Jay and Chan, seems like you two are the ones owned, don't worry I am sure once you get your noses out of Khites crotch he will let you off your leashes for a walk :)

    Thanks to you know who for pointing me in the direction of this thread :icon_wink:
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    BGeorge3 on 29.12. at 16:25
    Nevermind. :p I was going to talk about the account but apparently khite wants to keep with the internal. :) Nevermind. :)

    If you want, you can set me as sitter and I can help with the internal if you have to leave? However, to do that, i'd need you to email me the following statement below:

    "I, the waffler man player give BGeorge3/Fork permission to do whatever they see fit with my account, including internal."

    I just thought i'd offer to help since I know you wanted to leave. :)

    ^There is the email I had sent you in-game. I am Fork Leadership, so somebody DID email you about what we were going to do with your account and who to set as sitter.

    After that email you said:

    Waffler Man on 30.12. at 00:05
    I will tell you now you are making a big mistake gifting villas to accounts that will never take it to Honor

    It wasn't supposed to end quite like this but the arresting officer didn't give me the courtesy of being able to play tw I'm afraid

    Then you never gave me the sit or gave me permission for the internal.
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    why is it every world you lose on you cry on the forums and blame everyone else for your stupid mistakes
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