1. In Progress Quickbar scripts not wrapping, breaking display

    When you have a lot of quickbar scripts, the game display breaks as they don't naturally wrap. This may not be a bug, but rather intentional behaviour as the CSS on the quickbar is specifically "nowrap". Removing the nowrap behaviour fixes the display. Obviously the fix is to add a line break...
  2. Rejected Quick bar changed template

    Get rid of smithy, church and academy. Put instead scavenging, LA, premium exchange. New order: HQ,, Recruit, rally point, scavenging, premium exchange, LA.
  3. The Quacks

    Misc Import Export Quickbar

    This script will allow importing and exporting tribal wars quick bar. With this, you may share your pretty quick bar with all your pretty scripts with your friends or tribemates. Simply run it on the quick bar edit vision. The usage should be intuitive. Any question feel free to post below. I...