You Had Your Final Warning...


Still Going Strong
They just keep coming! the littlest BASTARDS are they. For example, yesterday I went to my garden and lo and behold - a whole tomato plant was gone. This after they took and hauled away a carrot plant last week. No prints, no digging marks just the tunnels. Got to give them high praise for being industrious, I just wish I could tell them that just because the plant disappeared I can see the tunnels and I know who did this.

So we harvested the tomatoes which just leaves the squash.
Like wtf they aren't going to haul off squash right?


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hahahah, kirk the wineman is duke of ANTZ?

And strawberryqueen is there too?

And they actually managed to beat a tribe?

L O L!

Any tribe that Kirk is leading will fail. He's a noob who managed to beat supernoobs.

It is a shame that the settings of this world are not to my liking. I would have enjoyed playing a hand in killing him, a repeat of his failed family tribe Pigs in 72.