XX merge into CENSOR :o?

Discussion in 'World 61' started by Tuhazzip, May 1, 2012.

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  1. ryan17g

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    Got another thing wrong :p

    Fr3aks are basically Insan3 and none of their members joined East or Impact... I think :D
  2. ben hurr

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    Aug 10, 2010
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    thats what he said? :icon_razz:
  3. NZKr4zyK1w1

    NZKr4zyK1w1 Guest

    ...thats...what...I...just...said..? :icon_biggrin:
  4. NZKr4zyK1w1

    NZKr4zyK1w1 Guest

    thanks, I noticed you are moving in next to me... :icon_eek:

    looks likes its gonna be a three front war.

    Gotta love being surrounded :icon_razz:
  5. Oh hai there kiwi, haven't seen you since w7, what's up lol?
  6. NZKr4zyK1w1

    NZKr4zyK1w1 Guest

    Hey chilli! still working the avatar I see?

    Good to see a familiar face around here, I feared all us old farts had been replaced by new models... Trying to get into a good tribe is pretty tough when your last stats were from when you were 15...

    Too bad you are quitting world 61, I might be heading that way too, copping a three way from WASP, TheOne + [END] and Karma at the moment. InSan3 will probably be attacking soon once the internal manderson...

    Fun world for families and gangbangs heh? I thought it was finished back on world 7 and 8, but 50 odd worlds later and the same crap is going on. Oh well, what can you do?

    I was gonna play world 63 with some friends I have met in here, looking to get into a decent premade but if it doesnt work out, feel free to join us ;)
  7. Think of it this way, the new models are copies but we are the originals :icon_cool:

    As per the gangbangs, if you think it's bad here, w60 is even worse, I don't think there was a single fair 1v1 war there, ie. the top tribe in my K actually bragged about having great "war stats" against a tribe 1/10 their size while trying to recruit me. That's not a war, that's just k cleanup lol so that and the fact that they had an ugly profile pic are the reasons I told them no :)

    But I guess not everyone looks for the same things in tw, some play for themselves (it's not called playerwars is is? Hmm, might sue Innogames for false advertising and get some monies here :icon_razz:), while I played for the teamwork and coordination practice, and that's what I had back on w7 with FxF, I don't think anyone has ever achieved that level of efficiency and teamwork afterwards, took over 2 years but we finally broke PTT lol

    Now these silly little new kids seem to like bragging about how "big" they are, when we all know the only way to get that big is by eating tribe inactives :icon_rolleyes:
    Not that it's a bad thing, someone has to do it, but it's war where you really prove your worth and that's when half the bigshot braggers tend to disappear via tribehop, rim or ragequit :lol:

    Naw, I'm taking a break from tw, gots to get back to rl and make me some monies now :icon_cool:
    I may come back to tw if Innogames figures out a way to make tw less time consuming (I could tell them what to do in like 10mins but I ain't doing their job for them lol, unless if they pay me :icon_biggrin:)
    Or if FxF gets back together, then I'm def coming back :icon_smile:
    You know if any of them still play?
  8. NZKr4zyK1w1

    NZKr4zyK1w1 Guest

    No, all my contacts are gone sadly :( they all are in fan forums for their tribe on other websites lol. I visit them every now and again, but everyone seems to have left.

    Man PTT was funny. There was only one good tribe in that group from what I remember. I just remember the good ol day in M26 hehe :axemen::axemen::axemen:
  9. Which websites?

    *PTT-B, yeah they put up a hell of a fight :)
    Now that I think about it, it wouldn't really make sense to bring back FxF without bringing back PTT, I'd have to bring them back to lol
    But just think, it would be the rematch of the century :icon_smile:

    Where'd you go after M26, NEMO/FxF?
  10. NZKr4zyK1w1

    NZKr4zyK1w1 Guest

    Nemo, they wouldn't let me grow, so I quit.

    They were all like, you must move to the frontlines of the battle!

    And I was like, sure, let me send my nobles 4 K's away.. oh woops? no-one else was in on the tribewide op?

    Yeah, I took W8 more seriously. The website from world 8 is fears tavern, so have a google. You might not know many people there though. I havent actually really seen anyone from world 7 lately :( makes me sad...
  11. So why didn't you move to the frontlines? You weren't 4 continents away, just 2 (k26-->k46)
    I started one continent away from the front and I got a village on the front as soon as I could (k37-->k47)

    My first village on the front was from an inactive FxF, but the second and all the others were from PTT :icon_cool:
  12. NZKr4zyK1w1

    NZKr4zyK1w1 Guest

    Nobling to the front on your own is hard bro xD esp when they just tag the incomings and stack :S Kinda sucks. I also tried a long range noble into the south eastern rim tribe later on: *I* i think it was called.

    Ahh, good times. I was around 14-15 then lol