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    Default Update to version 6.5

    Hi everyone,

    We're happy to be able to announce our worlds will be updated to the latest game version (6.5) on Monday the 13th between 10:00 and 14:00. There may be a few minutes of downtime for each world.

    The changes include:

    New features, changes and improvements for all players:

    • Added a new settings page for Awards where you can choose which awards should be shown or hidden.
    • Added the ability to search for players in the Awards rankings.
    • Added a new award for fulfilling noble planner reservations.
    • Removed the 'Great power of the day' award. Players that had achieved this award will lose it.
    • Added a new award for conquering the most villages in a day.
    • Replaced the tutorial for new players with a new and improved version.
    • Added a player's tribe tag in front of player names in the OD rankings.
    • Added the ability to press enter on the login screen if you only play one world to quickly log in.
    • On the map icons for incoming attacks will no longer be shown if those attacks were ignored.
    • Added more settings on the settings page for users of the mobile version.
    • Added a new report filter for buddy requests.
    • Added more understandable error messages when renaming and adding report folders.
    • Removed the links to attack, support and send resources when viewing the currently selected village.
    • Added the ability to reset the 'external player/tribe file' links on the settings page to the default.
    • Added information on how to send mails to multiple recipients at the same time when hovering your mouse over the 'To:' text.
    • Added the ability to unreserve villages directly from the village info screen.
    • Improved usability for blind players.
    • The market now only allows numbers to be entered when searching for offers.
    • When clicking on BBCode links in the tribe forum they are now opened in a new window.
    • Added a report when the free premium account is activated.
    • Pressing enter now submits input fields when editing village names.
    • Removed the 'add to address book' link for players that are already present in the address book.
    • Removed the 'request support' block from the village overview if all present attacks have been set to ignore.
    • Removed a confirmation dialog when leaving the tribe as a duke.

    New features, changes and improvements for premium players:

    • Added the ability to directly upgrade buildings from both the graphical overview and the buildings overview.
    • Added the ability to reorder the building queue in the village headquarters.
    • Added the possibility to delete attack reports directly from the village information screen.
    • Added the ability to add/remove groups to multiple villages at the same time.
    • Added the ability to set a default catapult target.
    • Moved the village notes to above the Attacks/Supports listing, and also added to the map popup.
    • Reverted a change in the last version that made it impossible to add a quickbar entry with a blank name.
    • Added the ability to organize mail groups.
    • Added an 'Attack with these troops' link to the simulator.
    • Improved the group management layout and added a confirmation when deleting a group.
    • Added next/previous arrows to mails.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed various bugs with the mobile version.
    • Fixed a bug where entering special characters into a village name would cause problems.
    • Fixed a bug where troops in an army camp would be lost when it expired.
    • Fixed a bug that could occur when a tribe still had shared forums with a deleted tribe.
    • Fixed a bug where noble planner reservations didn't correctly expire.
    • Fixed a bug where production of gold and noblemen was possible in villages that didn't meet the academy's building requirements (Fix already applied to all worlds).
    • Numerous other small fixes, layout tweaks and language corrections.

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    Please be aware that the master server ( homepage) is scheduled to be updated first at 10:00 server time. There may be 5-15 minutes of downtime due to a change in the way passwords are stored. This should not affect those who are already logged in.

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