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waitforit Feb 08, 10:56
Do u want to join us

Gameist Feb 08, 11:03

waitforit Feb 08, 11:21
YOU have to noble WE villages and get to 50,000 total points

waitforit Feb 08, 11:21
Coordinates: ViperKOX (508|485) K45
Points: 4.519
Player: Veuve Cliquot
Tribe: We are Ro

start here

waitforit Feb 08, 11:22
Coordinates: Cyclone (507|484) K45
Points: 4.906
Player: DaDog13
Tribe: We are Ro II

Noble both and your in

Gameist Feb 08, 11:25

waitforit Feb 08, 11:25
how fast can u do it

Gameist Feb 08, 11:28
I'm thinking within 24 hours or close to.

waitforit Feb 08, 11:29
ok good send me reports

Gameist Feb 08, 11:32
Will do

Gameist Feb 08, 22:34
Couple questions for ya, you cool with answering?

waitforit Feb 09, 11:11
You didnt do it .. do u seriously think your noobs tribe can defeat #1 lol

Barry B Benson

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Imagine still getting played by these idiots after seeing dozens of others getting shit on after doing these dictators bidding.


Is waitforit in our leadership ? No , so why would we be hold accountable for this lol ? The only who is at fault here is Gameist .

But haters gonna hate , so do what you wanna do either way :p


Typically, when someone asks about recruitment and you're not a part of leadership, you'd either redirect them or ignore. Not send said player on a wild goose chase. Your response to a player in your tribe doing so is indicative of your tribes overall slimy character. Not a big deal, and def not worthy of making a whole forum post here about, since we already know y'all are shitty people, but its nice to see more and more reasons for people to not like you lol.

But alas, haters gunna hate.


After checking, it looks like he already has been nobled