All good things come to an end !


Flavius Aetius Jan 03, 10:59

so this is my final CM to the tribe on this world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for having faith in the name [ally]Cure[/ally] and in me and Reth as dukes.

I would like to thank Mike, Chuckie, Scott, Jimbo, Cincy, mbaxx and Tanasja who helped by being council members. By advising, taking sits, help stir the tribe into the right direction.

I want to thank Rob and especially Reth separatedly tho.

They are the two that held my morale up, so I was able to hold all of yours up. Gave me hope in the darkest hours when all looked lost. Without them, my account would not have finished this world and god knows how the whole story would turn.

Thank you guys for everything, ingame and out of the game.

Never it will be forgotten !!

I want to thank Alex (michonne) aswell, you my friend have kept his word in every moment. Its a rare thing these days on TW. Is also smtn I will not forget.

There are so many of you who did so many great things. Never doubted the councils decisions. Never were selfish. Everytime sent all of your troops when asked even if it ment you cant grow your own accounts for weeks. Nobled barbs when asked. Sent fakes when asked.

I was impressed on a daily basis with all of you.

[ally]Cure[/ally] was not a strong premade tribe. We have had a relatively inexperinced crew. But yet we won. Which only shows that heart and teamwork prevails over everything.

I have no problems saying and im sure TW future will prove me correct, for a while longer there will be no tribe so loyal to each other and so selfless.

All of you really deserve this win.

It was a pleasure and honor playing with each and everyone of you.

I hope we can play again on some other world together.

Untill then my friends,
Duke of W76 winners - [ally]Cure[/ally]


if some dont have me added on skype my skypename is rigian2

If you need anything on some future world or want to play together or anything like that, let me know.

Since not all of my tribemates will login today, I decided to post my circular to Cure here.

Also for all those ex-Cure and ex-SD who are not longer with us to read. They deserve to read it aswell.

And to all of the enemies, im sad to say that none of you earned my respect. Not aTo, not Ya Bro or anyone before them. Most of what you did on this world was trying to plot and scheme your way to the win.

I hope you have learned a lesson from this world, the straight, honest way always is the best way. Karma will get you sooner or later :)

Other then that, it was a fun ride and im very proud to have won this one. Against all the odds.

Cure and SD were belittled so many times by so many people, called noobs, idiots, incompetent, small, irrelevant. But at the end, we are here. And those calling us that, are not.

Great job guys, was a great pleasure being able to play this world with you !

See you around,



See ya in another world guys

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Special thanks to S-D dukes Heruvime and GeRaSiMo Also to george(ntinao) aka michonne-george (kaiser) aka moshofimis-georgia(rayeu) and george(nuke them all) aka KonTiki-kostas brian aka prsthe1-xristos aka dark tornado -kostas aka fipap33- ntafes aka -ovelix- - stefanos stef151515-george PAY.BACK-george arios13-maria asterix aka Medias Res - thanasis aka DeathWhisper -gianis aka giannis001-spiros aka cafesunrise-spiros sotiris aka *MeSSinian StorieS*-kra kra aka PORTO-LEONE- bobie aka Lord PortoBello,beastako,Nigredo,xazoulaz
These players were my premade when we started w76 some of them tryed hard and some others didnt but all helped a little bit.I hope we did the start and more players from trash gr servers will come to play here.

Now some players we found here and became our brothers in game.
First of all the great Dark Gaze -llepsnaci1-itsme-sammy the b-cainid-pls624-knightdogs-AIMAK

Pavle(Flavius Aetius) is rank 1 fighter for this server by far
The necro deserve to finish this server although he was enemie he fought hard and spent time in sitting accounts.
All the other enemies we recruited like defender of man or ahufs i believe they shouldnt be here but its ok.

And for the end kisses to .

1)Angela aka hinro(i dont know where she hides after her plan to damage us failed)
2)Bonlx(thanks for not giving me nap when we asked for this,we would miss all that fan with your fail tribe)
3)Mia and mike aka sexyandyouknowit ( i am still waiting from you to **** s-d as you were saying)
4)World shapers(failed to solo my tribe as he thought he would)
5)germanwind(its nice to be in our tribe and helping enemies but we didnt forget and we got our payback in time)
6)rock botom(if he was here he would keep changing tribes in order to avoid wars)
7)Nifft (he knows why)
8)dunkmaster(spying is not a good thing)
9)Dnamb(great guy but he escaped from us too many times )

I dont have any problem with the other enemies we fought in this server but these guys (but dnamb) were big snakes and i am very happy we melt them.

Ya bro and ato-amazon-women lost so fast although they were much much bigger than cure-sd and i think this is the reason this server wasnt so good.

Only the war against ebola was hard against my group ato was an easy enemy and i believe that it was easy for pavle too after the second month of the war to win ya bro.

Maybe the server would be different if ya bro had a better leadership ,ato was dead anyway cause of trash leadership and players.

Cu again guys in another world

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