1. Farming (LA) FarmGod

    FarmGod Micro farming at the beginning of the game, it takes a lot of time and often doesn't happen efficiently... this script changes that! FarmGod offers the possibility to make a farm planning for your entire account based on a few options (= efficient) and still keep the comfort of LA when...
  2. Farming (LA) Hide rows

    The function is very basic, when you farm, and you click on the letter after usded the script, it hides the raw you have clicked
  3. bobertini

    Ability to add buildings to the queue with 0 farm space

    Just another idea of mine, If you currently have no population space, you cannot add buildings (because you have no population space). My tweak is that, if you add a farm to the queue, the option to add buildings to the queue becomes available (as long as you would have population space). To...