A Sweet Tooth: 100 V. ODZ


Greetings World 100 and all adventurers who came to see the finale,


It's been hard to write this one,
The final battle, we’re almost done.

World 100, historic, at least for us nerds,
Well, maybe not yet, but mark my words.

An epic clash, the be heard across .net,
Let’s be sure to make it the greatest one yet!

You’d rather recruit than finish off BEAST,
So I guess its time to for us to turn East.

Even in size, the world split in two,
I know who I’m betting on, how about you? ;)


Let your nukes fly, keep your walls up high,
And most importantly, please actually try.

No mass quitting, no insurrection,
Let it come down to natural selection.

Let the stars rise, let the weak fall,
Keep your eyes on the prize, and that is all.

We started as just a handful with a dream,
We’ve worked hard to become quite the team.


There's no secret, the world knows the truth,
We're just hungry, and we have a sweet tooth.

We love candy, villages, and snacks,
And the precursors to our diet are attacks.

We came to eat, and we came starving,
Good thing we finished our pumpkin carving.

Halloween is coming, so its time to trick or treat us,
In the words of Wilford Brimley, "We have diabeetus"

Let’s show them what we’re made of, tooth and nail,
Because in the end, only one tribe will prevail.

Fight for your lives, fight for glory,
Lets give a proper end to this story.

Hungry Hippos, that's what we are,
And being Hungry has got us this far.

In the end, we only have one real wish…
To binge on some oversized Swedish Fish. :p


-This message goes out to Hundred Hungry Hippos-

I joined this tribe at less than 100k,
So to all of you, I have something to say:

This was my first world since World 42,
And its been a joy to play alongside all of you.

You’ve made me proud, and its been my pleasure.
My journey in this game is an escape that I treasure.

To Alex, I’m honored that you took the chance,
And decided to try on these Battlepants.

As this declaration comes to a close,
The rest of our message will be in prose. <3

There’s really not much negative for me to say here, not that there’s really anyone to convince of anything anymore.
Good luck ODZ, Swedes, and whatever remnants of BEAST that they have offered salvation.

Let the fun begin,
Hundred Hungry Hippos declare war on Original Dunder Zubbis!
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Good luck 100!

Hopefully and most likely you won’t crumble on the first few weeks and we’ll actually get a good match here on this world, let us see what .net is actually made of here ;p

See you on the upcoming bloody battlefield,
Mern (Mary Jane the 420th)