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    Default Village Population Questions

    Hey everyone im new to the game and have a few questions if anyone could help me:

    1. Fist of all, im on W39. The max population you can have is 24 000. How much population does it take up to build every single building to the max level on my world (no churches and including statue)

    EDIT=After some calculations i noticed that every building cost a total of 4,812 population and leaving 19,188 population free with a level 30 Farm. This number sounds pretty big so im not sure if its entirely right, could someone confirm this

    2. What is a decent army consisting of HC and Rams? I want to know this bacause i can then multiply the numbers you guys recomend by how much population that unit takes up. then i can determine whether i can build my village maxed out with buildings or i have to sacrifice a few building levels to make up for it in army.

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    use this

    2. You're thinking very far ahead here but I suggest looking at this

    The average nuke is for me about 58500 Axemen, 3200 LC, 250 Rams if you go for the ufll maxed out which is quite a bad strategy

    Defences vary from 10k/10k Swordsmen/Spearmen but if you're interested in using Heavy cavalry have a look at openeye's guide it's for tech level 3 worlds like 39 -

    that's Openeye's guide but I think this one is better for troop types and defense/offense villages
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    Maxing villages is a typical n00b mistake - you do not need maxed villages. Aim for them to be built around 8.5-10.5k points, any lower will make your growth slower and any higher will make you a pointwhore and an easy target.

    Generally I build nukes 6k axes, 280 scouts, 2.5k LC, 400 MA, 300 Rams and 50 Cats.

    Also, as the above poster said look at openeye's HC strat. Generally a common build using HC is 8k spear/2k HC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical mass View Post
    The average nuke is for me about 58500 Axemen, 3200 LC, 250 Rams if you go for the ufll maxed out which is quite a bad strategy
    What the heck kind of farm does your village have? Remind me not to mess with one of your nukes

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