Looking for a Co - Player for a rim account of 80,000 abouts.
In a dominant Rim tribe doing well for their area and look to have to major conflict in the coming weeks so growth should be good.
Snag is I've lost alot of offensive troops so you'll need to wait a week abouts for a good nuke to fill up, but most villages are maxing out (none below 6,000).

I'm generally looking for someone who can handle and enjoy the starting from this stage well and please don't spam everything..
Experience of non hauls or limited worlds will be needed and the basic knowledge and what not. Not looking for a giddy 12 year old but neither a cold hearted player either, although I'd take the cold player over giddy child any day.

ST Times I am looking for in my Co player is:

08:00 - 16:00

I am usually active throughout my whole times but granted my work is unpractical at times so i can understand the same situation for my co player. Although we do Co play i would like to point out this is my account which i hold to name so please respect it as i would respect any other co player's account.

For any details and questions please add my skype ID and message me:


And thanks.