1. Hyrbid Soul

    WAR Crunch Time

    Starring: ----------- ----------- TL;DR Version:
  2. WAR The Storybook - 4 Quarters

    And the story continues...... Sorry for the long wait guys, was busy in Real Life and power kept shifting in game as well. W112 is getting bloodier as the world progresses. There are pockets of silence and explosions all around. We have seen three Rank #1 contenders in past couple weeks and...
  3. Tribe/Politics/End World/Top Ten

    As we are in the middle section of this world, diplomacy and activity will make the cut forward. We have several War fronts from WarPigs to Jheezzz's to Pain to Munch to Spam to Cicada. Most of us know who is with/against/neutral to each other. This is the phase where people run out of patience...