Unconfirmed Attacks randomly arriving back 1 second after expected?

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Randomly send an attack
It may come back 1 second later than expected
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Happens randomly
This is something that has pretty much been happening since always, but we've just lately been noticing it more often, as in the speed community we're seeing a complete shift from the "sprinting age" (whoever sprints the best wins) to whoever fights the best wins.

Lately, and most notably where this happens, we have been doing a lot of ram on ram backtiming - and this works as follows:
- One player sends a ram attack, we assume it is a real attack with the information we may have.
- What is a ram on ram backtime?
The theory is quite simple, any attack that you send returns to your own village at 000ms, so even if you send an attack that arrives at 500ms, it will always come back to your village at 000ms, so what we do is we simply... send one attack with the same unit, within the same second of when the enemy attack lands in our village. This will make it so your attack arrives at the enemy's village at the same time second as his troops are back, and as you all probably know, its impossible to dodge a same second backtime.

There are two options for us to hit the perfect ram on ram backtime:
- If the attack arrives in a very early number of milliseconds (for example 000-150), we open a tab with the troops we wish to backtime with and we basically "snipe" that incoming attack we have. We for example make our troops come back at the same second of the attack, but 100ms after. After we have done that, we simply go to the tab we opened to attack our opponent's village and prepare to click "send" in the second the attack arrives in our village (not instantly or else we might send when our troops are still not at home).

- If the attack arrives in a bit earlier milisseconds (for example 200-999), we don't need to snipe anything, we simply dodge the units we do not wish to backtime with, and with the rest we open a command targetting our opponent's village with all of the troops we have in the village, and then we simply send it as soon as possible on the same second as the opponent's attack arrives.

So this is the theory, and this is how we found out about this bug.

With all of this theory, you've now learnt that our goal is to hit our opponent's troops exactly when they arrive back at home, but for some reason, there is a bug that prevents this.
Sometimes, the attacks you may send randomly arrive back at your village 1 second later. We've had this happen many times, times where the backtime was 100% correct but it still was 1 second earlier and was confirmed by opponents.

I have gone on and tried tested this and i was able to recreate the bug - you can find the video link below and the divisions of the video.
The bug happens at 14:20, ignore the "please ignore this" tagged part of the video as it is apart of another bug which we better explained on its own separate video.
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