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Discussion in 'World 61' started by DaWolf85, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. DaWolf85

    DaWolf85 Guest

    Hello everyone! This will be quick because I seem to have quite a few posts to read through, but I just wanted to briefly introduce myself.

    I'm DaWolf85, I mod the W50 and Premades forums currently (well, and now this one, obviously). I have also previously modded W23 and W47, both of which are now closed. I am tolerant of a little off-topicness - I will post when it's getting too much in any given thread. Overall, just follow the rules (especially the part about following directions from moderators) and we'll get along fine.

    If anyone wants to contact me they can hit me up on Skype (dawolf85 is the name) or via PM. I'd rather just keep this intro thread locked as from experience these tend to get spammed :icon_razz:
  2. killabeast

    killabeast Guest

    Since this is here I should add to this. I am the new Elder Mod for w61. If there are any concerns that DaWolf85 can't help with, please feel free to contact me via PM.
  3. DaWolf85

    DaWolf85 Guest

    I have been noticing an unfortunate trend on the W61 forums recently. Some people have decided that this forum is their playground. They have decided that threads do not need to follow topics. They have decided that they can post whatever they want, wherever they want. I will not allow this.

    I have decided that, as of this post, I will moderate this forum more strictly. I have given this issue a lot of thought, and decided this is the best course of action to get these forums back on track. I think some of you truly do not understand the rules of this forum, and my aim is to fix that.

    My advice to you is to read the forum rules, in full, as I will now start interpreting them a lot more literally, with less leeway. Any questions you have should be directed at me using PM or Skype. Any discussion of this announcement on these forums will be immediately infracted for.

    Thank you all for reading. I'm sorry I had to post this, but, for some of you, it was necessary.

Thread Status:
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