10k village


Has anyone found the building construction for 10000 point village?

Thanks for info.

lord rigby

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they mean they want the building stats ie what level each building needs to be to make an exact 10000 point village

and nope i have no idea what those stats are as i try to build under the 10k range


i think its....23 hq 20 market 5 hidden place and workshop 7 and others full dont know in church world really :p


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No Church:
23 HQ
25 Barracks
20 Stable
7 Workshop
1 Acad
1 Statue
20 smithy
1 rally point
20 market
30 for all resources
30 farm
30 warehouse
5 hiding place
20 wall

With first Church:
Same as above except...
8 workshop, no statue, first church.

With a level 3 church, it's the same as above, except your hiding place is level 2 and there's no statue.
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