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  1. vanapagan

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    Look in the mirror. (smurfs)

    It seems to be a very big problem for Barb/Inactive eaters.
  2. alexwong

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    Jun 18, 2008
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    What a mess over there...

    RESIST married HATE... and later divorced HATE.

    RESIST remarried to lesser PLAY, but still has sex with HATE.

    PLAY found out the cheating RESIST... but join them for the orgy.

    It's all dirty and messy affairs. This is what I called, a PIG farm.
  3. lmao. That is a quality post right there.
  4. hmann209

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    Can I get just the tip in please?
  5. itsbillykiller

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    Jan 26, 2009
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    You are mostly nobling inactive accounts. Go back to sitting on your stacked villages that you are losing anyway. You have no skill. If the stack falls the village falls. You can't do athing about it.

    And have the balls to come on here and pretend to be something. Keep running your yap. You all couldn't beat 6 of us and are now going to get run through by Zombie. True noob joke. War Commander. lol
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  6. Phaidra

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    It's no secret that we are 5 active players left in Love. It makes no difference to us if we kick the inactive accounts or not since we never expected to win this war. Should I remind you that we fought Hate family + Kraken by ourselves for almost 2 months? Actually, it's a shame that in these 2 months you didn't roll us all over. But what can you expect since a tribe that has you as "War Commander" is doomed to fail on all accounts.

    Happy Holidays to you too :icon_wink:
  7. itsbillykiller

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    Jan 26, 2009
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    True we are only 5 players but I count for 3 myself so it's really like we are 8 total. :)
  8. rossd93

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    Hello Hate.ers :)

    Glad to see what has come of you.

    I may pop on Skype, see how you all are. :icon_redface:

    Missed me didn't you? :icon_wink:
  9. Madmarauder

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    I must say, all I seem to see here is a bunch of people taking this completely off-topic, and flinging excuses around.

    Love, you clearly haven't had the full attention of HATE. but of course, you aren't going to accept that so I won't go on about it too much.

    Secondly, I think it's funny that ZOMBIE whine about no grace period, yet we chose to attack between an attack break (of sorts). Then the next moment, they are happy we have declared. I'm not too sure what they actually want.

    I look forward to playing the Game, rather than slagging one another off on the externals anyway. Happy Hunting! :icon_smile:
  10. t0msky

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    why cant we be both....

    we have treated hate with more respect than they really deserve, you failed in your war with riot, lets face it you were a dead tribe until we saved their asses, then when we had broken the back of riot you finally grew nuts and attacked, kinda like the special ed kid kicking the bully when hes out cold

    we are disappointed you didnt have the civility to honor the grace period

    as for you attacking during a holiday break, we cant be responsible for you being noobs who dont grasp the concept of it being a holiday break, im sure had your leadership understood anything about TW between them they would have said...oh wait...its a break our attacks wont hit and they will be onto our plan.....
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  11. Trololol t0msky you always make me laugh with your posts :icon_biggrin:
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  12. ShaunDK

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    May 8, 2012
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    Haha, quality. I think you're a bigger and better troll than me now :O

    Hate. were definitely in the wrong in doing this in this period, and without a grace period... But as they say, Hate.rs gonna .Hate
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  13. Madmarauder

    Madmarauder Guest

    Regardless of whether or not you think we were 'dead', we took some initiative and capitalized on something that someone else may have contributed to. I mean, only ZOMBIE wouldn't do that! :icon_rolleyes: (I think not)

    I don't quite see your logic here. If I'm not mistaken, during an attack break you can't attack. So, us letting you know we're declaring during this time, does that not mean we can't attack? So if you ask me, that gives you plenty of time for thought, and planning.

    So I fail to see how you can complain that this was a 'surprise'.
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  14. t0msky

    t0msky Guest

    well genius......

    you didnt declare, you sent attacks, huge...and i mean HUGE difference, you tried to actually sneak attack on us, almost all attack were 24 hours or less........the only flaw in your genius plan was it was only 12 hours until the attack break commenced....fantastic planning on your tribes part...

    the "logic" as you put it, was the belief that your tribe would actually honor its agreements with us, dont get me wrong, 99% of us are happy you have no clue what keeping to your word means, as i said we want to movieinto your villas because your house is a lot closer to most of us than play is

    as far as your first statement....capitalising on something we contributed towards.....really ???.....youre that forgetful ??

    hate or noodle whichever you prefer, was dead, only 5 or 6 players handling 40 plus accounts, you kicking people every time they got opped, your leadership sending circs about it being the end and trying to jump into other tribes.....i could go on but i think id rather watch you bounce round in your little bubble of ignorance
  15. aoecba

    aoecba Guest

    First 3 days, very close

    Side 1:
    Tribes: ZOMBIE
    Side 2:
    Tribes: HATE., .HATE

    Timeframe: 27/12/2012 00:00:00 to 30/12/2012 22:00:00

    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 111
    Side 2: 94
    Difference: 17


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 1,064,392
    Side 2: 879,860
    Difference: 184,532

  16. SlowThinker.

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    Apr 25, 2012
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    Zombie is winning, when HATE broke diplomatic relations.

    I know who I'm betting for to win this war.
  17. itsbillykiller

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    Jan 26, 2009
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    The full attention? lol Based on the shit attacks sent my way I didn't think anyone over there actually paid ANY attention. Support before the train, trains with no nuke lead, trains escorting nobles with spear and sword. You name it, I saw it. I could put up a really solid argument that not only were you not paying attention but quite possibly have no idea what you are doing.

    If there was a book written, The Noob's Guide to Tribal Wars, it would be written, published and purchased solely buy Hate for Hate.

    You guys made zero gain on a group of 5 people. Actually, a couple of our accounts grew larger despite having 10k plus incoming. There is no denying that, we have the ODD to prove it.

    Now that Zombie is involved, this shouldn't take more then a year to wipe Hate off the map. I am being generous here with a year.

    Happy New Year,


  18. Let the OP's begin after new years, Get stacking! :icon_twisted:
  19. Crucial mistake was attacking in between breaks. Now We know who you are targeting and we can move D towards them.
  20. Crucial mistake was allowing ZOMBIE to play a perfect diplomatic game, Hate should of attacked a long time ago even Fortezzo admits :icon_biggrin: