Wth happened to IKEA!? D:

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Wanting to ask that question for a while.

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On topic: IKEA was just too cool and too much elite to find any obstacles in ruling this world. It lead to boredom and this is the end result (blush)
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We were just all too far apart, suffered alot of set backs early game and fell behind. AoE had taken a lot of our members and were turning up the pressure, we just didn' really stand a chance, so we all went our own ways. :)


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I heard from an ex IKEA that:

Alot of IKEA hit spiked villas when everyone farmed with spears, which slowed their growth down which let their neighbours grow faster than them. And when nobles came out.... BAM.



on topic tho, what did happen to them? merge? or what?
Combination - when we hit nobles a lot us ran into quite a bit of bad luck. The major factor was that we simply couldn't compete against ~AoE~ and Kraken once they allied - our members tended to be juicy targets and in K45 it was something like 235 villages to 35. We just couldn't keep up growth wise.


Lot of us just did a daytime :icon_wink:

better than being a sara though

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I should probably post what really happened to prevent speculation.

IKEA were overhyped. Yes. I won't deny that because it was the truth, and I said from the very beginning that we suck and yet everybody still claimed "zomg IKEA are pro!". We were here to have fun, we had fun, we were a success. I won't lie and say we did our best, because we didn't even try. But, that said, we never claimed to be elite. We came here to have fun and succeeded in having fun. Anyone who says otherwise are just jealous that they never had the chance to get in on the luls.

So, as for what happened to us: we got bored and decided to restart, those who didn't want to restart left and found other homes. :)


It had great players and great potential, but there were to many lols :p


Bye guys, Please dissasemble the furnitur before you leave oki :) Have it well.


/Me is out of swedish furniture, gets car keys, gets the car from the garage, drives car to Cheryl Street:

Waaaahh? IKEA Shutdown?? and whats this...

Well I can guarantee you im not going to be shopping at Wallmart..


Doubt you'll find any answer better than the one you got from Matt; They came, they had fun, they left (well, not exactly left but..)