Your top 5 moments of W58


As this world enters its last month, I thought it would be nice to reminisce a bit.

It's time to post your top 5 moments in this world.

Your top 5 could be:
Getting recruited into the tribe that you begged over and over for an invite
Watching your mortal enemy hitting delete
The legendary Fork vs Manic war
The Fork vs Honor war
The gangbang against Fork

I'll post mine soon...


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1) Bunny Council Chat. So many decisions made while drunk at 3 in the morning.

2) All the banter with Fork before Bunny collapsed.

3) How apocalyptically pissed off Honey Badgers was when we moved over to Fork.

4) River's return from the cold embrace of the crypt. "You can trust me", he said.

5) How welcoming Fork players were when we moved. We secretly thought it would be a disaster.

I have about 100 others too, Was a great world.
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Scratch my last post, this was my favourite moment of W58. Muso composed it and circulated it amongst the Bunny tribes, many from Fork, who we were still at war with at the time also sent it in. Needless to say it worked. Was such a great show of solidarity. Best moment.

We are concerned about the rules of the game being abused to effect in game results.

It is only a tiny minority of the generally honest and honourable players of this great game that may do this, and we are collectively concerned with one individual in particular: J******* **********k - otherwise known as River.

He openly boasts about how many accounts he has 'got banned' and how 'stupid' the moderators are and how blind the system of justice and the rules are.

He has once again behaved despicably in our world and deliberately incurred a serious ban for an account. We are petitioning you to put an end to this kind of behaviour and if need be change the rules to prevent people abusing them in the way that he does with impunity.

The account in question is the Warstiner account, and the owner Ana is innocent of his deliberate and malicious actions. She is a part of this world and a part of our lives. We are calling for an IP ban on the individual responsible for this and so much other dirty dealings: River, and not a punishment ban on the account and the innocent parties left behind.

Please do something about this failing in the rules that rewards the perpetrators of the crime, punishing the innocent victims left behind, while they move on to destroy a new account.

It is not the kind of game we want to play or the kind of world we want to play it in where the rules designed to protect us all are so easily perverted and turned into weapons for unscrupulous individuals.

When applying the letter of the law leads to an unfair and absurd result then something needs must change; either in the letter of the law itself or the way it is interpreted and applied.

Thank you,


You have absolutely no idea how hard I had to work to ensure that your #5 was a success...


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Oh, I agree Khite. So much was done to accommodate the Bunny players.

It's really hard to pick out any top 5 events. I'll just list some memorable events.

1.) When Khite added me to a chat room (with a few other players in there) to tell me I was being promoted to the main branch of FORK, but messed with me by pretending I was being moved down to Spork to set an example because I had "messed up" the Moedly sit the night before and either I could go to Spork voluntarily or unwillingly. I didn't think it was funny. lol. But they just cracked up laughing.

2.) When I was put on the Fork Council. It was October 31st, 2012. I was already acting like a leader by doing the ops for FORK, but that was the official day I was added. lol.
3.) All of the insane, crazy, and outrageous conversations in the Fork chat with Jesse(Scar) (Former Marcous Da Black and then Pressstart co), Jamin (old Pressstart owner), Michel (Destabilize), Lexi (Lexis.25), Matt (Former Bocek1000), Lensx, Paula (Former Incoming Impact and Bocek1000 player), Steve (a.k.a. COCO)(Former Dead.Badger),and Streak1.

4.) Reading all the Intel I would get from my friends in Honor. Going to the council with my info and calling it "Story Time". lol. Was so much fun reading every little detail of the Honor forums for months and months. Was especially funny when people mentioned trying to Op me and when Khite emailed an honor player with a quote from their forums and answered the quote. hahaha.

5.) I also remember all the times I sat Fork accounts or emptied all the defense out of my account to support people but was never once Opped and was playing like 60-100 hours a week, constantly dealing with tribal matters in emails, Skype, and the forums.

One good quote I have saved from skype:

[9:54 AM] Ts Jay:

boy george can i ask you something, I am not trying to be mean, but How the Hell do you do it? You seen too have alot of authority nowad

Overall, it's been a very eventful world and so many things have happened it's crazy. From day 1, I knew World 58 would be a different world for me, and man has it changed how I look at t.w. and how I play. It's been a crazy transformation and I'm so happy for all of it.


1)finally becoming friends with you after world 11 and 12 xD
2)coplaying in OW! since that lead to joining FORK
3)All the fun wars we had while in Fork
4)WHen i was in OW! i got a ton of messages fro beyound members begging to jump ship and giving war info. Always got to enjoy those <3
5)all the great fights on the forums


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1) Debbs laughing at me when I asked to join Manic, with my 2 villages. I told her I'd have 5 tomorrow and pwn Class and the entire area... but she laughed ;-)

2) Sitting isolated abandoned accounts in Beyond way over east for weeks on end making OW! bleed for every inch of ground. Particularly some of the crazy endless re-cap battles with Shadryk while we bantered back and forth.

3) Jumping into the middle of Nothome's K and proving to be the one annoying gnat that all his nukes couldn't quite get rid of.

4) The random group voice and video calls in Bunny: "we're losing, tribe sucks, got a dozen sits... f*ck it let's just all get drunk together and wind Ana up instead of playing".

5) Getting to know Brad and Michel and all the great guys in Fork. Truly honourable players, and there's not enough of that breed left about. Disbanding Bunny was the hardest decision to make and none of us expected the best, but I can honestly say it was the smoothest and most complete merge I've ever experienced. We were truly welcomed and the cliques one so often sees persisting even to the very end of the world after big merges simply dissolved into one giant war machine of fun :)

Thanks guys!

[spoil]*6) The external PnP screamers with Brad... we didn't exactly get off on the best foot way back when lol ;-)[/spoil]


Congrats FORKers!!

Predicted this win for ya'll years ago lol. Tho holy balls dragged it out a bit much? lol muah! Top five in no particular order:

1. After some smack talk and ego crushing done to a FORK player from my mini-me account Alb and the magical disappearing co asked me to coplay on Joint.Venture. Loved that account and to date still my favorite ever.

2. Getting sucked into a voice chat with the leaders even tho I myself did not have a mic.... very strange. Also hilarious. And I now have Michel, Faark, Gramps, and nile to thank for many ridiculous hours wasted chatting on skype. Boys. You ruined me :( And you all sound sexy tho Michel not as much... Canadians... meh. lol JK! *hugs*

3. Right after Alb quit and the disappearing co did what it sounds like, Manic opped J.V. and somehow we all managed to block every single train. Annoyingly, TWM logged in and sniped all the remaining trains in under 5 minutes. Thus started my massive secret love affair with Wotre and Gramps lol. Whoops blown it now its not secret. Props to Ana- it was an epic showing of nuke nobles all split with nukes :) After getting them all instead of being being like "omg ur so awesome!" Nathan told me instead "You have no life" lol, Love you forever Nathan for keepin it real.

4. Cant remember who did this. But someone changed their account name to Khite Tzu. and I very stupidly sent tons of D his way lol. Pretty sure I was the only one to fall for it. Thank you for the lesson in "awareness". I'm still working on this skill however lol

5. The merge with Manic. I was dead set to hate everyone. Used lots of profanity describing them. And then they were all irritatingly lovely. Would be great to keep in touch with everyone from the old to the new.

FORK has changed hands tons over the length of the world but I think everyone who played here was special. For some reason or another everyone had a moment in the sun and back in the beginning the team work was the best I have ever seen and honestly I don't imagine to see again. Faaark and Destabilise created lightening in a bottle and kept it going till the end. Great world win for FORK but everyone should be proud. This was a great great world. Great enemies, great friends, great PNP/smack talk. And for myself and I know a lot of others will be the ONE to remember.

Thanks FORK for taking a chance in a big talking noob like myself :)

Rawr Mode

Yet all you players can still (use your imagination here) my (more imagination here) ! :D

Brad, Nile and Z <3

Don't really remember anybody else worthy of remembrance!


Yet all you players can still (use your imagination here) my (more imagination here) ! :D

Brad, Nile and Z <3

Don't really remember anybody else worthy of remembrance!
:( :icon_neutral::icon_cry::icon_sad:


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Yes. FORK was made on day 1. FORK was technically started by James (Count Orlok), Ads (brisr949), and Michel (Destabilise), however we officially recognize Destablise as the founder. Michel was duke until Real Life forced him to quit and not be able to come back. Afterwards, Khite took over as duke as he was Baron. Khite is the World-Winning duke of W58. The world-winning council is Khite, Antigoon, Stannard21, Lexi, Streak, Wraith.Horth, and Myself.


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Congrats to Fork. It was quite some time ago when I played, but I remember this world fondly. I don't know if anyone left actually remembers the Zabimaru account or my silly blog :icon_redface:

But playing with Matt and Michel was a blast. My top moments (for my short time on the world)

1) Recruiting .Sam and Kasra from Pacman. Silly trolls actually convinced Matt they couldn't stand DaBearo and that being on the other side of the world wasn't a big deal
2) How angry GBears players would get on the externals
3) Rawr Mode pissing off almost everyone who played w58 at one point or another.
4) My first experience starting a premade. Mouse? was not a success but thankfully we were welcomed by Fork. Still stay in touch with several members to this day.
5) Being asked to co-play the Destablise account. Sadly, was never on for long and eventually left for greener pastures in w59 in PITA premade. Still an honor to be thought worthy to play with Michel.

Proud of everyone who kept fighting and going on to the win the world. Congrats guys :)


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lol. I always wondered who had played the Zabimaru account. lol. Would be cool to get to know you. :) Also, thanks. :) Was a long world, but it was definitely memorable. :)

mafia man

My 5 moments. 1. Proving my point that at first you need to solidify a continent.everyone laughed at us at the beginning. 2. Farming for 8 to 10 accounts at begining to help my tribemates (dang it was tough) 3.Managing to recruit my first guys which was my first best move(yes that was brad a great leader and Wotre and Gramps). 4.The manic merge with us was a great accomplishment especially that we had warred from start(I had to promise them that it would go smoothly for them in fork and i thibk i managed that,Thanks fork members and manic members for helping in that aspect). 5.The greatest moment of all is that fork won the world even though i wasn't there and fork ruled world 58 right from beginning VERY PROUD OF ALL PAST AND NEWER FORK MEMBERS. Congrats Fork


Congratulations to FORK. Well done guys (and girls)

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lol. Man, it's been 13 days, almost 2 weeks since we won and it still feels weird to not be able to log back in again. lol.

And to Mafia Man, maybe one day we could do this again so you could actually get to win. :D


Hey guys, Matt/Destabilise/I Less Than 3 You here..on my first ever I lost the password to I Less than:icon_redface:

Just wanted to drop a quick few paras to say well done to FORK, great to see you eventually won officially after this long time. I must offer a special mention to those who have been in the world from the start, that takes some commitment and dedication. It may only be a game, but that's the reason it can be so tedious and unpractical to continue for such a time. Remaining on the same account for 3+ year is quite some achievement in my books.

Unfortunately, as you all know, the man who started the tribe with me didn't manage to make it, but through no fault of his own. However Michel solely lay down the path for FORK's victory, giving the tribe the vital foundations it needed to succeed mid game. Brad's leadership qualities along with Brandon's commitment and dedication right at the very end ensured that FORK followed this path to victory. FORK would not of won without the three of you, that is indisputable.

However, tribes don't just win with quality leadership (although it is strongly advised..). Players who are constantly willing to sit and go over and above expectations in war are the reasons tribes make it the end. FORK din't have an abundance of them, but the ones they did have were the back bone of the tribe. Streak, Lexi, Hells, TWM, Anti, Muso and a few more I'm sure, along with those already mentioned, made this win possible. Even though this is a war game, fighting is not the only thing people enjoy about the game.The varied personalities in FORK made day to day engagements a little more fun, well, for the most part. To give an example: We all know of Brad's stubbornness and of Nile's self proclaimed inability to ever be idea how you guys managed to co-play in a civil fashion! We also can't forget Kiwi, one very angry sole.

As I said before, in my opinion, having the commitment to last a while on this game is actually harder than playing it. It is something I struggle with as those who played with me will be aware, and is why I deem it the ultimate achievement to have made it to the end from start-up. Big well done again guys, I hope you're all taking a well deserved brake, although I suspect most of you won't of! Goodluck whatever world you're in, along with RL.

Hey Jace, nice to see you around, was a shame we didn't keep you on the world longer. I just thought I'd reply to one of your top moments ( I'll spoiler it as I don't want it to take away from the main thread)[SPOIL]

1) Recruiting .Sam and Kasra from Pacman. Silly trolls actually convinced Matt they couldn't stand DaBearo and that being on the other side of the world wasn't a big deal
In regards to the recruitment, me and Michel discussed it and came to the conclusion that if they were trolling or serious, it wouldn't matter either way. If they were trolling, they leave in a few days, who really cares? ( as did happen). We had nothing important undergoing at the time. We'd also learn their true intentions in no matter of time. If they were serious and Pacman attacked them, would we of supported them? Hell no! Sure on paper we'd lost villages, but they were never our villages in the first place and we'd of weakened the No1 tribe in the world at the time in the process, through loosing their best players and troops. We knew what we were doing:icon_wink:[/SPOIL]