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Firstly, thanks to everyone for making this a fun world.

A few words from MRM - a tribe widely perceived to be small and pretty much irrelevant from K66, led by first time duke Mike... which somehow ended up 3rd.

MRM started of as VIP - a non premade tribe, starting about 6 weeks after the core. After a few weeks, Mike decided that VIP needed to do something a bit more drastic and imaginative to survive, with KEKW (then Disney) likely to start knocking on our door sooner rather than later. So we merged and made a family tribe, and amalgamated the names to form Middlemist Red Mercenaries.. if you want to know what that means...

2- Middlemist Red Mercenaries
Let me explain.

Red Mercenaries- that on is obvious allusion to merct. But when saying red, you'd think red as "soaked in blood". It doesn't need to be stated. It just naturally come to mind when mercenaries are associated with the color red.

Middlemist Red come From middlesmist red camellia, The rarest flower in the world (also quite beautiful and imposing looking flower, look it up.) This is a wink at both VIP (important) and Fall (full name, falling blossom).

In other words, Extremely rare and important soaked in blood mercenaries.

The first 4 or 5 months were difficult as we were never sure how things would turn out with Disney (KEKW) - we prepared for every outcome. And then, out of nowhere, things changed. If you ask Adnan, he'll tell you we weren't worth the effort (a true statement) but if you ask any of us, it's because Mike is an irresistibly likeable, level headed and pragmatic duke. We became allies with the number 1 tribe and were able to start working as an offensive team rather than defensive one. This move upset a few, but pleased everyone in the tribe and we wouldn't make different choice.

Anyways, the take home message from me:
- MRM is, to me. what TW is all about. Meeting random new people, figuring out everyone's strengths and weakness and working as a unit to get as far as you can.
- Mike is a fantastic duke and although not around for a few worlds, we will be back, bigger and better in a few worlds having learnt a lot from this one.

Thanks again :)