Year End Special Flamage


dahr don't talk to ampac his barb munching antics will ruin your mind! Also if you want me to co play you we can't associate with these idiots :p

Andy, what are you doing wasting your time on this world :icon_twisted:

Everyone knows Prime won it when I deleted my account :icon_wink:

But yes, this world is quite infamous for all the barb munchers and inactive munchers. It was also my first world, and where i kinda learned how to play.

Ampac, are you still keeping your rank munching barbs and eating all those inactives? The world should've gotten rid of you a long time ago :icon_razz:


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Yea, those barbs are keeping me happy...And those inactive accounts man they are good food...Dunno why the world loves me, well you guys have all the chance to eliminate me...

I find it strange people talk about eliminating me and they can't do anything about it......

I guess some people are just all talk and no action...

Btw..Dahr I'm happy your posting some sense in this forums..

Thanks man I apreaciate it.. ;)


So... Many... Barbs...

At least there's no Family tribes xD

Or is there?


Dunno why the world loves me

You really do remind of xivanx, he was also under the same illusion that you are under. No matter how many times people try and put you down you will ignore it and boast your own self importance :icon_biggrin:

And Dahr i am not here anymore, I just come back and check the forums to gain giggles from ampax


not as happy as me barbs inactive who cares
ampac you need to get on the ball ive only just reached 2100 incoming but my odd is now over 200 million ahead of anyone woopeeeeeeeeeeeeee :}