Your assessment of tribes most likely to succeed

Purple Predator

SharkyH20 is in W3- good player, Duke of a good tribe. (just happened we are at war there :p)
Me- will succeed in the long run, am quite during early stages of the game.
PP- Obviously will succeed if he stays in this world.

PS: Sharky I have a question to ask you, when you read this (if you do) mail me.
I actually went looking for the best way to be rimmed. I waited the 30+ hours after the start and joined when ID was joining. I give myself a 1 in 3 chance of survival.

Tactics Of Mario

Lol that's awesome ;) I'll keep an eye on you. What is your IG name now? I heard someone else is playing PP account.


I'll tell you for 3 PP. I'd tell you for free, but I can't. Purple is kinda scary, and I'd need some Premium action to make it worth being on his bad side.


I can't believe that after more than 150 posts nobody mentined dShokR yet...

I would keep them in mind :)

Sir Morlock

I will say now, Kiwi wont be successful unless they build their foundations quickly, I know this is a harsh thing to say but its true, they are world hoppers the majoirty of players, unless Kaylub and other leaders decide to go flying out the blocks and attack blindly against other tribes the players will grow bored, as they (Majority of them) cant stand a world which has a bit of diplomacy to it.

I think they would be ok after a while as they can just pick up players to replace those who are quiting/moving on, those who quit due to RL issues will then been seen a month later in another premade.

Hi what happened to IBan...

I have been in Kiwi for a little bit now and I have to say that there is a good foundation of player. They remind me of More?! to adegree at the moment I will be interested to see if they run the same agressive game I did.

They certainly do not rate up at the Watch! level, there is no Open eye or RoME in the tribe but you never know how things will go. The menoring of newer players is a good Idea as well...I know it is a basic ploy. We are not a Teach-U (W33 tribe) type tribe either.

We will be around certainly for the Mid haul and then the real merge season will open. I am just not sure where we will sit when that comes around. Will Kiwi be W39s' More?! or will it be W39 EvoKe ...I think some where inbetween . I would love to think we will be number one on W39 and in time we might but top five is always a good spot to hold. Being number one just gets every one trying to take you down...I am sure you know that feeling...what ever happened to

It seems we will be on oposing teams again...Dang. Don't forget when Iban is set to run to let me know.

Sir Morlock
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