Yay! Another map thread!

Han-Fei Tzu

how u guys make these i really want to know
I really have to update this, as I have since altered the way I make maps; however, this will get you started in the right direction if you are using Gimp 2.0.



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if your skype is mattcurr, then you would be the former leader of er.. i dont remeber the name of the tribe - but you guys just nobled him lol xD

Me thinks your liing :p


hmmm i cant get the tribe on TW was going to show my tribe spent some time for no reason


Here is a map of R4KI (7 axes) showing how sexy we are. Is that a dimple on megan fox's chin :icon_eek:



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umm...I'd like to join 7 axes please...preferrably in the k56/k46 area :icon_smile:
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Could someone please make a map for K78/K68/K58 please. :) Top 3 for each K.But include _RE_ in them 3.


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Aside from some notable mergers, things actually look just about the same:
7 Axes was renamed to R4KI which merged Ego...
One was renamed Zero...
S.D merged with I don't remember who to make Omen...
and Freeman merged with Swaggr to make it to the top 10

Aside from -SIN- and -3- getting eaten by R4KI it looks just about the same just filled in.

Correct me if I am wrong