Update to version 8.23

Dear players,

A new update is coming, which will be released on Monday the 12th of May, between 11:00-12:00. Please let us know what you think in the discussion thread!

New features

- Expanded the Premium Account report filters to allow filtering by command icon.

- Added keyboard shortcuts. You'll be able to use this SHIFT + H to call up an overview of what shortcuts are available. It is possible to disable keyboard shortcuts in the game options.


- Players with a Premium Account can now also see their own returning commands on the Village Information screen.
- Village coordinates in mails, forum posts and the notebook will now be automatically wrapped in [coord] bb codes after being saved
- Added possibility to easily select the maximum amount of offers that can be accepted in the Market.
- Added display of a village's points to the village overview.
- Added option to have multiple-choice polls in the tribal forums.
- Account sitters will no longer be able to upgrade flags to prevent sabotage.
- Moved map settings for enabling context menu and sending commands/resources directly from the map to the Settings menu to reduce unnecessary clutter on the map screen.
- Condensed several settings screens such as Email and Password changing into a single "Account" screen. This is to reduce the length of the Settings menu and simplify navigation.
- Removed generation time because it was being confused as a measurement for loading time.
- Bug fixes, text adjustments and UI tweaks