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    I-AM-GROOT replied to the thread Meme wars.
    Imagine Swedes stomping anyone without PP...Would be a first! I don’t think any Swede joins the tournament because of that reason alone.
  • One Last Shot...
    I just want to clarify that this isn't how IP addresses work. Especially if you are using your phone, your IP will change regularly...
  • -Abyss-
    -Abyss- replied to the thread Meme wars.
    Hello David
  • babbeanton replied to the thread NSFW Vs DRUNK.
    like pertinax said you stacked very little or not at all. But thats not very important i only look at the stats and drunk be down 71-0...
  • babbeanton reacted to Pertinax's post in the thread NSFW Vs DRUNK with Like Like.
    Which villas up north? You used them to help against Sinner you say? I'm struggling to connect these two points you are making. Perhaps...
  • ChooX2Go
    ChooX2Go reacted to Sleepy Joe's post in the thread Top Tribes with Like Like.
    Listen folks, that list is really something, this world is really something. The broadest and most diverse mixture of bad and really bad...
  • Curious George
    Curious George reacted to JukeBox Hero's post in the thread World 113 CHAT with Like Like.
    A REAL hero comes out of nowhere saves the world and then evaporantes in to thin air.
  • Sir Zielo replied to the thread LUSA is coming!.
    for me you're a nobody so the statement still stands correct ;]
  • OVERSEAS replied to the thread NSFW Vs DRUNK.
    Me? Maybe :D But aren't you that guy that buys and sells account? p.s. Mine not for sale though... before you ask... sry and thx :3
  • Weird Flex But Okay
    Weird Flex But Okay replied to the thread NSFW Vs DRUNK.
    Aren't you the guy that couldn't get his band of Koreans to kill boffee? Also @Pertinax I have no clue what you're on about. But sweet...
  • Dream*
    Dream* reacted to Seven Devils's post in the thread Meme wars with Like Like.
    Is it not enough to get stomped on one world but you want it so bad for a second one?
  • IAmAbel
    IAmAbel replied to the thread The only way to beat TreX!.
    Yeah, it is? No pp and I can beat your ass without having to go through months of doing nothing before. Or did those heavy balls just...
  • ivanSSJ4 replied to the thread About the tournament.
    @JawJaw well, i mean after the start, if we can rechoose our location
  • Mintyfresh
    Mintyfresh replied to the thread The only way to beat TreX!.
    why not do you think any sport or esport isnt p2w when you drill down into it?
  • David10333 replied to the thread Meme wars.
    Hello Larry