A TW legend Leaves TW For the last time.

Discussion in 'W58 General discussion:' started by Deb123, Dec 26, 2011.

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  1. I agree 100% and Im sure there will be alot of things happen now.
  2. channman20

    channman20 Guest

    wow how low can you get see i guess manic takes pride in that kind of stuff?
  3. Deb123

    Deb123 Guest

    speaking as A) the leader of manic.. and B) One of a few people who have known Jon (River Warstiner) Longer than most of you have played TW for.. BELIEV me when i say say we are NOT taking pride in ANYTHING in this fiassco..

    the Warstiner account was a coplay anyway.. ill be speaking to the co when i can. to decide the best thing for her and the account.

    PLS do not assume that this is the work of manic. its NOT this is the work of a twisted indiviual who did not have the bollocks to quit like normal people. :s
  4. I feel this is 1 player not all of manic, but this is what i was referring to when I say 1 fool will make the entire tribe look bad
  5. Ts Jay

    Ts Jay Non-stop Poster

    Dec 6, 2010
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    This is no reflection on MANIC. After the attack break is over we will come back bigger and stronger than ever!! 'What ever doesnt kill you, makes you stronger' and all that... and we arnt going anyway. expect big things, now our best player and leader is in control.
  6. +1
  7. mafia man

    mafia man Guest

    Well i called it before it got this big as i know how low river can go

    And to manic i'm trully sorry that your leader acted that way and i trully feel for a few of you guys now maybe you guys will believe me when i say he is a sick f....

    you cannot go any lower than this jon please don't ever come back to TW people don't need your kind of person

    GL to manic with this from your true enemy FORK
  8. Goodluck to the New Manic.
  9. Deb123

    Deb123 Guest

    thankyou to those that understand that this was not some ploy for game play.. this was a sick act by a sick person that apparently lacks balls.
  10. mafia man

    mafia man Guest

    Deb can we at fork eat his account maybe it will make you guys feel better

    i'm just trying to make it a bit humorous for those that trully got hurt

    ^^ that's for those here that don't know sarcasm
  11. brisr949

    brisr949 Guest

    sorry but this thread is the kind of thing that he lives for, he made at least a dozen im leaving threads on w42 before finally going..

    may i suggest this is deleted now , as to not feed his ego any longer than necessary..

    i just looked up scum in the dictionary, i wasn't surprised to see jons face there
  12. Deb123

    Deb123 Guest

    how do i put this.... errrrrr NO giggle :lol:

    I also knew that he was not an angel dont get me wrong.. lol but i thought this was to far even for him. Hes done this to people he has known for YEARS.. tbh i dont understand probably never will. guess at this point i dont really give a dam either.

    I am so over being hurt.. im left feeling angry.. One day what hes done will catch up to him. my only regreat at this point is not being there to see it happen.
  13. Without making any excuses for what happened here, let me remind you that personal attacks on a player are against the rules. I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread now. It will be moved to GD after a few days
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