troops counter

  1. higamy

    Troop Counter/Vault Total Troop Count

    Script adds a new "Total" line on the Troop Overview page so that you can see the total of all troops in that page. It adds up the "total" line for each village. It only adds up the troops on the visible page, so select all villages then run it to get all troops.
  2. Troop Counter/Vault Support Counter

    Hi, this is the first time I'm submitting/creating a script so I hope I'll do everything right, please let me know if something's missing. The script counts all troops that are stationed in other villages as support. Sorts them by tribe, player and village to help track them more easily. Can...
  3. RedAlert

    Troop Counter/Vault Own Home Troops Count

    Own Home Troops Count Approved: t14504684 This script is run on the Combined overview (if you are not on the Combined overview it will automatically redirect you there). This script requires Premium Account to be active. This is how script looks like in practice: If you need help with...
  4. RedAlert

    Troop Counter/Vault Troops Counter by dalesmckay (FIXED)

    Troops Counter by dalesmckay (FIXED) Approved, ticket nr. t13362682 This is basically the old troop counter script by dalesmckay which was broken from the game updates. This is the fixed version of that script. The script can be run only from the Troops overview. On first run it might require...
  5. Troop Counter/Vault Vault

    [/spoiler] The Vault will shut down on Nov. 1st, 2021, at 4PM EST. See my latest comment for more info: New: The Vault has been shut down early, as of Oct. 24, 2021. Scripts can no longer be generated from the...