10k village


Has anyone found the building construction for 10000 point village?

Thanks for info.

lord rigby

they mean they want the building stats ie what level each building needs to be to make an exact 10000 point village

and nope i have no idea what those stats are as i try to build under the 10k range


i think its....23 hq 20 market 5 hidden place and workshop 7 and others full dont know in church world really :p


Moved to GD.

No Church:
23 HQ
25 Barracks
20 Stable
7 Workshop
1 Acad
1 Statue
20 smithy
1 rally point
20 market
30 for all resources
30 farm
30 warehouse
5 hiding place
20 wall

With first Church:
Same as above except...
8 workshop, no statue, first church.

With a level 3 church, it's the same as above, except your hiding place is level 2 and there's no statue.
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