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    Default Tribal Wars 2 is coming soon!

    Dear players,

    We've got exciting news to share!

    Many changes have been made to Tribal Wars over the last 10 years, but at its heart is still the medieval strategy based on the concepts of teamwork and destroying your opponents. That original concept is something we hold dear, but we've noticed that many of the things we've built upon to bring you that experience have begun to show their age. Art, technology and the user interface, to name a few.

    We, InnoGames (the company that develops Tribal Wars), have learned many things about making games and about Tribal Wars since it was first released. Technology has been advancing at a rapid pace. We've grown since Tribal Wars' creation by 3 friends, and now have more resources at our disposal.

    It's time for the next chapter in the Tribal Wars story. A chapter based on the Tribal Wars concepts of strategy, teamwork and destroying your opponents, but one that has been refined with an updated style, modern technology and the experience of the last 10 years.

    We are very pleased to announce: Tribal Wars 2.

    Tribal Wars 2 will be a new game based on the Tribal Wars concept. Here's some info on what you can expect:

    17 buildings - you'll recognise many, but be prepared to take advantage of the new strategic possibilities of the Hospital, Tavern and Preceptory!
    2 additional units that bring new elements to battle
    Designed from the start for computer browsers as well as iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

    What will this mean for Tribal Wars?
    Tribal Wars 2 will not be an update, but instead a distinct and different game. You'll be able to play both Tribal Wars and Tribal Wars 2 at the same time.
    New features, improvements and bug fixes for Tribal Wars are planned to proceed as usual - Tribal Wars and Tribal Wars 2 are handled by two separate teams.

    When can I play Tribal Wars 2?
    The Closed Beta for Tribal Wars 2 will start in the next several months. The latest information will always be available on the Tribal Wars 2 homepage.

    How closely will the games be linked? Will they share the same accounts?
    Tribal Wars and Tribal Wars 2 will be two separate games. Accounts will not be linked, and you will need to register a new account for Tribal Wars 2 if you want to play it.

    Hey I recognise those screenshots. Was that what was teased in the Tribal Wars 10 Years video?
    Indeed it was! You can catch a glimpse or two of some Tribal Wars 2 artwork in the background of our anniversary video.

    It's called Tribal Wars 2? What about all the different language versions in Tribal Wars, like German (Die Stämme) or French (Guerre Tribale)?
    Unlike Tribal Wars, the official name of the game will not be translated for different countries and simply be called "Tribal Wars 2" everywhere.

    Pre-register now on the Tribal Wars 2 homepage for a chance to receive a closed beta key and to get more information about the game!

    Any questions or feedback? Please head over to our discussion thread.

    The Tribal Wars Team

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    A date has been set for the opening of the Closed Beta of Tribal Wars 2! The launch will be on June 24th, 2014.

    If you want more information, please go to
    If you haven't preregistered yet, you can do it on and you might be selected to receive a Beta key!

    Good luck to all!

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