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    Why not they are decent defensive troops, every troop helps in defense

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    awesome guide man.

    no doubt the best guide i have read yet.

    job well done man.

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    out farming you


    WOW... Tons of good info buddy Thank you very much. I hope i can utilize most of it and become a better TW player.

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    Openeye, I have learned the basics of this game in W5 Dragon Army ( D.A.) under your command
    It was my first world and I think I was pretty lucky.
    I am translating this guide to hungarian. Most people really need to learn the game over here :D

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    i like it but hc for nukes don't make sense to me
    Quote Originally Posted by greenmonsta
    well thought out? your username looks like you threw your cat at your keyboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimdandy View Post
    If you have enough time to move your troops around, should you use cats for defense?
    Generally no, because they take 30 minutes per square- nearly double what spearmen take. If you think it will be a huge attack and can get them in in time, though, every defense point counts.

    Just remember if you're under multiple attacks and choose to do this, send the catapults back after your spearmen/HC because the spears can get back, like said, twice as fast as the catapults. With this, you can defend another village with the same force in that time, as opposed to enduring more losses.

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    Thanks to b00k who saved a few circ mails I had sent around in Hippos. They are a bit specific to the tribe at the time, but he and I think they could be useful and would make fine additions to the textbook.

    In an effort to keep the entire tribe as strong as possible I am going to lay down a few new stipulations and expectations prior to nobling. These new rules will be in place until further notice. These new restictions may seem strict but they will ensure a strong tribe and once reached wont be difficult to maintain. Admittedly Hippos will slow down nobling for a bit but we have enough of a headstart that we can afford to, and in the end we will be a stronger tribe for it.

    1) Defensive requirements: You are expected to have 1k/1k(or equivilant, 1 HC is approx 6 swords) per village you own in D(ie X player has 7 villages, they had better have 7k/7k or better in D floating around). Whether its all in one well build D village or spread across 2-3 partials I dont care, but we need players to be able to defend their own before they expand further. I know several players dont have enough D to effectively defend themselves. This then becomes a burden on other players in the tribe when they call in support. There are several players who have had most of the support burden laid on their own shoulders because not enough Hippos are building D. This isn't going to be allowed to continue.

    2) Offensive requirements: You are also expected to have a full lvl 30 farm on your largest O, or 3 15k+ population nukes prior to clearing/nobling new villages. (This doesn't have to be built, building is fine.) Too many players are putting to many resources into noble/package production and troop queues and counts are suffering for it. We may have outstanding ODA/village counts as a tribe, but I cant help but think how many troops we have lost in the effort.

    3) Noble requirements: You are expected to have a noble train built prior to further nobling. We are running into massive support piles at times and its resulting in many more losses than needed. Further the longer it takes to noble somebody them more a stir they make on their tribal forums and thus the more unneeded unfreindly attention we recieve. We dont need it, especially considering the current circumstances. If you want to take 2 villages from X player you dont need 2 trains, and you more than welcome to finish him off and take his other village with just 3 nobles, but I dont want any more claims where it takes 4 days to take a single village. Plus I need players to have nobles sitting around to counterattack if need be should a neighboring tribe get a bit aggressive. We need to answer back quickly when this crap happens, not take a week to get ready and then answer.

    4) The exception to this rule is if you are being attacked. If you are not the aggressor, you are welcome to do whatever needs be done to defend yourself. I am not going to tie your hands in that case. This also extends to players nobling your farms. Those players may be dealt with as you feel fit. I consider nobling somebody's farms as a personal attack and should be dealt with swiftly as it can severely hamper farming and growth. However this doesn't cover folks you suspect of farming your farms, just those who noble. If that the problem farm more often or spike the farms.

    5) If you have less than 5 villages these requirements dont apply to you, you are still busy establishing a foothold and I can respect that you need to work with what you have. However anybody with 5 or more villages will be expected to adhere to these new regulations before selecting new targets.
    This is aimed at the newer players, or those who have never built a dominate account before, but considering that our tribal average is about 2x the next best tribe and we have so many accounts that are suffering from the problems of morale I thought I would circ it, as it applies to nearly every player in this tribe. Especially considering that at this speed, troop preservation is paramount to success. 2x speed players often do poorly on slow speed worlds because they don't maintain a concept of preserving their troops. So what if they kill a nuke stupidly? It will be rebuilt in a week. But speed .75 doesn't allow for it, one stupid mistake and you could be out of an army for a month.

    The relationship between these two concepts can make or break a strong account. The key to building a strong large account is troop counts. The problem is though that it costs you more troops to clear out new farms and noble targets as you grow larger relative to your neighbors because of the morale system. Now while it isn't nessarially the best system its what we need to work with/around and is an integral part of the game.

    Anybody can build a top 20 account, but few can do it and maintain a solid troop count. You will actually find that most top 20 players have dismal troops because they are so active clearing farms/nobles that they never give their armies a chance to build. Many of these players, while building troops 24/7, never actually have what you would call a "strong account", just a big account.

    Personally I made this mistake in my first world. I built a top 5 account, but I never had much more than 15k or so in the farms used because I was so busy nobling that next village, or clearing a new farm. I had no idea that my account was crap, because the OD stats and point rank said otherwise. Then when I ran into a neighbor who had a slower more steady and controlled growth rate I folded like a lawn chair. I didn't have the troop counts to be effective because I was killing them all on low point noobs because of morale, and rapid expansion.

    TW is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to think long term, not just race to see how fast you can expand and gain rank. If you do, you will be a flash in the pan and explode like an overinflated balloon. If I had taken the time to stop nobling and built my troop counts I could have survived that fight with my neighbors. Even building troops 24/7, you cannot compete with a player who is smart with his/her troops. The biggest needless killer of troops is morale, and the smart player can learn how to combat that effectively so it doesn't decimate their troops.

    1) Noble trains

    These are an easy way to combat morale, and maintain troop counts in general. The quicker you noble, the less chance your neighbor has to call in support and the less troops you need to wade thru to to get your objective village. Simple.

    2) Build Full Nukes

    Save your offenses until they are near a full lvl 30 farm. It creates the most powerful offensive force and with drastically cut back losses, oftentimes completely counteracting a severe morale penalty. Sometimes its better to wait to attack a foe, even if you know he is building D, until your O is better built. O builds faster than D in general and you should have relatively high barracks and stable lvls to further exploit this. Plus with your added farming income you can afford the resources needed to maintain those queues, farming income that may be lost because an immature nuke was used too soon. This is another simply concept but you would be surprised how often 2k axe nukes are used when they should probobly be saved.

    3) Build Defense

    Start turning more defensive villages into defense. This will in turn slow down your growth, while at the same time defending the assets and villages you already have. Slowing down your growth can then in turn allow the other locals catch up, counteracting morale loss and making future conquests and growth easier.

    4) Morale Bashers

    These are small largely offensive building players who you maintain a working agreement or allaince with. Basically you pay them, through protection, defense, resources, villages etc to clear the smaller villages for you. Since they are a smaller player they dont suffer morale penalties and your troops are saved undue losses so that they can fight off that large neighbor for the both of your in the future.

    5) Stop growth, build troops, save packages.

    You dont need a top 20 account. Sometimes its just in your best intrest to stop ballooning and strengthen what you already have, preparing for future offensives. Too many players get it in their mind that more villages/more rank means its a better account. Often this is untrue as I outlined above. If you cant maintain good troop counts your screwed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma639 View Post
    It'd really suck to be the guy who wakes up to find his level 3 academy gone, and his smithy down to level 10...
    even better:
    hq at one, iron mine at 1, and farm at 1...smithy at like 7, that happened in the world I am took the guy like a year to rebuild the village, and when he did, it was nobled.

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    Default still relevant

    nice to finally read it all in a sticky ive had bits and pieces of this over the years (back into TW)STILL relevant even with newer worlds LOTS to read but relevant and will set you on the path to greatness

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    OE, you were ranked 5th on your first world??? :o

    that is simply too good to be true :o

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    can a village get support without a rally point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronmexico View Post
    can a village get support without a rally point?
    Yes. No rally point is needed to receive troops. Only to launch them.

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    thank you

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    very handy

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    OE. I copied the entire TeachU guide forums to Google Docs before we broke it up. If you want the documents, I can send you access to them, or email them to you. Most of what I have, you printed, but I think there were a few more.

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    Wow dude, that is quite awesome.. man wouldnt I love to have a good look at those legendary TeachU guides..

    Think those can be publicly displayed mate?

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    Yes, great job!!

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    Default L30 hq

    I used to have all my villages with HQ at L20. Then one morning, overnight 4 villages had been attacked. Walls and farms completely destroyed. Can't build wall without farm and farm is very slow at building. Since then have had all villages with HQ at L30 for building speed.
    Havn't had to put this strategy to the test yet.

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    You lose too much farm space doing that... Less farm space is less troops

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    Not to mention if you get big that can cause a huge morale problem you don't need.
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