Stalling 133 for the purpose of flag farming


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It is clear that afk could very easily go from 23% dominance to 65% and we ll just keep it like that to flag farm xD
Is this a joke ? The rule came out in the game to prevent stalling worlds for flag farming and it was clear that in w128 where the rule implemented for the first time that it would have a set date of implementantion unless the mods understand that it needs to be implemented earlier or later based on the world's specifics .
Specifically in w128 the deadline was 180 days , and since ubis had pretty much won from 130 days or so they altered it stopping us from flag farming much earlier than the set date .

Now you apply the rule in a world far from over which clearly is a wrong usage and it needs to be altered . If afk reached something closer to the neccesary domination % i can understand it , but now its very early .

Based on how unfair this rule can be to players not stalling to flag farm i would suggest that a smart altercation to this rule would be one more condition added . So instead of the rule applied on 180 days or whenever mods feel like it , it would become 180 days and top players (equal to the tribe limit of the world) have more than the neccesary domination %. I understand that we can claim we ain't stalling while we are divided in 3 tribes or more and its pretty much over . But if top 30 players in a world with 30 tribe limit dont have 65% domination its quite simple to understand that its not an attempt to abuse the rule .