I am dissapointed :( lol , This game cost me nerves again.
In last month 20,000 players used this site, and I wan't to belive most of those players are ones
who propagate fair play. Game without dirty lies, waiting for a moment to jump at tribemate, or
yesterdays ally. If you really know the game, and play well enough you can beat oponent without

I invested A LOT of time to make this, I have no use from site except time when i programe to make
usefull thing makes me happy for the given time, but on the other hand when I see people bug me to
add new stuff, make fixes, adjustments, improvements... I find them later to be dirty liars and
ones who will do anything to get some sort of revenge, or mock a fair contender I am mad as hell.

Now I will leave site for 10 days on, if you feel the same way I do about this please take your time
Create a topic on tribalwars forum in apropriate place for such discussion and try to promote a fair

Yes this is a game, but I see many kids play this game too, today they learn principles of how to cheat,
lie and conspirate in game, tommorow they are grown men and women applying that same principle in life

I ask you to take time and try writte in your own words if you think any of this makes sense, how you
think one can be honest and yet sucessfull player without lowest and dirtiest means to get to goal
I ask you that because I am really In doubt, If indeed mostly douchebags use my site, and help them
selves with my work, i will shut it down and keep it password protected for myself and few ppl i know well
But if it turns out that response is mostly possitive and you users and players show that there is indeed
a bigger part that belives at least in game one can play fair I will keep this going as long as tw rolls.


this is from the homepage of TWmentor, a site many of you may use.

im curious to other peoples' view on what it says above. is it really needed to lie, or betray people just to advance yourself in this game?

i would say if you had any skill in this game that you wouldnt need to "cheat" to get to the top.
sad part is it seems so many people do :icon_confused:

The Lewder

Yes, people do lie in game, and it is somewhat needed to be successful in this game. I've been plotted against so the majority of my council could get out of a giant pile of shit while they left me there. I managed to get out in the end anyway, but the majority of the tribe got owned anyway.

And yes, this happens in the real world.

Further more a reason to become an hero.

Mr Lanky

I lied, but only to Shahyd and only because I had hilarious consequences when he finally figured it out.

Other than that I do not agree with lying to meet your own agenda. However I can see its strategic benefit and use in tribal politics and relations. This game is actually very socially complex with a lot of it relying on the relationships between players and tribes with each having their own set of goals and many doing anything the can to further those goals. While it is not necessary to succeed it is one method. If anything it would teach younger kids to be wary of things and not take everything at face value as little children have a tendency to do, maybe robbing their innocence but teaching them a life lesson early.


lying once or twice is one thing, but i meant more people whose whole playing style is based on lying to people(although i guess i should have worded my first post a little better :icon_neutral: )

The Lewder

lying once or twice is one thing, but i meant more people whose whole playing style is based on lying to people(although i guess i should have worded my first post a little better :icon_neutral: )

In that case they are seriously flawed.

What I dislike about the game is it seems to reward the tribe hoppers tbh, who hop from place to place just because a tribe has a good rank and stuff.

Unfortunately its those people who stay longer.

...and no, I'm not suggesting anything like W27.