snipe tool

  1. WildlingInvader

    Misc TimeTool

    Helps timing attacks by showing a colored bar that fills every second on the specified millisecond. Works on: https://*.tribalwars.*/game.php?*screen=map* https://*.tribalwars.*/game.php?*screen=place&try=confirm Approved on .nl here: TimeTool
  2. RedAlert

    Misc Discord Support Tool

    This script can only be run on a forum thread. URL example: /game.php?screen=forum&screenmode=view_thread&forum_id=XXX&thread_id=YYY This script works only by selecting text which needs a support request format, as it's generated from the game. Example: (if the support request is not of this...
  3. Shinko to Kuma

    Commands Mass snipe calculator

    This script is a modification/rewrite of one of the more popular snipe scripts that originally was made by fluffy88 to be able to calculate multiple plans at once Add new rows with coordinates, target land time and if the village has a sigil active/tribe skill activated. 100 is the standard...
  4. RedAlert

    Commands Single Village Snipe

    Single Village Snipe Script needs to be run on this screen: /game.php?screen=info_village&id=XXXX Demo Video: If you have an incoming and/or your own command landing on the current opened village, click on the command/incoming and landing time field will be updated to match the landing...