Relocate Consumable


Hello -- Just recently began playing again after a 5 year hiatus because I forgot this game existed.


I have a relocate consumable that came with my new village.
Is this anything like 'starting over'?
If I relocate my village do I go back down to starting over? The item does not really say.

I searched 'relocate consumable' on both google and the forum search but did not find any quick results. Apologies if this question has been asked before.


It's a new item that just came out for w79. Basically you take the village you have and you "start over", but your buildings and everything in the village stays the same. Just the location is different. You have the options of relocating NW, NE, SW, SE, or center of the tribe even I believe.
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As above however you aren't able to select center of tribe and the item is also only available for a fixed period from starting (usually 48 hours) Then it disappears.
You can use your 'start over' in addition to this.
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Choose direction
Keep village
BP doesn't change from original
No barb created
Quests - Don't change
Troops -- Transit/stationed elsewhere/home -- All stay - Transit cancelled if out going and returns at same travel time
Resources in village - Same
Building queued - Stays queued
Expires 24 hours after world join (on w77, anyway) -- 48 world hours i.e. 48/world speed (?)

Was my original "it's new", lets see what it does like 3 months ago now. Resources on their way to your village by merchant apparently get cancelled.

Also, Earl., relocate to centre of tribe got fixed after w79 thankfully, that would not have been a nice addition to world's starts.
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