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The new event does test the user's skill and patience while pushing them to think and make the right choices. This allows for players who learn the strategies to perform better and optimize their rewards which makes this event very enjoyable.

Here is how to play it:

First off ->

Spears BEAT Horses

Horses BEAT Archers

Archers BEAT Spears

When using your event cards, you want to beat your enemy's card. A tie will result in NOTHING. If you lose, when placing the card, your card will still remain yours, but the opposition's card will not be overturned.

Here is an example:



On the last move of that game, had I played optimally and used my silver card in the bottom spot, I would have gotten a "double turn" which not only would turn both red pieces onto your side, but would grant you additional tokens at the end of the round.

As you progress through the game, it is made easier as you will receive silver cards (and then gold cards) while your opponent is stuck with the weakest version of the card until the next round.



You will keep receiving silver cards here while your opponent will be left at bronze so even if the first few rounds are a struggle, you'll notice that you're winning much more frequently as you go on.

However, once you reach the silver crown, all of your opponents cards will be upgraded and the same will now happen in the "
Gold bracket"

You also receive 1 FREE boost per day. I suggest using it wisely in a case that you would not be able to win a match as displayed here:


Additional suggestions for playing:

Do NOT use your strongest cards early. Considering that your opponent has 5 cards that are equal in strength to your 5 with different numbers on each end... even if you play a strong card... you will always leave 1 or 2 sides exposed. While the side you're playing may be strong, you need your exposed sides to be strong enough to deter the enemy.

If you don't believe those numbers are strong enough, then hold that card for the right moment.

Also, when playing... since the exposed sides are the most vulnerable, try to have those sides be the highest numbers possible.

You want to beat your opponent's card with the lowest number possible while also winning.


Opponent has a HORSE with 3 showing.

Your most optimal card would be a SPEAR with 2 to attack that horse. That will double the spear's attack power to 4, and allow you to beat it. Since that side's number was so weak (2) theoretically your card should be stronger on different sides of it as well.

Here's more clips of gameplay if you are still confused


did mess that up incase he had something beat 1 spear, should have placed last paladin in middle

Now for event rewards/spending:





The event has a surplus of great rewards this time, and priced accordingly.

Unlike normal events where you can abuse warehouse %, this one has the item priced where it truly should be, a 10% next to the flag doubler, instead of a 20%.

The item is still valuable, but no longer as inexcusably overpowered as it has been in the past.

I suggest that players actually strategize their item allotment this time instead of mashing the "Save to inventory button" under the warehouse % item.

As for event costs, here's the price increase per 10 tickets purchased:

135 premium (first 9)

150 premium
160 premium
170 premium
190 premium
230 premium
300 premium
430 premium
640 premium
1020 premium
1680 premium
2830 premium


Considering the event is 12 days long, using the 150-190 options are probably the best for the average player and will cost you around 8040 premium to do so throughout the event. Going past that amount can be seen as wasteful, and unless you're desperate, I do not recommend spending past 190 premium.

: Buy 5 tickets, 1 ticket, 1 ticket, 1 ticket, 1 ticket before buying 10 and you'll be able to get a total of 19 tickets at the 150 price before going up in cost

Another thing:

At the end of the gold tier there is additional rewards you can earn and you can re-roll those awards. One of those award is the Noble Decree so if you're on a new world that hasn't released it yet, keep an eye out for that :)

If you get a rare "Triple turn" you will receive 100 tokens. I have not yet gotten a quadruple turn.

Hope you enjoyed the guide.

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