[YOU] Codes


I've been away for a bit and I see that [YOU] codes have been 'uncovered' on US forums. Are they here? Banned? Allowed but only in certain sections?

EDIT: It looks like they don't work. Why not? Is there a different code?

A humble player

basically the [you] code is a custom bbcode (which is why it doesn't work here), that writes the name of the poster currently logged in, ie. if you (lonestar) were reading this:
[you] is a really bad tw player
it would read as
lonestar1 is a really bad tw player
if, however I read it, it would read
a humble player is a really bad tw player.


From what I understand they are not enabled on the .net forums because essentially they are just a method for trolling. There isn't really much of a constructive purpose to them.


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Ewok with a function like this? Seems like a very bad idea. Perhaps if it were confined solely to OT, but I don't think that's possible.


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Good luck with this lol
It's very entertaining for a while, but too open to abuse and overuse especially in a very active forum.