XXL (XL)'s history


I know that you're too lazy to read it, but as XL's last historian it is my duty to post XL's history once XL is gone:D Well now is the time:p

1) The Beginning

-XXL formed as an Academy Tribe under the Leadership of MyPenguin and Jika at Tribal Wars time 23:16 on February 22nd 2007.

-Surrounding members such as BluePrint and WhiskyJack join up making the tribe pretty successful, at this point the tribe is still below one million.

Irrigon joined the tribe February 26,2007 - 20:16
sir Gulos joined the tribe February 26,2007 - 19:16
Dea Speranza joined the tribe February 26,2007 - 12:16
Akiraboy joined the tribe February 26,2007 - 04:16
REDMAXXX joined the tribe February 23,2007 - 08:16
Kwang joined the tribe February 23,2007 - 08:16
Blueprint joined the tribe February 23,2007 - 01:16
cottle joined the tribe February 23,2007 - 00:16
Mypenguin joined the tribe February 22,2007 - 23:16
jika joined the tribe February 22,2007 - 23:16

-Others join up (too many to name, i still love u all though!) XL members start to notice that XXL has already hit 2 million points, any sceptisicim of scrapping the tribe is forgotten and XXL becomes a valuble academy tribe. This was the first Merge ever made in XL History when these players came from Nik'e2

parge73 joined the tribe March 5,2007 - 02:16
orangeacid joined the tribe March 4,2007 - 21:16
whiskyjack joined the tribe March 1,2007 - 18:16
wolverdim joined the tribe February 27,2007 - 19:16
turner joined the tribe February 26,2007 - 21:16

-Mypenguin no longer wants the responsibility of being a duke, so Treborn asks the lovable and super great DiscMike12 if he wants the job.

-DiscMike12 accepts the job and becomes Duke of XXL on March 22nd 2007 at tribal wars time 20:16, DiscMike installs some new rules upon entering such as military guide lines, XL good neighbor policy, and concrete positions of power.

-DiscMike12 makes Nightstalker951 Forum Moderator, TheBlackFox11 Tribal Diplomat, and Drolaw Officer of Recruitment.

End of Saga.

Written by DiscMike12, on 29.06. at 22:04.

2)The Little Tribe that Could

-XL's war with DOOM34 is over and k35 has become XL's prominent home, XL now looks south to take on XIG family with the help of FLX, APOC, WAR, and MCD. While XL's Vector07 and company look down at Xig (now RED), DiscMike12 and XXL look up towards BoRG25 and the other BoRG Family tribes. This is known as DiscMike12 first great decision in his eyes to start the BoRG war. DiscMike12 appoints WhiskyJack as Diplomatic and Internal Minister of XXL as TheBlackFox11 goes off to fight for XL vs RED.

-XXL declares war on BoRG25 on April 14th 2007, shortly after Borg|A (K25) declares war on XXL.

-DiscMike12 appoints brilliant military commanders Guessswho and DrEvilMonki to help lead the offense on BoRG. Blueprint leaves XXL for XL to fight in the RED war.

-The Front is established and what was the defense of BoRG's front was Hmaged17, Intelceleron11 and Slavko12. These 3 well rounded players held the front for 2 1/2 weeks and neither side made much lead way.

-DrEvilMonki and Guessswho along with others find an opening in Korneliu, one of the strongest players in BoRG who has neither opted to defend his villages as much of his support is at the front. DiscMike12, The Surfer, Skie78, DrunkMosquito, DrEvilMonki, and Guessswho all land villages of his within 2 days of eachother, Yags quickly follows with 3-4 more villages, the front has now becomed flanked by XXL's "D-Day" on BoRG territory. This area was repeatedly attacked and successfuly nobled further.

-Bergamo and Scorpione's failed attack on the Nyrpg tribe occurrs, Bergamo informs Discmike of the group and a select few are invited. Discmike12 contacts Ldupajasio and an arangement is made for a small but extremely valube merger for some players north of the BoRG tribe. This was known as XXL North and after just a few weeks these guys assimilated into XXL way of life becoming an extremely valube asset taking on northern tribes and becoming stronger and stronger with the help of prominent organizer Ghairen II and the always amazing Ldupajasio. K25 conquest is looking closer and closer everyday thanks to these guys and it is to be noted this is DiscMike12's second great decision.

-While this is going on Hmaged17 has decided to quit the game and leaving most of his villages on the right side of the front open to attack. Players sir Gulos, Shinta09, WhiskyJack, and DiscMike12 take advantage and quickly land a good number of villages on the right front of the war. The left and right sides of the front now belong to K25 to move up and expand.

-Disterdan1, DiscMike12's informant in the BoRG war leaves and joins XXL, as well as Lacdanin joins and the right side of the front is now well solidified under the XXL banner.

-BoRG is now led by RedKnight and Intelceleron11, most Borgians are demoralzed and down and very few are still willing to fight, XXL has pretty much won the war and BoRg is looking for peace that DiscMike12 nor XXL is willing to give.

-Despite minimal resistance from Maldover, JamaicatheBest, LooseCannon and Slavko... the war is whining down...Ripper314 informat and XXL loyalist joins XXL and further solidifies XXL victory in the war.

-XXL wins the war on June 9th 2007, Redknight surrenders and joins XXL after extensive talks and terms.

-DiscMike12 and the gang now set out to conquer continent 25, a long and grueling process that still goes on to this day.

-The war victory proved quite alot, it show that XXL members could win a war without much coordination through shear loyalty to the tribe and much participation. It also proved that XXL members are more active during War time and that the tribe itself benefits from war. We ARE a warring tribe, we dont want peace from above and we don't need many allies or naps. We lost less then 10 villages in the BoRG war and the surge through southern k25 as it is, we proved that we can defend our villages and that we aren't all offense. their are too many people that i jsut can't recognize them all for their help during the war, you guys know who you are.

Thus ends Saga 2 of XXL History

Written by DiscMike12, on 30.06. at 08:22

3) The K25 Catalyst

-DiscMike12 banned under reasonable but not severe pretenses, the whole tribe is in a panic (just kidding), DiscMike stupidly updates his ticket not realizing that it causes the ticket to be pushed back further and further..

(I don't really know what happended hear, as i wasn't here :p)

-With the BoRG war coming to an end, many well rounded players ran as refugees to other tribes, but some of the best and brightest came here looking for a second start, notably Sassarai and Necrosin. Those who ran to allied tribes such as DBD and FLX still to this day give DiscMike12 a headache.

-Certain tasks now consumed the XXL agenda, first was getting rid of the other half of BoRG, now called K25 led by LooseCannon. XXL North was finsihing up with Life25 and now heading on down to get rid of its prefix of "north" and just become XXL. The tribe had a whole continent to conquer, it would take a long time, and thus the journey began.

Note: Vector07 ascends to the throne as the leader of the XL brotherhood as Cemokimo falls into the sands of XL history.

-Then on June 18th Discmike12, the strongest player in XXL got 1 million points, being the first XXL member to do so.

-The war was quite small and idly threatening to the XXL loyals, but still it dragged on with such members like Maldover, Carerun, LooseCannon, and others were holding the lines.

-DiscMike decided to bring back the war groups of olden times as a sort of tribal project, little did he know the effectiveness the tribe would have useing them. XXL North was sort of a prototype version of the new XXL war groups. Certain members heeded the call of duty and became war group leaders, organizing their respective forums and prepping their squads for battle. Needless to say, k25 players dropped like flies...

-LooseCannon is assassinated by the first XXL War Group led by Nightstalker951 and is thus replaced as duke by Dontorrio who surrenders the war officially on June 28th 2007.

-Next Stop...the rest of K25

Written by DiscMike12, on 02.07. at 08:13

4) K25 Cleanup

- After the XXL members had rebuilt their armies, XXL started nobleing all the remaining non-allied villages from K25.

- XXL’s diplomat and baron, whiskyjack had his wedding and his honeymoon shortly after the BorG war, thus he couldn’t continue to play TW, giving all his villages to his beloved colleagues. Lacdanin took whisky’s place as XXL ’s diplomat.

- The first tribe which was cleaned from K25 was +EOD+, later to be renamed EOTM. This tribe had a rather large group of villages in the north-eastern part of K25, thus they were a hindrance in XXL’s goal of having K25 all for itself. Players lupul singuratic, robi123, luciarazmerita and theenddoors were the first which were attacked, XXL using the classical battle group system to coordinate the attacks. The war started in July the 23rd and ended in August the 2nd.

- Due to a trip of his, Discmike12 made Ghairen II and ldupajasio temporary dukes, and they remained dukes because Mike had real life problems and he didn’t have time to be XXL’s duke again.

- After reinforcing the “spoils of war” and making troops in their own villages, XXL members started thinking about another war.

- This time the victim was MB01. This tribe had just 2 players on K25, kib37465 and queen205, but those 2 players had a total of 1.5 mil points, forming a medium-sized red spot on our blue dotted map. There were formed 2 war groups, which agreed to make a fake-sending competition between them.

- After over a week of planning, XXL declared war on MB01 and started sending attacks on the 14th of August. But then disaster struck. MB01 player kib37465 got banned just after some of us sent our nobles. We lost a lot of troops that day, because we didn’t have time to send all our clearings towards his villages. I may add that the fake-sending competition was canceled, because this guy got banned. After being banned for almost a week, kib37465 was unbanned, just to see that his colleague, queen205 almost disappeared from K25. After a short period of time, kib had the same fate. The war ended on August the 31st with our victory.

- Thanks to these 2 wars, and the BorG war, several XXL members got over 1 mil points, there for XXL entered top 20 and stayed there, to become the tribe that we all know today.

Thus ends Saga 4.

Written by sir Gulos, on 26.11. at 20:41

5) K16 conquest

- Even before ending the MB01 war some of the XXL soldiers thought that it would be a good idea if they started taking some K16 villages.

- The idea was generally accepted and there were even created special forums for players that had K16 villages. There were recruited some new players in XXL, mostly from K16. In that period inactivity was high, every week or so we had to noble inactive players, or players that were leaving.

- Redknigh410 was one of them. A former BorG player who joined XXL before BorG’s rim, this player organized a lot of competitions and helped the tribe in its way towards glory.

- During several weeks XXL’s main activity was conquering new K16 villages and villages from inactive players. And, of course we had players that expanded to K5, K15, K17 or K6, but the main battle was for K16.

- Cursed was the last non-allied tribe we had on K25, they has a NAP with us, but just for a period. Our relationships with Cursed weren’t stable. But then Cursed entered the XL brotherhood, as XXXL and XSXXXL.

- But not all was good. Some of XXXL’s members had military conflicts with a group of AOW members. Well, AOW attacked XXXL for a few weeks, but eventually they made a NAP with the whole XL brotherhood.

- As we ascended in the K16 and K17 rankings we started thinking that TW would be a future XXL target.

- Preparations for the war were made and declared war on October the 16th. The war progressed too slow, TW’s villages being beefed up with foreign support, but TW’s defeat became obvious, because they were just taking back some of their lost villages, slowly dieing. The war still continues, but TW can’t put up too much of a fight anymore. Slowly but surely we ascended in K16’s tribe rankings, till we became the biggest tribe for K16, while TW fell on 5th place.

- Because of the lack of activity, XL active members were moved in XXL, and the inactive ones were nobled(and still are).

- Some of our members discovered which players sent support to TW, the largest part of them were from AOW family. Although we had a NAP, AOW seemed to shift their troops towards our border. It was crystal clear that they wanted a war. XXL’s new council decided that it’s time to prepare for war. Our troops started to march towards the West, the largest part of the border being supported with 30k sp+sw. We shall see if our war preparations will be good enough in the following moths, after the war will be officially declared.

Saga #5 finished.

Written by sir Gulos, on 14.01. at 20:39

6) Rise of the new XL

- Because of the fact that XL, the mother tribe, was dying due to inactiveness, it was renamed Ex-XL, XXL becoming the new mother tribe, which lead the family, with a grater influence, in just a word, XL.

- The first war of the new XL is against AOW family, which had 2 tribes in top 20 at that moment. The war preparations were described in the precedent Saga. DBD declared war first, followed closely by XL.

- AOW family starts shaking; AOWD left the family, changing its name in NIA! (Not In AOW!). AoW-24 refuses to fight in this war, so AOWA, AOWB and AOWC are left to withstand XL and DBD's combined force, alone. AOWC leaves the family, as BAD. Slowly, but surely AOWA leaves top 10, then top 20, until it falls to the 44th place.

- Meanwhile XL finishes off TW, in a massive coordinated attack, TW final strike, lead by the hard-working Littlewood93. Some of the TW veterans decide that they would like to continue playing on this world, so they join XL (players like: loveak47, adam-simpkin and slytown).

- Another tribe, based in k16, is selected as XL’s new target, D Fire. It is decided that this should be a Blitzkrieg type war. All the villages should be taken in another massive coordinated attack, just by k16 based players.

- Our diplomat, dunesettler declared war to D Fire on 16.02.08 at 00:00. Our attacks should have landed 21h afterwards. The war group is lead, again, by Littlewood93.

- But disaster strikes. Many of our players didn’t coordinate correctly, so the attack was, at the first look, a total failure. Although another attack will have to be made made, we prove to be superior, taking 52 vills out of 94.

- XXXL, XL’s sister tribe leaves the family on 20.02.08. It changes it’s name into DBD5. Former XP members joined DBD5, it reaching 11th rank. So DBD, XL’s ally accepted XXXL as its new sister tribe, although XXXL was our sister.

- As a side note: Mike officially left us, giving his account to Chris. :D

- A decision has to be made by High Council. Shall we make war with DBD, of will we stay back while they grow, and then declare war on us? World 4 has been closed for a long period now, so maybe it is time for XL to start changing the World Map. One thing is sure, we will have to make a new war soon, to continue growing, but all these are another story.

Saga finished.

Written by sir Gulos, on 26.02. at 16:06

7) The GVC stand-off

- The XXXL/DBD5 crisis slowly fizzles out, XL concentrating its powers on consuming the inactives which we hosted. DBD5 becomes DBD2, and the former DBD2 becomes DBD5, DBD family’s inactive heap.

- After finishing almost all of XL's inactives, our tribe starts thinking of a new campaign in the western part of W4. AoW-24, the tribe which left is own family to the dust, changes it’s name in GVC, as it was once known, before the founding of AOW. They recruit as many former AOW-ers as they can, reaching Top 5.

- XL prepares its battle hardened armies, but not sufficiently, because the war is declared too hasty, a part of the tribe being forced not to participate in the first attack wave (this wave was organized on the 8th of March, 2008).

- At first everything works fine, we take a couple dozen, without losing any, but the effects of insufficient war preparations show their fangs, because we start loosing the newly captured villages.

- We have several fully-fledged attack waves, taking well over 150 villages from our enemies. Some of the neighboring tribes join the war (MO and »HF«), but they are not as successful in taking GVC villages as we are.

- But tragedy strikes, both Pulp Free and hyelife lose somebody close to them, a member of their families. GVC sees that these two wonderful players aren’t active, so they start taking villages from them and from other XL inactives like Boogeyman91.

- Because of some XP refugees which took harbor in the former XXXL, AF declares war to DBD2. We are allied to both tribes, so we remain neutral, and do not support any of the two fighting sides.

- The GVC war becomes a war of attrition, a stand-off, neither XL nor GVC registering any progress in this war. The fronts slowly stabilize, just when GVC starts loosing villages to P0X. These guys take two hundred of villages or so from GVC, because of some TMoD refugees.

- As a side note: DiscMike12 comes back and polarbeary promises that she will come back. Once mighty RIPpER314 starts being active again. Slowly, but surely the tribe revives, until we will become the old XL/XXL, a well tuned war machine.


Written by sir Gulos, on 05.04. at 17:11

8) Conclusion

- The GVC war is going slow. The advantage that we initially got is slowly lost, GVC taking more villages than XL during a period of 2-3 weeks. After a lot of effort, coordinated attacks, flaws in GVC’s defense and thousand of fakes, XL takes the upper hand. But in this rate we will never win the war.

- All hope regarding XL’s rebirth is shattered by the departure of Ghairen II and RIPpER314. Polarbeary does not return as promised. Although inactivity seems to be lower than it was, it is still not enough to win the war. We must do something, but what?

- Spinobass sends a circular mail on 23.05 at 22:45 to the whole tribe, saying that we should take all the villages we can until that Monday (26.05), Littlewood93 sending a similar mail after two days. It is clear that the war will end.

- A lot of players participated in this war. From the smallest (drumpetbass or Onepepej) to the biggest (ytchang or AnJooJnA). Some lost villages (Pulp Free or Boogeyman91), while some conquered villages (Rusta or guessswho) and some did both (scorpione81).

- On 27.06 at 11:09 GX was founded. XL and GVC (now GXa) merged. This was the only solution that was found. XL couldn’t be stopped in its fall, but through XL’s demise, another tribe was born, a tribe which had both the battle hardened strategies of XL and the strength of GVC.

- But XL is not dead. XL will always be in our heart and soul. XL was a unique tribe which produced some of the best player Tribalwars has ever seen.


Written by sir Gulos, on 09.06. at 16:08


nice one gulos! Sad that I could not be there in the end, but I am glad that I was part of it. Hope you all have fun in GX :p


Only one problem I can see :)

-With the BoRG war coming to an end, many well rounded players ran as refugees to other tribes, but some of the best and brightest came here looking for a second start, notably Sassarai and Necrosin. Those who ran to allied tribes such as DBD and FLX still to this day give DiscMike12 a headache.

Notably FLX taking in 'refugees'
Who were they, and if we DID do it, it was only because we were paying you back for taking our targets in the FLX V. BoRG26 war.


Only one problem I can see :)

Notably FLX taking in 'refugees'
Who were they, and if we DID do it, it was only because we were paying you back for taking our targets in the FLX V. BoRG26 war.

I knew that you would ask:)) Unfortunatly I didn't write that Saga, and it happened a year ago, so I don't remember who moved in FLX as regugees... Plus TW stats isn't that old, so it can't help either...


Honoustly i read it all and i didint pass any word.

Its nice from you to do that and all what you wrote is right.


Only one problem I can see :)

Notably FLX taking in 'refugees'
Who were they, and if we DID do it, it was only because we were paying you back for taking our targets in the FLX V. BoRG26 war.

C'mon mate, you shouldn't be so rough. You know that only you have the right to take refugees cause you are paying back something.

Nice work Sir Gulos. I think that all of the tribes should do the same thing.


Coming from that "year ago" era that you didn't write, i can help fill in some holes if you want.


does he know what?

Ignore him, he is just cranky because I won't marry him.

I'm getting some JG players to put together a history with me. :) Lucky one of our oldest dukes just returned to help us play an account! :)


Ignore him, he is just cranky because I won't marry him.

I'm getting some JG players to put together a history with me. :) Lucky one of our oldest dukes just returned to help us play an account! :)

copy cats :icon_wink: