mass support

  1. Misc Display Mass Support travel duration on mobile

    This scripts adds the travel duration of every troops in the Mass Support screen. This information is already calculated and available in the game as a tooltip, but you simply can't see tooltips on mobile. Clicking this scripts will display the tooltip content directly under the troop count so...
  2. Frying Pan Warrior

    Not A Bug Mass Support Misleadingly Shows Own Incoming Troops For Foreign Targets

    When you have a village other than your own inputted into the mass support target, the game continues showing the incoming troops for your current own selected village instead of the mass support target. If this is intentional, I may suggest moving the incoming support counts into the...
  3. Frying Pan Warrior

    Misc Lightning Support

    Lightning Support Request back-line support to your front-line villages in an efficient manner. Used in the mass support section of the rally point. Auto fills in the troops needed for your specified packet count. Source: License: MPL 2.0