A Story...


Part I:

[spoil]It was a cold and rainy night. He stood on top of a hill overlooking the surrounding fields. Everywhere, as far as the eye could see, were armies marching to and from their targets. Villages lay under siege, in ruins, switching hands as the frontline moved fluidly back and forth.

The armies of red and blue fought with a fervor unmatched. It was a sight he could never forget, not even when this blasted war was over.

"Or-el, get back to your post and move your troops about!", yelled Ads. This war was critical, but even so Or-el could not help but feel a sense of unimportance in the vast array of assembled troops and generals. Looking around him at rascal-the-cat and Axlthecat, he wondered to himself, "I am not a cat, why am I here?" before moving on to more pressing concerns. Such as the armies that bore down on his villages, to name but one.

"Forward!" he yelled, releasing a fierce battle cry as he leapt into the fray. Despite the enemy's offensive capabilities and hundreds of rams, the walls held and his warriors made quick work of the rest. He had done well, to move so many troops to defend this village; he had anticipated his enemy wonderfully.

Even so, a lone rider escaped, likely taking home information about their numbers. "Should I shoot him?" an archer asked. "No," said Or-el; it would not serve us to waste an arrow on too far and quick a target. No matter; Or-el knew his troops could move quickly. They were an elite force, and their numbers in one hour were different from those in the next. Even now, the peasants in the village were returning to their own homes not so far away, having answered the call of duty.

He tried to think back to when this carnage had started, and could not remember. All he knew was a sense of cause burned deep in his soul, urging him forward to fight the armies and generals assembled under the twin dictators: Shaggy Rogers and geani29. Their armies were fierce, and they ruled with an iron fist, but they were not invincible.

Looking to those around him, Or-el watched as the other generals devised a plan. A secret plan. A plan to put these two dictators on the back-foot.

Some called it a hare-brained scheme. Some called it a silly endeavor, a suicide mission even. But silent throughout was Jurasu, sitting pensively on his throne. After much clamor and debate, Jurasu said only four words:

"We will do it."[/spoil]

Part II:

[spoil]Immediately, the room went silent.

"We will do it." Jurasu repeated. "We will do it because we cannot risk losing our advantage now. We will do it because we stand to gain much more than we stand to lose."

Or-el remained silent. He knew he had no choice in the matter. These were dark magics, not to be trifled with. A person could not afford to argue with these types of plans; the indecisive nature of it would lead to their being consumed by the darkness. He left the commander's tent stone-faced and mentally steeling himself for what was to come. It would not be easy, and he risked almost certain death if it failed.

Arriving back at his tent, he began to gather his things when Maths Legend walked in. She looked concerned.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked.

"I must. I have no choice in the matter, nor would I change this plan if I did. I know how valuable it is, and I know it will be necessary," Or-el responded.

"Fare thee well then, Or-el" she said, and she left the tent looking no happier than she did upon entering.

Outside, the war raged on, though there appeared to be a momentary lull in the severity of the fighting. Both sides appeared to be gearing up to go at it again, gathering their armies in preparation for the other's attacks. The Penguin Nation, clad in armor and with blue standard bearers, organized itself to fight the Robber Horde, with their scimitars and red standards. It was almost beautiful when they clashed, the blue and red intermingling into a painting. But the screams and cries as soldiers died were not so beautiful.

Having gathered his meager belongings, he walked outside his tent into the rain. As he did, he looked up, and the rain stopped. The sun peaked through the clouds, shining a light on the Penguin Nation camp. The sheer beauty of it inspired him; it was a sign, of that he was sure. The fortunes smiled upon this plan, and with renewed resolve he set out to infiltrate the Robber camps.[/spoil]

Part III:

[spoil]He waited for the thunder. It would cover the sound of his entry. The defenses around the Robber camp were formidable; they had to be, to accommodate them and protect them from any surprise attack. But luckily, it was far easier to traverse them unnoticed as a single man, than it would've been for an army.

Moving swiftly, he climbed over walls and through spikes, jumping over ditches and pits. The thunder masked the sound of his movements, as did the heavy rain, but the lightning and fires were the most helpful to him. In the cold rain, the Robber generals and their personal guards would huddle near the fire and see the lightning flashes. This would blind them temporarily; they could not see in the darkness well, giving him near invisibility in his dark clothes.

Once or twice, a soldier thought that perhaps they might have noticed him, but he quickly hid low and the soldiers chalked it up to imagination, before moving on in their patrols. Or-el was quick, and he managed to reach the inside of the camp fairly simply. Now, for one of the many difficult parts to come.

He had to assimilate. He quickly remembered his training, adopting their accent and making sure his Robber uniform was in order. It took but a moment, and he was in the throng; the crowd of tents of Robbers in every direction. The heart of the enemy, and he walked alone through it attempting to attract no undue attention; some would say he was mentally unhinged at this point for taking such risks.

Quickly but calmly, he opened a tent he had packed and set it up, placing it in an empty spot. No one would notice; these were too common of tents, with similar ones stretching in all directions. The next morning would bring no confusion when it was left unattended to; perhaps they'd believe some lazy soldier simply could not be bothered.

He'd done it. He was in their camp.

Or-el had ridden for a mere 4 hours before reaching the Robber camp, as the armies were so close together. And through it all, he remembered his mission. But despite this, despite the earlier difficulties, they all paled in comparison to what came next.

This was where the dark magics came into play. This was where he risked capture or going over into the darkness.

He spent the next few days marking his target. This was a careful operation, not to be made in haste. Finally, he found him; a general who appeared lax and indulgent. The type that was easy to mimic, for he was no different than the average grunt besides that he had been borne into higher standing. This general did not often speak to geani29 and Shaggy Rogers; he was more of a simple grunt with the title of general as befit that same personality he had. He did the bare minimum and moved forward in his endeavors.

"Perfect." Or-el thought.

After 2 days spent memorizing every detail about this general and his mannerisms (in addition to the huge amount he had memorized back in the Penguin Nation camp while studying all the generals), Or-el was ready to act. In the black of night, Or-el used his dark magics. He cast a lull over the guards, so they would see but not remember. In their minds, a full 10 minutes of the watch would be black in their memories; but who would need to remember those specifically, after all?

He snuck into the tent, finding the general asleep and alone. Or-el woke him, gently and with a gloved hand over his mouth.

"Quiet. I need you alive for this, and I'd hate to make a mess before I have to." Or-el said.

Or-el summoned the magics once more, placing a finger on the panicked general's forehead between his eyes, while simultaneously drawing his other finger across his own face from top to bottom. And as he did this, Or-el's face changed to mirror that of the general, as did the rest of his body. In a moment, Or-el had taken on the guise of this general; no one could tell the difference.

Swiftly, Or-el killed the general and disposed of the body. No one need know. Sending a black raven, so as to avoid any suspicion by using the Robber Nation's own bird, he sent word to the Penguin Nation.

The note read only 3 words.

"The plan worked."[/spoil]

Part IV:

[spoil]Back in the Penguin Nation camp…

The armies continued fighting and dying. There had been no word from Or-el, and the generals were understandably concerned. They had, perhaps, just sent one of their own to be captured by the Robbers…or perhaps even the dark magics he was to use.

It was a solemn meeting the next morning, in the war tent. The emptiness of Or-el's seat was not so important because of his personality being missing; he did not contribute much to these plan sessions, but it was the thought of his failure in mission that concerned them all, as well as what might follow if he was captured.

Rascal-the-cat and AxltheCat did their best to amuse everyone with their usually-hilarious cat imitations, but neither's went over well. It was too tense…but finally the silence was broken by a yell.


A squire burst into the tent, tripping over his own feet as he did so. What resulted was a less-than-graceful face-to-the-floor smack.

Jumping back to his feet, The.Tool ran up to the council, yelling at the top of his lungs.


"Silence." responded Jurasu. "What are you speaking of?"

"Well, sir," started The.Tool, composing himself. "We've received a black raven from the Robber camp, and we're certain considering it looks to be legible - though we cannot read it yet as it has been encoded - that it is not the usual incomprehensible taunts of geani29! It must be a peace offering!"

"Bring it here." Jurasu said. A vein appeared in his forehead, and it looked as though he was under great strain and stress. He doubted geani29 or Shaggy Rogers would ever submit for peace; more likely this was taunting, but from Shaggy Rogers. He feared the worst; Or-el had been caught.

The note was brought to the war table, and the tension left the air so thick it could almost be cut with a knife. As Jurasu looked at the contents, he realized it was not using any Robber code; it was using a code he had used as a child. Only one other knew that code…

"The plan worked."

It worked. It really had. Jurasu could not believe it. Losing his composure for a moment, he let out a whoop of joy, scaring the war tent. Telling The.Tool to leave, he informed the council of the contents and their origin, and cheers erupted. With renewed resolve, they moved to continue about their business.

Back in the Robber camp, meanwhile...

The next morning, Or-el awoke and adopted the gruff voice and manners of this general whom he had so unknowingly replaced. For a moment, the servants appeared confused, but they quickly pushed it to the back of their minds; the general had evidently been slightly strange to begin with.

He walked outside, into the sunlight and the fresh soil, and into the generals' tent.

"Ah, so you have decided to grace us with your presence, general?" she said.

Up at the head of this large tent, in front of a long table of generals, sat geani29 in her throne, with Shaggy Rogers in the throne beside her. Straight in the maw of the beast, Or-el was. Here came the testing point; to see if this charade might succeed after all.

"Aye, and you'll like it." he said lazily.

"Well, well, do not presume too much. You may be my Romanian kin, but you are not invincible. Do not think yourself above me, general." geani29 snapped.

With a simple grunt from Or-el, geani29 seemed satisfied, and the generals continued with their planning. And by planning, it appeared more that gasti2008 would throw out random ideas, claiming their superiority despite any counterarguments or other plans of equally preposterous notions. Luckily, Or-el had indeed picked his target well; none seemed surprised when he began picking at his nails rather than engage in the discussion.

Or-el merely had to wait for his opportunity; the moment when all the troops of the Robber Horde would be sent to die on the walls of the Penguin Nation and the troops of the Penguin Nation would be sent to fight at the Robber Horde's walls; then he could act. It would be an agonizing time lying in wait, but it appeared that he had infiltrated their camp at just the right time; they were planning another massive assault.

And boy, were they in for a surprise, when they thought they were most secure. Or-el was an instrument in a glorious plan, and all he needed to do was follow-through. And now, it was simple. He sent another raven, this time with 2 words.

"10 days."[/spoil]

Part V:

[spoil]Part V:

In the Penguin Nation camp:

"Well, well, the plan appears to be moving along nicely. 10 days, he says." Jurasu told his war council.

"And did he give us the information on their target?" Rascal-the-cat asked.

"Indeed he did, and more. He told us how to evade their defenses as well." Jurasu replied.

The tent fell silent, each person contemplating their fortune. It seemed almost too good to be true; they were wondering if there might be some catch. Perhaps the perfection was too apparent; perhaps Or-el had been captured and forced to send those letters.

But what else did they have to go on?


"Shut up" was the only reply Jurasu gave.

Outside, the troops were massing. They were moving to the villages that Or-el had named as targets, preparing to defend them to the last man (though it should hopefully never come to that). Each had powerful, high walls to fight behind and from on top of, and tens of thousands of troops; some even in the hundreds of thousands. Lives would be lost on both sides, but the Penguin Nation was determined to ensure that the carnage would be lopsided in their favor.

The Penguin Nation was not just preparing to defend their own villages, however. When "the general" Or-el was impersonating "defected", his villages would be the Penguin Nation's responsibility as well, regardless of their prior affiliations. The smallfolk would not care, so long as they served their "lord". They were unaware of the political machinations of the world.

In the GotRob camp:

"Yes, yes mine kiddies, the time is near! We will soon wreak havoc on our enemies, those Penguins!" geani29 cried, stroking her ponytail furiously as if out of some nervous tic she could not control.

"geani29…you've said that 3 times in the past minute already. I think they get the point…" Shaggy Rogers said.

"Oh…really? Well, uh…did I mention that we would wreak havoc on our enemies yet?"

"Yeah…that too."

"What about that the time is near?"

"At least 5 times in the past 10 minutes, yes."

"Well, fine!"

And with that, geani29 marched off to her private caravan. Or-el marveled at their strange customs. While the generals around her lived mostly in poor conditions, given little attention and less assistance, the Romanian generals were clearly favored with their high titles and positions. geani29 herself kept her own private caravan, larger even than that of Shaggy Rogers, in which it was rumored she kept clowns in numbers one could not imagine. Such a rumor would explain the surreptitious lack of clowns around the Robber camp, regardless of where it was located or moved to…

But I digress. geani29 and her strange habits are not the point of this narrative, nor is the fact that she employed all these clowns periodically in a carnival otherwise known as the "carnival for the masses"; a spectacle called the "Romanian Server", where the clowns could masquerade in a crowd of their kind while thinking themselves above all others. This seemed to bring geani29 supreme amusement, perhaps because she was Queen over these clowns, having risen from being one of them (though not much of a rise it was).

Anyways, moving on.

The GotRob camp was mobilizing. Their attacks were focused mainly in one area, and they seemed confident as ever in their success. However, there were some notable differences, if one looked closely. gasti2008 in particular looked uncomfortable; if this operation failed as the last one did, he might be blamed, despite not being at fault for this new operation. geani29 was not known for her rationality when she flew into a rage, especially when it was the shrieking sort that accompanied failures. Some small amount of generals seemed concerned that they were being forced to send out troops; it went against their selfish nature.

Still, they were sending out troops in large amounts. Or-el only hoped his warnings and estimates sent to the Penguin Nation after his "10 days" letter would suffice to help their defenses.

Suddenly a squire appeared, interrupting Or-el's thoughts. He carried a scroll summoning "the general" to geani29's tent. For a moment, Or-el forgot his identity, and forgot his accent. The squire's look of confusion prompted him to quickly correct it, and the squire pretended he hadn't noticed at all.

geani29 was sitting alone on her throne, lazily eating grapes. She sat up straighter upon his arrival, and once more began stroking her ponytail furiously.

"You know, general, you've been sending a lot of mail out…" geani29 said.

"Uh…yeah, why?" he responded. A bead of sweat threatened to roll down his forehead, so he scratched it to prevent its notice.

"Well, I'm just wondering what's so important that you have to be sending out mails, y'know?"

"Uh…it's private."

"Private?!" geani29 snapped. "What could you possibly hide from me? I, your almighty blonde leader, ought to and rightfully do know all. Do not dare to hide things from my bespectacled gaze, for I see all! I'm only asking because I want to see your response. Even though if I really knew all I'd know your response anyways. But then I wouldn't need to ask…I KNOW ALL JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU'RE DOING!"

"So…you know all or you don't?" Or-el asked, sensing an opportunity.


With haste, Or-el left the tent as she shrieked and clawed at the air in her frustration. "That was a close one", he thought to himself. He had made it this far; he had to be more careful and send his ravens out only at night, so they would go unnoticed against the dark sky.

After all, it was almost time to "defect". And then…then the fun would really begin.[/spoil]

Part VI:

[spoil]The skies darkened. It seemed a storm would be coming on the day of the battle to come, and both camps were working hastily to prepare.

The no-man's land between the camps was small, but filled with dirt. It would turn to sloshy mud with the rain, and the battle would be more chaotic than either side had imagined in this situation. There would be soldiers tripping, stumbling over themselves in order to reach the enemy, and even falling during the battle to their misfortune.

Still, there was no time to waste in re-planning. So the two sides pressed on.

In the Robber Horde camp, Or-el was preparing his troops for the defection. The troops sent by the Penguin Nation to reinforce his own was formidable, but Or-el still worried; this defection had to be perfect for it to ensure the maximum crippling effect on the Horde, and perfection is a tall order.

Worse, though, Or-el had begun to be plagued by strange thoughts. He thought perhaps it was anxiety at first, before he realized it must be some side effect of the dark magics. He was conflicted; at some points he almost thought himself the general in truth. It was as though he was battling to preserve his identity against the urges of the Horde's now-deposed general that he had replaced so cleverly.

Some hours, he altogether forgot who he was.

There was only one solution to this; a battle to mirror the one that would take place on the battlefield soon enough between the Horde and Penguin Nation. This battle, however, would take place in Or-el's mind, between his personality and that of the dark magics animating the dead general's personality. Mentally steeling himself, Or-el jumped into the fray in his mind.

Immediately, two figures appeared. Almost comically, the two appeared to him as representatives of good and evil, their sides obvious enough to him. And so, as he meditated, they introduced themselves and set forth with a furious debate. Or something along those lines, anyways.

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin the left corner, standing at approximately 6 imaginary inches tall and 2.5 imaginary pounds, we have everyone's favorite besker, whatever that is! Known for his wily cunning, outstanding resilience, and slightly strange stories, please welcome…LESSSSSSSSSS!"

The crowd on one half of the arena in Or-el's mind applauded, screaming and clapping for Les as he stood up in his corner of the square ring, gloved and ready to fight.

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin the right corner, standing at approximately 6.2 imaginary inches tall, and 2.7 imaginary pounds, we have…the GENERAL!"

The crowd in the other half applauded, and Or-el felt a shiver go down his spine as he realized he might yet lose this battle. Les, despite his famed resilience, was at a height and weight disadvantage.

"Now, I want the dirtiest fight you two can muster. No holds barred, you guys go at it like wild tigers fighting over the last piece of meat in the world. Entertain me!" the referee yelled, much to the bewilderment of every imaginary person in the room. Or-el's mind was strange even to itself.

The bell dinged, and the two lunged at each other immediately.

And just like that, it was over.

It took a single punch from Les; just one punch from this almighty fighter, and the general was felled. Out cold, on the imaginary ring.

"Dang, even I didn't know I was that good..." said Les, before this apparition disappeared.

"Well that was easy", thought Or-el.

At peace, he continued about his business, preparing his troops further. They had only 3 days to the assault and defection, and time was short.[/spoil]

Part VII:

[spoil]The day had come. Both armies assembled, a mere half-mile from each other. All were tense, waiting for the moment to charge. In between the groups, in the midst of no-man's land, a representative from the Penguin Nation and another from the Robber Horde met, presenting their terms for the opposing side's surrender.

Neither side would bend nor budge. zscmurray was rattling off about his demands and threats of some "Death Star" or other, while macondude recited the demands left by Or-el, which involved some Will Smith character or other.

It was difficult to understand, even for this narrator.

Nevertheless, the two sides were unwilling to budge nor surrender, and without any pomp rode back to their armies. Attempting to fire their soldiers up, Jurasu told an old war story from another time…so long ago, it seemed like another world. The 16th world, in fact. Jurasu got around.

In the meantime, geani29 went back to her camp, shouted incomprehensibly about how Penguins needed doctors and "lost it", though she never explained what that "it" was. She then proceeded to chant "Romanian barbs!" over and over, until people grudgingly chanted along with her.

This was it. They were ready.

The two sides lunged at each other, running across the empty span near them without fanfare. The crunch as the bodies of the two armies collided was deafening, and immediately savagery commenced. Penguin Nation soldiers smote left and right, fighting the more numerous Robber Horde. The Penguin Nation was more skilled, but the numbers of the Horde were great, so the Penguin Nation had to fight with a ferocity to equalize the battle. It seemed equal; the scales could tip either way. However, the Horde appeared to be scared; each general was watching the others and their troops, waiting for what seemed like a defection. Their troops seemed scared of their comrades, ready to snap at any moment.

"It worked." thought Jurasu.

Or-el had never intended to truly defect. Or-el would never willingly give up access to the Robber Horde. No battle could be won in a day, and a defection would only suffice to invigorate the Robbers and let them find their leak. No; he intended to stay in the camp, gathering information and biding his time for the truly right moment. But here were the Robbers, unable to find this leak.

Or-el was not fighting. He had ensured his troops had prior commitments. But the Robbers knew he was amongst them. He had sent a letter with a slow, sick raven. One that he knew would be caught when he had heard that geani29 would be reading mails of her generals. And so, geani29 was aware of the leak; just not where it came from. The raven had belonged to no one. Or-el had found it weakly limping through the woods, and now geani29 was fearful of him.

The Penguin Nation, though, did not appear to be on equal ground for long. The Horde had launched a massive attack to Dirty Dennis' doorstep. They did, however, seemed surprised at how clean it was. Dirty Dennis was not a dirty man. Well, maybe. But that's a discussion for another time.

The Horde's troops went wave after wave, trying to pierce the Penguin lines. They appeared to be close to victory; their troops were starting to break down walls and troops. All appeared lost, and the Nation would have felt a great loss had Dennis gone down.

Then it all changed.

"Today, I ride!" screamed Zeta35 from the sidelines. Mounted backwards on his horse and wearing purple from head to toe with an extra pair of pants on his head, he was not exactly an imposing figure…but his troops were. Known for their berserker style and complete disregard for their own safety, Zeta35 had bred a force that instilled fear into the hearts of Robbers everywhere. It appears all he had to do was spend a few moments with a battalion, and they were ready to go absolutely ape-shit in their next battle. And suddenly, Dirty Dennis was saved, to be dirty another day. The Robbers were pushed back.

But this was only the beginning. The Penguin Nation's attack had begun concurrently, and now it was their turn to strike.

The Penguin Nation, unlike the Robbers, did not make it clear where they were striking. When they did, and the dust cleared, the massacre was apparent. While millions upon millions of troops had died, the Penguin Nation had won a hard-fought victory; Ako1 and ab73 looked bloodied and discouraged. The third prong of the attack did not come from the Penguin Nation entirely, however. It came also from the Cat Appreciation Society, and the Zeta Company. The Cat Appreciation Society had a deceivingly cute name; they recruited tigers to fight alongside them. And the Zeta Company…well, if Zeta35's troops were anything to go off of, they were ferocious.

Together, the Cat Appreciation Society and Zeta Company added their might to the few deep-south Penguin Nation battalions, and before long alsy lay dead at their feet. His territory was divided among the three, and even the Robbers tried to scavenge territory off their deceased ally.

All the while, Or-el watched. He watched the carnage, cheered silently at the Penguin Nation success and the Robber Horde failure. He watched as alsy was defeated, and Ako1 and ab73 struggled to keep the Nation back.

But he knew it was far from over. He knew he still had to maintain his place in the Robber Horde, and he knew he had to ensure that the Nation's losses were not in vain.

He had to wait. Someday, he would truly defect. Someday, he could rejoin his Penguin brothers. But for now, his was a mission to ensure that the Penguins could continue their successes; and for now, given the frustration of players like Texful with the selfishness of their tribemates, his mission was succeeding.

As he watched the Penguin Nation recede and regroup for their next attack, while the Robber Horde tried to pick up the charred remains, he viewed the generals around him who had committed to this hoax of a Horde led by the "Blonde Menace", and thought to himself.

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Even now, the peasants in the village were returning to their own homes not so far away, having answered the call of duty.

Are you saying you are playing an account with 2 vills? Interesting....


I don't know how you figured that...the peasants were returning to their homes. I didn't say they had a home in one village someplace else :icon_razz:.

Edit: Oh, and part 2 is up.

Edit 2: Part 3 is up.


I was about to give the story an 8/10, but it has a MAJOR plothole! Archers and scimitars on w59? Clearly the author needs to check the world settings. In light of these two egregious errors, I give the story a 2/10.

Better luck next time, OP.



I have SOME creative control, don't I?

Edit: Part IV is up.


With each post, geani29 continues to show herself to be like the story version portrayal of her. Most of this story is already true, if slightly exaggerated for story or comedic effect, and geani29 is only serving to reinforce it.

Thank you geani29, for your assistance.


you should consult a doctor, clearly..

lost it bad, worse then less =))

prehaps you should attend to your smithys instead of reading forums i heard they were in need of some repairs as of late?


If you don't write an update soon the story's ending will already be known


Hush Jonny, I don't want to give it away too early :icon_wink:. It's all about timing!

Part VII is up. The final part. I may write another chapter in the future, but in the meantime this concludes the series. Hope you enjoyed!


u6 wrote:

It came also from the Cat Appreciation Society, and the Zeta Company.

about time to admit that Pita has 2 academys =))

all your writing is a nonsense u6, you just have too much time on your hands

do something usefull, I really dont get why you waste your time with SF scenarios

btw u6, you forget to mention all k 46 Pita vills lost in 2 days :))
I noticed you like to insert names in your sf atempt, try to put there rascal name too :))

Should I mention new Axl player? No need I think.. stats are clearly proven hes not AXL

and less, how come you dont say anything about me catting you few times and you screming after OFFENCE SUPPORT against me?
If you want, I have reports to show how bad your were and still are catted and how many times
you have a big mouth and thats it


Let me break this down for you:

u6 wrote:

It came also from the Cat Appreciation Society, and the Zeta Company.

about time to admit that Pita has 2 academys =))

I acknowledge PITA's allies. Get mad, I dare you. Come on, ms. =GTC= + ESL + ~INN~, complain that PITA has allies. Let's see you.

all your writing is a nonsense u6, you just have too much time on your hands


do something usefull, I really dont get why you waste your time with SF scenarios

Some say it's wasted time. Some say it's good fun. Some say it serves a purpose. I think all three!

btw u6, you forget to mention all k 46 Pita vills lost in 2 days :))
I noticed you like to insert names in your sf atempt, try to put there rascal name too :))

Congratulations, you wasted hundreds of nukes for backline villages while frontline players like ako1 suffered. Would you like a pat on the back? You still lost more villages than you took, and frontline players like alsy quitting is far more important than a K46 cluster.

Should I mention new Axl player? No need I think.. stats are clearly proven hes not AXL

Sorry what?

and less, how come you dont say anything about me catting you few times and you screming after OFFENCE SUPPORT against me?
If you want, I have reports to show how bad your were and still are catted and how many times
you have a big mouth and thats it

Would you like reports on your own villages being catted?

Enjoy the game geani. Enjoy the story. It's all in good fun. No need to whine and complain. You tend to do that a lot. Some of your tribemates found the story funny. Some found it offensive but still funny. Some didn't like it. Quit living in your own little bubble and understand this is a game. I'm having fun and GotRob members who know me know that I'm not a horrible person, and can be good fun to talk to. Can PITA members say the same about you? Probably not. Relax.


u6 wrote:
btw u6, you forget to mention all k 46 Pita vills lost in 2 days :))
I noticed you like to insert names in your sf atempt, try to put there rascal name too :))

Geani have you ever heard of a 'pyrrhic victory'?

I imagine not ..... so let me explain that 'someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has been victorious in some way; however, the heavy toll negates any sense of achievement or profit.'

That's what you have got - a pyrrhic victory. All so you could come on this forum and brag that you took a load of villages that I have wanted to be rid of since the start of the war. I gained 30 million (yes, 30 million ODD) in two days losing those villages. Was it worth wasting all those nukes just so you could come on here and claim some sort of sad victory over me?

You killed off defence troops that had been sitting there since the start of the war - no use to the me or my tribemates. My tribemates were all happy to leave them there to die because now they can rebuild them and use them on our frontlines - everyone was asked did they want them back - everyone said 'let's kill robber nukes' ... so we did!

You've gained nothing by taking villages that were no threat to your tribe at all but feel free to think you've done something clever.

Others will realise it was not clever at all.


bla bla bla rascal, all you can say is in your favour, OF COURSE

u6, I forget to mention yesterday, you wasted your time with your sci fi elucubrations, because I DIDNT READ YOUR NOVEL until last night and I dont give a penny on what u say there, never will

anyway, keep up your usellees work ;)


geani29, you wasted your members' troops without a single regard for what a waste it actually was. You took more villages off your tribemates than rascal-the-cat:

[spoil]thanks for the village, nice 2:D (636|401) K46 9,420 vlad80.ro [GotRob] geani29 [GotRob] 2013-01-20 20:28:30
thanks for the village, nice 1:D (615|400) K46 9,517 vlad80.ro [GotRob] geani29 [GotRob] 2013-01-20 15:25:06
Thanks for the villages madam (635|400) K46 9,135 greycorn [GotRob] geani29 [GotRob] 2013-01-19 01:19:47
Thanks for the villages madam (619|402) K46 9,090 geani29 [GotRob] geani29 [GotRob] 2013-01-18 07:06:24
Thanks for the villages madam (619|402) K46 9,090 rascal-the-cat [PITA] geani29 [GotRob] 2013-01-18 06:42:38
Thanks for the villages madam (624|399) K36 9,135 geani29 [GotRob] geani29 [GotRob] 2013-01-17 23:02:03
Thanks for the villages madam (621|399) K36 9,135 greycorn [GotRob] geani29 [GotRob] 2013-01-17 22:40:07
Thanks for the villages madam (624|399) K36 9,135 rascal-the-cat [PITA] geani29 [GotRob] 2013-01-17 22:33:43[/spoil]

Your ODA went up 300,000. You didn't even nuke them clear. You let your tribemates waste nukes while you took villages off them and kept them for yourself. You claim some sort of victory, despite your frontline players suffering while you play backline cleanup and waste nukes.

It only took you since the beginning of the war to get the villages, and now you're bragging about it?

And to add, you dare to lie to me?

Yeah, you mention that I wasted my time because you didn't read it until last night...but how do you explain this, which I myself remember seeing and which lesss quoted above?

geani29 said:
you should consult a doctor, clearly..

lost it bad, worse then less =))

Clearly, you read it. That was the 17th of January. About a week ago. You read it. 4 parts were up, of the 7.

Do not lie geani29, and especially not to one who knows how to use basic logic to find out when you do lie. Enjoy the game and relax. Seriously.
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Geani I more often than not refrain from posting replies to people on the forums but this has to be said.

If you seriously think rascal would let villages go that easily I challenge you to try it with the ladies main cluster and see how well you do.

Everyone in PITA knows Rascal mailed us when the attacks started, to say they had decided to let the villages go as they were isolated and we were welcome to withdraw our long term support or leave it in there to kill Robber nukes. We decided to kill the nukes as we could all rebuild our support in the time it took the defence to return back... And also because we like killing nukes. So the only people you're convincing are your own tribe-mates with that comment.

If we'd have been asked to stack them instead, all your nukes would have died rather than most of them.. Rascal pointed all this out clearly in the above post.

It seems a massive waste of nukes personally for (as Rascal said) a 'pyrrhic victory'.



I do not lie and what you are writing about me is wrong. And I really dont care what your opinion is, because you are just a frustrated 22 something years old, who was rimmed several times on this world by my tribe and who couldnt manage his several attempts to rule a tribe..

I am not nuking? HA HA ...Its enough to check my attacker rank :) Whats yours?

I believe is this one

OD Rank: 22.(57,650,550 score)
OD Attack Rank: 18.(31,130,527 score)

And on how many accounts did you played on w59? MANY, yes
all lost, such a great player you are

and you said once you didnt spy or never will spy us, still last week you were sitting an GTC account and sending attacks to us from it

Yes u6, I know which account you play since a while. Wont be your last account you will ruin, I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT

On topic now

You assumed I will read your sci fi stories, which i didnt until last night
if i would read them, i wouldnt give a penny on all your conspiracy theory

anyway, keep writing lies here and keep expressing your hatred towards me, it will do you good and me NOTHING

bye bye now kiddo