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    Default The true Ram guide

    Short introduction; For almost one year I have been hardly working with decoding and coding the simulator algorithm, both for archer and non archer(classic) worlds (check my signature for more info).

    Though, when I was working with the rams vs wall formulas I ended stuck, even with what seemed as a great thread by Cheesasaurus.
    So, for all other people, being interested in getting the most out of your nukes(or defenses), or just knowing how some of the game mechanics works, here goes the true formulas:

    Rams - A clooser look on how they work

    Training time (in seconds) = 3200/[world speed] * 1.06^(-[workshop level])
    Bonus Wall
    You might know that rams lower the wall, but did you know that they also negate the bonus your wall give to your troops while fighting?

    At the beginning of the battle if your have level 20 wall, it will double the defense of your troops.(Giving a 2.07(207%) bonus)

    This bonus can be calculated with following formula(the enemy having 0 rams for the moment):

    Formula 1
    bonus = 1.037^[Wall]
    Note: Why 1.037? I have no idea :P

    But this bonus can be negligated if the attacker have rams.
    Actually what happens is that the [Wall] level will be "downgraded", and out of this level, the bonus, as in the formula above, will be calculated. But the level to which the wall is downgraded is not the downgraded level at the end of the simulation. We will call this level(to which the wall is downgraded) the bonus_wall level:

    Formula 2
    max = [Attacking_rams] * [Attacking points of 1 ram at level 1] * [Attackers_Religion]/(8 * 1.09^[Wall])
    Note: Why 1.09 and 8? No idea neither :P

    Note for Religion: If the troops have beliefe, the religion is 1, if not it is 0.5. If world doesn't support church, religion is 1.

    Note for attacking points of ram: Can either be 2(without ram paladin item) or 4(with ram paladin item)

    Formula 3
    bonus_wall = [Wall]-Round[max])
    So now we can write the Formula 1 yielding for Rams attacking too:

    Formula 4
    bonus = 1.037^[bonus_wall]
    Attacker: 1000 axes, 100 Rams || Defender: 500 spears, level 15 Wall
    Both with beliefe.

    max = 100 * 2 * 1/(8 * 1,09^15) = 6.863451033
    bonus_wall = 15-7 = 8
    bonus = 1.037^8 = 1.33730372
    Now there is an important remark to do. The bonus_wall can not be smaller than the half of the wall level(or the forth in case of ram item). So;

    Formula 5
    min = Round(1/2(or 1/4) * [wall])
    If bonus_wall < min then bonus_wall = min)
    Attacker: 1000 axes, 300 Rams, 1 Paladin|| Defender: 500 spears, level 19 Wall
    Both with beliefe. Paladin with ram item.

    max = 300 * 4 * 1/(8 * 1,09^19) = 29.17345048
    bonus_wall = 19-29 = -10
    min = Round(1/4*19) = 5
    bonus_wall < min , so --> bonus_wall = 5
    bonus = 1.037^5 = 1.19920597
    Wall downgrade

    Now, how many levels your wall is downgraded to in the end of the battle depends if the defender win or looses:

    If Attacker wins:

    Formula 6:
    downgraded_level = [wall] - Round(max * (2 - Ratio))
    Where Ratio = attacking_units dead/ attacking_units total for archer worlds and Ratio = (deffense points/ attack points)^1.5 for non archer worlds.

    If Defender wins:

    Formula 7:
    downgraded_level = [wall] - Round(max * Ratio)
    Where Ratio = defending_units dead/ defending_units total for archer worlds and Ratio = (attack points/ defense points)^1.5 for non archer worlds.

    Now, how to find out the minimum of rams to use, and why the number 213 rams is floting around will soon be explained too, when I continue writing the guide.

    As for now, I hope it was interesting;

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    This is an excellent guide. While I have been through Cheesasaurus's guide on several occasions, I could never get the formulas to give the correct results. This guide is much more structured and easily understandable. I don't understand how this thread can stay uncommented for an entire month.

    Just one thing that puzzles me, on both guides. Why do you write the construction time as:

    Training time (in seconds) = 4800/[world speed] * 2/3 * 1.06^(-[workshop level])
    As you didn't write it as: Training time (in seconds) = 3200/[world speed] * 1.06^(-[workshop level])

    I assume there is some meaning behind the values 4800 and 2/3. Where exactly do have those from?

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    I wonder if this is calculated with the new ram item or the old one, because the new one has the ram damage the walls in the first phase of the attack >.> That would effect how much damage is taken I think because I remember someone telling me that the infantry/calvary hit first and then the rams but i don't know i r noob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hIghQue View Post
    [...] I don't understand how this thread can stay uncommented for an entire month. [...]
    I just wanna second that ^^^ .
    ... and, that I cannot wait next part of this guide (but @capi knows this actually ).

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    I find it a nice bit of info into how the rams work however it is far from giving any true answers into how many rams are needed in game.
    Thats the main problem with anything to do with guides on siege troops more so with rams than cats but both have so many answers that can be correct.

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    Still waiting on the second part Capi.

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