1. Troop Counter/Vault Counting army / loot

    I'm not sure if this script is here already, but its a pretty old script that counts your total loot and the army of the village you're in. You can then simply copy paste it somewhere, for example into discord.
  2. The Quacks

    Commands Smart simple fake script

    This script is a rewrite of fxutility's fake script, with the added feature that it will now adjust the number of units in the attack according to the village points. You can change window.coords to the desired coordinate list, window.ram_spy_ratio to the ammount of spies you want to send per...
  3. The Quacks

    Stats Bash points in reports

    This is a very small script to calculate how much OD a given report generates. Just run it in the overview of a given report, and two lines will be added with the gained ODA and ODD.
  4. The Quacks

    Commands Tag incomings with backtime time

    Use this script to rename incomings, including the backtime time. To label the commands with backtime time, you must run the script twice. Change the variable FORMAT to choose how you want your incomings to be tagged. Words encapsulated in # will be replaced by: #backtime# - the backtime time...
  5. The Quacks

    Misc Import Export Quickbar

    This script will allow importing and exporting tribal wars quick bar. With this, you may share your pretty quick bar with all your pretty scripts with your friends or tribemates. Simply run it on the quick bar edit vision. The usage should be intuitive. Any question feel free to post below. I...
  6. The Quacks

    Farming (LA) Keypress optimized

    Dear sirs, I bring to your attention a slightly tweaked version of Keypress by Crimsoni. I simply took the script and made it slightly faster so that it sends 4.9 attacks per second as 4.5 in the original script. I also introduced some tweaks so that it would be faster to load and less...
  7. Misc List Village Renamer

    javascript: $.getScript("") The difference to other renamers is that with this script it is possible to rename the villages if you already have a list of village names ready, for example a list of...