Your assessment of tribes most likely to succeed


most of the best tribes usually merge after the first month or all this will change real soon lol.


Oh no no Just Geico are trying to merge :lol: *runs away and hides*

Moo?, Geico, LS, PWNY and g-star will cause a ruckus in k55 :p it shall be fun to see who comes out victorius. Bar that the other K's seem quite interested, random and bunny look to cause some fun. Kiwi and d3th may cause some drama also, all depends on little things really.

Let the drama commence :icon_twisted:

Little Conqueror

leave my allies out of this they will win
If you know what I mean, I actually meant that they will take over Turkeys position.

They wont fail, I think if they allied it would make one weird animal if you ask me.

*Imagines: A Dairy Gecko* :p

Little Conqueror

Too late, i already did.
You'd be great at working at the dam's. There would never be any droughts at all if you kept crying. :icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin:

Now On Topic:

1 ( Definate Fail)
- Turkey
- ~WL~
2 (Not Sure (Possible Fail))
- GOW2
- Relent
3 ( No Idea (Pass/Fail))
- Phenix
- ~TDF~
- KaRmA.
- DT
- Bright
- Dark4H
4 (Not Sure (Possible Pass))
- ~WB~
- *D*
- D3TH
5 (Definate Pass)
- Kiwi.
- Random
- [DD]

These opinions are mainly based on speculation, these are not facts. So don't ask me to explain myself.

Little Conqueror


Refer to top of page if you don't understand.


Good job, you really are a great foreteller. :)

I thought this might have been an exception, since Abdulkadiri is a great player himself.

Agent Incognito

I was wrong.

Leader of Turke recently surrendered to Random, and merged into us. He left his members behind unfortunately. :/
See, this is why I applied for PWNY. Random is run by nubz who can't even make it through BP without talking about merges, who're scared of 4 member tribes, have dreadful recruiting standards... I ask you, what's next? An academy tribe? Sister?

So many expectations, crushed. :icon_cry:


Actually, we are thinking of forming an Academy tribe, but a real one, proper guidance and all. Recruitment would be highly limited of course. Stay tuned...

You AI have left us for some beliefs of yours in which I can`t find any logic. If we run into a decent tribe, why war it when we can get more powerful by accepting their good members? Suit yourself...

Agent Incognito

@ Raoul -

O rly? No one told me about that.

-adds poor tribe communication to the list of reasons to dislike Random-

I am glad I left, as your true colours have been shown. I will not compromise my principles! Not even for Random. I have found better. You'll see.

Little Conqueror

I have a question:
How can people base their opinions on facts??
Isn't it more speculation and previous experience the only way to judge unless your spying??