Not A Bug Mass Support Misleadingly Shows Own Incoming Troops For Foreign Targets

Frying Pan Warrior

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Bug Priority
Minor Bug (doesn't really affect gameplay)
Bug Type
Functional bug
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Bug Reproduction Steps
1. Target a foreign village to send mass support to.
2. Send some support.
3. Observe the incoming support is not updated to reflect your sent support.
Bug Reproducibility
Happens always
When you have a village other than your own inputted into the mass support target, the game continues showing the incoming troops for your current own selected village instead of the mass support target.



If this is intentional, I may suggest moving the incoming support counts into the troops tab where users won't be confused thinking it is directly connected to the mass support target. Or, have the incoming support count tied to the target village.


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hmmm I can see the confusion here. I'll check with my colleagues whether or not I submit it as a bug or an improvement.

Thanks for the report @Frying Pan Warrior