Your end game tribe.


In an attempt to breathe some new life into these forums, if you only had 15 spots for a tribe who would you give them to? Not meaning the world ended tomorrow, but people you would want with you day to day in a tribe. Pick from past and present players who have been on 72. I'll do mine in a bit.


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Cool. O.k., I'll make a list. :p

-Noobs On Ice (with Snowy and Mortis)
-FireRamenDrillNoodles? (with Dan)
-zullu96z (with Daniel, Nafis, and Asmatu)(I'm sure I'm forgetting somebody)
-The real 45xdacp
-JonnyVasquez (Not because he was big or anything, but simply because he was entertaining to talk to before he was nobled)

It was somewhat tough to try and think of 15 people.
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1 - Me (FRDN)
2 - Locjam
3 - Noobs on ice (no trent)
4 - NGG
5 - Gun fairy
6 - Grumpy
7 - Xman
8 - Knightmares
9 - Neilw
10 - Shredded
11 - Pillage
12 - Messy (most the time)
13 - str ploxx
14 - Zoubo
15 - Pack / waalter / atanz / aka / aka / aka


Ooh - this is a good thread indeed :)

15 players.. Hmm.. Here goes:

Berlyn - stunning little fighter that guy - love him ;)
Pillage Idiot - cos whoever doesn't want an idiot pillaging away in the background ;)
Noobs on Ice
FRDN (with Dan)
Sposoben (when the good player was on the account - can't confess to know who that was)
Grumpy Old Farts (with cwolf on it - man, could that girl defend)
Mawgwi - possibly the most solid middle-phase player I've ever come across. (Middle phase being the longer protracted stage of any war, where generally the stats level out for months on end, until one side starts cracking)

Man, that was difficult.. Once upon a time str plloxx might have made it on there, but he's just been a little disappointing recently - maybe one of the co-players left or something, but it's just not as kick ass as it used ot be.



1) Noobs on Ice (all, current and past)
2) nggdavid (power house)
3) BO (quiet beast)
4) Pillage Idiot (best tag team)
5) Mawgwi (other half)
6) xman182
7) cjslayer16
8) Knightmares
9) zoubo (new team)
10) rocfrog420
11) MessyPantz (because he might read this after a few)
12) Chip on Shoulder (current)
13) FRDN (Dan)
14) GunFairy (she's good)
15) Me (because it's my list)

Apologies to those that deserve but have been missed, limited list, and I need to nuke someone!


1. Pillage (partner in crime)
2. Mawgwi
3. Rocfrog (miss ya Brandon you angry old fat man!!!)
4. Woj666
5. |BO| (Dj is a beast and nothing was better than us sitting accounts and watching people fail so hard against them)
6. LoverLover (had she taken this world seriously it could have been fun)
7. Nubs on Ice (Both teams, I liked Trent but hated his behind the scenes crap)
8. Loc
9. Messy (when he's not crawling out of a pub)
10. FRDN (Dan)
11. Xeriana
12. CoS (BK ONLY)
13. xman182
14. Ngg (David and Birdie days)
15. jitmu

Quite a few honorable mentions though, but this called for 15 so had to whittle it down

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nobody mentions me anywhere :'(

im choosing
farmercy - texfull - cj - derpie - xman - noobsonice - ngg - knightmare - koala - locjam - 45daxcp - zullu - amandeep - alasen and myself (Julius)


nobody mentions me anywhere :'(

im choosing
farmercy - texfull - cj - derpie - xman - noobsonice - ngg - knightmare - koala - locjam - 45daxcp - zullu - amandeep - alasen and myself (Julius)

I'd say that is a good list too.
Although I believe lBOl and str plloxx deserve a space on there too.


If this list is to be purely on who you enjoy playing alongside rather than skill, activity etc, here is my list biased towards those I have interacted with as it is difficult to gauge enemies personalities - tends to only be hate mail. I'm gonna keep my list to ten as I tend not to interact with many, I have more enemies then friends!

1) xman182
2) Cjslayer16
3) gwjoop
4) buddly (top guy caught up in the Nomads disaster)
5) MrRayJ
6) Goodfellas
7) xeriana
8) J13 x KvRikRoss
9) farmercy - only chatted a few times but seems a decent guy
10) Genedefect (again top guy that quit a while back)


I have waged war vs Turtle for an entire year and thus I have seen what a lot of them are capable thus majority of them will be from the northwestern part of the world. I am not familiar with many Cruel players thus I wont include them in stats because i was never able to evaluate their skill. The players will be listed according to their war performance in Turtle vs Skype war.

1. lBOl - was unstoppable troughout the duration of the war...catted down 3x and never gave up and kept pushing

3. Woj6666 (one of the dukes of TKWSN) - Hands down the best sniper I have ever met...He promised that he would fight until the end and so he did...during his time on the world he sniped 100s of trains...most for tkwsn but a few for me as well.

4. Farmercy - biggest player around...personally never fought against you but i've heard great things from one of my coplayers (who was around for 2 weeks) must take massive effort to stop turtle in its tracks and get as big as you are.

5. Anthrax ( aka mustache mobster ) - Although he left the world early he was a master at diplo and a badass player...never faced him because even though we were on opposing sides we shared mutual respect which went beyond the game.

6. Nggdavid - He is 90% pure offense and stopping him is nearly inpossible...only way to counter is backtiming and doing that gets hard on everyone. (only the main player )

7. Ghldt - llama...first important player on omnis which pushed the account from 1mill to over 2mill while under fire

8. Mawgwi - Although I expected far more from this player due to his big mouth on externals...he capped far more villages off of me than anyone up to date ( 15ish in a duration of 2 months)...
9. Rocfrog - not sure which but i know account changed more than 10 of them was a damn persistant player...timing 10 cat runs with 20-30 cat hits all landing within 1sec takes skill and patience

9. Pillage idiot - heavy hitter

10. Synister - When it comes to skill Syn belongs between somewhere between ranks 5-7...I left him for last purely because I honestly don't know where to put him. He is one of the best snipers I know, (downed 40 trains in 1 day...I didn't believe it until I saw it for myself)...he is also without a doubt the most loyal player I have run into.

Bonus - Fox - current player on chiefog (mayhem)...he is a player that gave lBOl run for his money...He took a skype account which was in truly pathetic shape after the original player left and took on lBOl...held him off for months without ever exceeding 25k def troops on the account (yes, iam serious...that is equavalent of 1 def villa...spread across a shitton of villas...50% of lBOl's trains downed by skype can be safely attributed to this player...I honestly don't know where to put fox. I'd trade my own spot in the tribe for his because i personally think he'd be a better contribution.
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1. farmercy
3. Wolf
4. Fiyabird
5. RocFrog (old player)
6. Pillage Idiot
7. LocJam
8. Derp Bus
9 CjSlayer
10. Chip (Current) old one sucked
11. Veli, Makes things interesting
12. Yak
13. Fox
14. Fiyabird
15. NggDavid

Fiyabird is a god

But people need to give a lord hard look at their list if BO isn't on it
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1. Knightmares - Me :p
2. Sexe
3. Alasen
4. D38D3Y3
5. xman182
6. xeriana
7. Cjslayer16
8. Locjam
9. zullu96z (with Asmatu, Daniel and Nafis)
10. Amandeep619
11. The Real45xdacp
12. Dr.Koala

That's all I can think of atm


Obviously myself, Knightmares #1,
2) Xman
3) Mr.RayJ,
4) Cjslayer
5) Xernia
6) Sexe (original)
7) Alasen
8) D38D3Y3
10) Locjam
11) Noobs (newer)
12) amandeep619
13) Zullu (Nafis, Dan, Asmatu, Del)


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Please do come for me. It'd be tons of fun to finally see some incoming again. Sadly, I"m not really near you though. :(