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    Default Top 10 frontline account on W61 - Active coplayer needed

    Hey, I've been looking for a coplayer for a couple weeks and have found no one so am finally resorting to the externals.

    I need one or two active coplayers ( I only get on a few hours a day usually around 07.00-12.00 +/- ) so any times suit me really.
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    I am interested in Co-playing you, I show great attacking potential and well-defending tactics for against my enemies which means I can barely snipe even though my computer can be a bit slow at times. I time support and nukes too which I usually catapult the general buildings down so they cannot recap the village. I cat farms to level one to cause heavy damage to accounts, if you have cats in your nukes - then I would be the Co-player you would be wanting - my times are 16:45 - 22:00 and I can sometimes be on before 16:00.

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    Ill add you on skype shortly.

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