200 mil ODA Player - ChamichA


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Congrats Cham for getting to 200 mil ODA!

Will you please stop attacking next couple of months (go for a perma vacation or sth :lol:) so we can stand a chance to compete ?


Wow that crept up quickly!!
Took you a few years to get 100 then only a couple of monts to get the next 100 mill.
Well done Cham!!


Still Going Strong
The reason that i`m still playing here is my tribe and two friends who sticked together with me. World ends WHen we die together or Win .... Not before. You SHould check your in game profile Inflrc, you will get an answer when the world ends ... :)


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+ 20 mil ODA in 22 days...

What is the matter with RAM and friends Co? You are all trying to get him to 300 mil by summer ????


lol r2 im still waiting for your attacks to hit... its takeing far to long buddy noble my way so we can have a 2 way fight