1. Improve self conquer

    Please, in self conquering situations, make it so: - AM queues don't reset - incoming attacks dont get renamed to default this would be pretty helpful
  2. Add the ability to search the noble planner log

    Currently, if you want to view all the entries for a particular village in the noble planner log, you have to manually look through the pages, find the village and then click it. I am suggesting adding a search/filter feature to the noble planner log (similar to the one found in the noble...

    Add new quests to the questlines

    Tribal wars should really add into their quests advanced features to complete. - execute a fake noble train - snipe a fake train - cancel snipe a fake train Although I was surprised to recently play a world with half the ms gap of a traditional world I don't really know how I feel about it...
  4. Duplicate Relocating nobles

    This may have been mentioned before but there goes.could we relocate nobles like we do pallys so you could move your nobles around the map ?
  5. Frying Pan Warrior

    Implemented Visually Display Decomissioning Nobles In "Nobles In Education"

    Add a visual negative sign to signify this noble is being decommissioned in the "Nobles In Education" window, It currently does not differentiate if it's being decommissioned or recruited.
  6. DaWolf85

    Noble Train Probabilities In 2020

    Hey guys! It's been a long 10 years since anyone has made a post about the probability of a noble train succeeding. In that time, items have come out that boost the chances of you taking a village, and new paladin skills have been introduced that do the same thing. So I figured I'd update the...
  7. Implemented De-commission Nobles

    It is currently possible to de-commission troops that are at home in a village, but you can't de-commission nobles. The only way to kill the nobles enabling you to utilise your coins to build a noble elsewhere is to launch an attack on yourself or another nearby village. Now that the attack...
  8. Ragestyles

    Implemented Mass decommissioning Nobles

    Hi, with one of the latest game updates we received the ability to mass recruit nobles which was amazing, but we didn't get the ability (yet!!!) to decommission/massdecommission them aswell. I would greatly appreciate if this could be implemented into the game. Helps out very lategame to...
  9. Rejected Relocation of nobles

    It's always been a pain to send your nobles at yourself and kill them off so you can relocate them to another village. Costing resources to rebuild them. It would be nice to be able to just send your nobles to the village you'd like to relocate them to. They would travel at the same speed so it...