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    What could be done if lets say I tried to join a tribe and they said sure that they had to account sit me first. So after sitting me for at least 5 hours I log in and have a message saying that he was informed that they are not accepting members from my tribe because they are taking us out already. How am I to know that they didnt do that just to get my setup? Can anything be done? Just wanting to know in case thats what goes down

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    There is nothing that can be done if they only sat your account with out doing anything to it.
    All you can do is learn from this and not let people account sit you when they could be possibly trying to take you out in the near future.

    Now if they say sent your troops out of your village so one of their trip mates can noble you that on the other hand is against the rules and if you report it i don't think they can give you your village back if your already nobled but they can take points/villages from the guy who sat you and sent your troops out. If you think they did something wrong you can always send in a 'in game ticket' or what ever its called and someone will answer what ever questions you have.

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    Support Ticket is the term you're looking for.

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    Never give an account sitter to someone from a tribe you want to join. Look for a premade first or better don't join any tribe and wait for tribes to ask you to join. Thinking doesn't hurt. Trust me.

    Usually tribes ask for an account sitter to check your troop count and village build. That shouldn't take them more than 2 minutes. Not a lot harm can be done in 2 minutes.

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    Appreciate it. Well I sent him the request that night and dont know when he accepted. I just got up the next morning and ended it. I usually trust people to play an honest game since this is a game and no real reason to lie to people. You want to know what I have send some scouts

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    Your thinking is not very good. you have to reverse it try not to trust anyone, but only after you have a good ideea of what,s in his mind. my first friend ever in TW was the first ever who attacked me, so i had to noble him later. Try to be a good player, and they will ask you to join them. you will also have to choose from many invites if you proove to be a good player.

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