Start of World 74

World 74 will start on Tuesday the 25th of March at around 10:30. Pre-registration is available now so you can secure your place and invite your friends. You can login to the world straight away to form your tribe and prepare for the world's start. When the world starts you will be placed near your tribe mates if you are in a tribe.

The world has a dominance based winning condition. Once a tribe reaches 70% dominance, the world will automatically close to registrations and the endgame phase will begin. At this point, restarts will be disabled. This will last for 90 days, after which automatic peace will come into effect and the world will end shortly after. Only one tribe can win the world. An allied win is not possible.

This world will have a number of additional features available that can be purchased using premium points:

  • Build time reduction / Build instant
  • Build cost reduction
  • Merchant exchange
  • Additional resource production
  • Flag packages
  • Premium trading

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The settings

Not sure what some of the settings mean? Click here for more information.

Unit speed:1.0
Paladin:Yes, with weapons
Church enabled:No
Noble system:Gold coins
Morale:Points and unlimited time based
Bonus villages:Yes
Barbarian villages:Grow and shrink to 2500 points
Tech system:3 level (15 limit)
Beginner protection:4 days
Tribe limit:50
Other info:Players can choose their starting direction. There will be an attack and support gap of 100ms.