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A Humble Player
Aliases: Zard, zardeh, zardy, AHP
Real name: Yall are creepers
Age: 15
Country: USA
Region: Georgia
Oh, that was religion: Judaism!

'Bout me:
Um, I appear here from time to time, to participate in (and run) short lived CTWs, and to troll and post and do other such shenanigans. I have an odd urge to kill zord gaf, because then I would be both first and last on the about us thread :icon_razz:.
My sense of humor is, well, odd. Other people never get it, and I rarely understand most of my jokes. Some say it is because I'm not funny, I disagree. They just aren't yogurt enough (lets see you get that one).
My interests ore quite plainly odd. I juggle, unicycle, and do other circusy things, I'm an honor student, boy scout (AWWW YEAH!), and many other things that if said would probably (not) get me on unspeakable government blacklists.
So yeah, I'm totally cool, right?

Real name: Abhijith.
Age: Fifteen Years, Five Months, Nineteen Days, One hour and Forty-one minutes at the time of typing this.
Country: Bangalore, India
Religion: Hindu, but much like pudge, confused/Agnostic. Its more of a mixture of beliefs from different religions.

Interests: Music- Melodic Trance, Jazz, Video Game, Orchestral, Rock, a few Heavy Metal, actually, my interests in music varies. I also like reading novels and fantasing about stuff in novels and games. I like Anime. I love Fire Emblem( yikes!). I do like video game in general, but not enough interest to download/buy some of the biggies. Consider it a waste of my time and money. Oh, and I like to compose music, even though I've a lot to learn. Perhaps I need to buy myself a new keyboard/synthesizer...

I joined TW when I was I think...12. Yeah. I was so excited and hooked on to it, but it took almost a year for me to realize what a big waste of time it was. Then I joined OT and have been here ever since... although my activity has dropped down considerably now. I usually post in the mafia/RP threads or the good/bad thing today threads. Oh, and occasionally the counting threads.

Since I love Fire Emblem, I've played through a lot of its games, at least about seven. I've also played about 7-8 final fantasy games, another favourite. I've also played Pokemon games as well,although my interests drops considerably once I finish a game. I love joining RP forums since I love posting in RP boards, its just fun. xD

I take up the Trinity Guildhall of Music exams each year, although I don't think I'd be able to do that this year. I'm kinda stuck on studies since its my last year of compulsory school. Then I'd get the choice with 6th form. Oh well. I still, however, try to play by ear some songs, and maybe try some higher grade pieces once in a while to learn.

Real Name: Cody, omg big stretch there.
Age: 16

I live in Florida like by Orlando. I'm white but live in the ghetto of my area so very black influences IRL. I play basketball daily for at least 3-4 hours(usually). I feel I'm extremely good and would like to make a college scholarship off it, however you guys will probably see that as unrealistic.
I really do not care what people think of me on here, at all, no matter what Alex says :lol: Thought I'd add that in. K I'm bored of writing this giant thing here so k.

Music - Rap, hip hop, Cudi genre.

Name: Marissa
Nickname: Marinine
Age: 22
Occupation: Accountant
Favorite Music: Any type of rock, but quite possibly one of my favorites is here.
About me: I've been on the forums as a guest since 2008, decided to join at 2011, and I'm already at 9k+ Posts in such a short span (spamzors :3 ) I know quite a few people, albeit they don't know me very well. When I was guest, however, I rarely looked in OT. I looked every now and again for a few chuckles and went on looking at war threads. I love Arcanine (hence the username), I'm married (This Guy) and I'm quite active, mainly because of the fact I'm on the computers half the day anyway. I think of this forum as a pastime, and I'm saying that because I wanna.
Favorite Quote: "Making peace, I have found, is much harder than making war."
That's basically it. Too lazy to type anything else.

Assasin Strike
Hello, I am Assasin, AS, Ass Strike, Ass, The Ass, and Assy all at the same time. I am also called Jeff, I don't really care what you call me. Some just stick with "that noob over there."

Yeah, I'm here in OT because I enjoy being here. It's fun, and the people here really make it very enjoyable. In my spare time I like to drink. I am a huge hockey fan, and a pretty big fan of (proper) football. And yes, I am Canadian. I have played drums since I was 10, so about 16 years now. It's something I really like to do. 6'2, brown hair, and brown eyes. Yup, I'm here because I like being here, and its a fun time filler. Long live OT.

slacker1717: despite spelling his name wrong is a pretty cool guy. He is my favorite canadian and probably favorite poster on the forum. His awesome dog avatar helps quite a bit.
Skydragon4200: He has only one ass! He is of no use to me! (South Park Reference)

Asylum Escapee
Aliases: Harold, Harry the Hurricane, Big Bazoo.
Real Name: no
Gender: Elephant
Age: 21
Country: yes

About me: Spend internet time browsing off topicaa, disturbing porn, and sometimes 4chan. I play Dota 2, Crusader kings 2, Neverwinter nights. I am the envy of lesser men.

Music: various

Aliases: BvRen,BvRen5,BenjaminRen,BenVRen
Real Name: Benjamin
Gender: Male
Age: 16 [5th Dec]
Country: India
Region: Delhi
Religion: [Namesake]Christian
Height: Tall Enough....5'7 something
Occupation: Student
Languages:English,Hindi,Mizo,un poco de español.

About me: Doing my 11th right now, interested in psychology,philosophy,music and football[or as the Americans call it 'Soccer']

Music: varied, depends on mood/whatever comes up[playlist]
Iron Maiden - Rascal Flatts - Joe Satriani - Alicia Keys - Nat King Cole - 3 Doors Down - Tommy Emmanuel - The Beatles - Switchfoot - The Rolling Stones - Smile Empty Soul - Creed - Secondhand Serenade - Linkin Park - Shaggy - Santana - Rush - Nickelback - Metallica - RHCP - Dixie Chicks - Owl City - MLTR - BB King - Lionel Richie - Lady Antebellum - Keith Urban - Bryan Adams - Coldplay - Bon Jovi - John Petrucci - Jimi Hendrix - Guthrie Govan - Kan Gao - Laura Shigihara - Guns n roses - Dream Theater - Flipsyde - Goo Goo Dolls - Evanescence - Five for Fighting - Eric Clapton - Eminem - Elli Goulding - Charice - Avenged Sevenfold - Avril Lavigne - Atomic Kitten - Aerosmith - 30 Seconds to mars - Poison - Green Day
[Might've missed some and they are NOT in order of preference]

Football: FC Barcelona supporter since 'Dinho's stay.
Players I look up to : Carles Puyol, Maldini, Terry, Nesta, carvalho, zanetti, roberto carlos,Facchetti ,Koeman
Favourite Current Player: Puyol, followed by Iniesta.
Best watched match: FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 5-0 29th November 2010.

Video Games: For me, story>gameplay>graphic/sound.
Game Series[again, not in order of preference but whichever comes to mind]: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Diablo, Pokémon, FIFA, NBA 2K, COD MW, COD BO, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney, NFS, The Witcher, Portal, Borderlands, The Godfather, Sims, PES, Assassins Creed, Battlefield, Elder Scrolls, Batman Arkham Series, GTA, Fallout, Final Fantasy, Golden Sun
[there might be others but aren't coming to mind]
Single: To the moon, Sleeping Dogs, Dishonoured, Chrono Trigger, Dofus, Tribalwars, Mario Tennis, The Walking Dead[the one where there are episodes], Mark of the ninja, Wakfu, LOL, Dota2, TF2, Mother 3,Tetris

I like reading manga, watch anime lesser b/c of slow net speed and unwillingness to download them...
I prefer subbed over dubbed.
One Piece.
Fairy Tail.
Pandora Hearts.
D. Gray Man.
Death note[couldn't bear to read it after L died, lost interest....even though I supported Light.]

HIMYM,F.R.I.E.N.D.S,Lie to me, White Collar, Castle, Lost, Dexter

What else....
I view things in this manner, when you're too hopeful/have high expectations, you can and do tend to get disappointed. On the other hand, when you have low expectations, even if you get as much as you think you would, it's a meh factor, but if it's better. it's better.
I'm a lazy guy, I can't believe I typed this...ok it took some hours[with breaks in between], but that's not the point!
The point is why am I telling so much about me...idk...it's just happens naturally...
I don't drink/smoke, I don't plan to.
I would add a list for movies, but my memory isn't my friend...so if the movie comes up, I remember otherwise, I'm not good with names/dates...

I am an INFP
And this is all that's coming to my mind.


real name: Aaron
age: 22
gender: male
country: England
height: just over 6ft.

well i thought this could be a bit of fun, and being so self obsessed how could i pass up an opportunity to talk about myself? ok first off you're probably not wondering what B.M.A stands for, so i'll tell ya anyway. it's just the initials of my name backwards. name being Aaron Michael Bellinger. this be where i get a billion friend requests on FB now from people wanting to spam/troll me. anyway yes having a surname such as bellinger you can imagine the jokes i've had, and often i get called Sharon at work. despite how it probably sounds i'm not bullied, if anything very liked.

i have the attention span of.... something that has a poor attention span. so i get bored of things and even people easily, however this game and these forums, are probably my biggest addiction... well apart from coffee. i had a two year break from the game, but that's not from choice, rather because my laptop broke and i couldn't be bothered to do anything about it. after two years got a new laptop and came back, been back on the game since world 66 started. use to post in offtopicaaaa but never really became known, it was just an occasional thing. however i'm alarmed at the situation it's in, and will personally take it upon myself to give sir ewok a bit of company. since he seems like the only person who posts in here.

ok one last paragraph i promise. i drink waaaaayyyy tooo much and use to smoke weed a lot, well until i just got bored of it. i'm one of those casual smokers that only does it when drinking, and have been doing it for probably near on two years now. still not addicted. :-O i mainly listen to hard rock/metal/punk. enjoy watching films, and have probably watched any film that matters, however i'm always slow at watching the newest releases. when it comes to games, most suck and bore me, i spend most of my time on tumblr or memecenter.would spend more time on 4chan, but i hate the layout. anyway i think that covers everything. no one will probably ever read this, and that's fine but at least i killed some time.

SirEwok: He thinks he's so stupid.
Cougarbrit: He's scared of threads that haven't many posts.

Greetings, those who would know of me.

My name... well, one of my names... well... WHAT IS A NAME? IT IS NOT HAND, NOR FOOT, NOR ARM, NOR FACE, NOR ANY OTHER PART THAT DOTH BECOME A MAN? Anyway, random Romeo and Juliet quote aside, I am called, on this forum, branabus. For a full explanation of my name, it is like this. In a series of books by a well-known author, there is a character who is called Bran, and later Beranabus. When I first made an account on an internet forum, I chose 'branabus' to be my username, as it was a synthesis of these two names. Originally unintended alternative meaning: 'Bran' is the name of the one whose head is (or was) buried under the 'White Hill' in England to ward off foreign invasion.

Right, then. About me. I am a well-known Communist, and though I am not yet of the league of valeofruin, I am pretty competent. In terms of religion, the odd series of prejudices and influences that combine to make me result in an odd belief system. I am generally against an organised religion, as true religion comes from the heart. I am as yet unsure as to the existence of the one true God, although you may find me defending it where people malign it. I feel a greater attachment to the ancient rituals of the druids, the religions of many Gods, those of the Norse and the Grecians, than I do to the monotheistic religions that pervade the modern world, though I am no drug-addicted hippy who attends Stonehenge every solstice. Oh, and another odd thing about me: I occasionally say that 'God was an astronaut'. Think about it. It's logical enough. If you don't understand, hunt me down and ask me. Interesting quote about religion: To you, I'm an atheist; to God, I'm the loyal opposition.

I am nostalgic, although nostalgia isn't as good as it used to be. I long for the old days of the forum when, as I am fond of saying, Rivka and winkawinka walked amongst us, when the forums were perpetually active and before everyone was banned or dead. Dead. Back when OT had reached the golden age. When times were good.

Personal interests... computing, possibly. I'm nowhere near as good as MasterFire, but I can hold on my own. Oh, and I have an infinite hatred of Apple products. Don't talk to me about Apple. Firefox is the best browser, don't believe anyone who tells you differently. Also, Weimaraners, ridiculously cute beasts as they are. Books. And the Matrix. Cookies need love like everything does.

You will find me resistant on some matters, such as having a somewhat prudish view of sex. I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life dedicated to pleasure.
In music terms... current music, retro music (Genesis, Pink Floyd etc.), classic... an omnivore. I don't like some types, but I can't be specific. Also, Tom Lehrer. Pretty good person. Moderately amusing music. Although, as I rule, I detest Americans.
A piece by Tom Lehrer (no anti-American things here!)
Here. Just listen
A song of his, with lyrics:
Since I still appreciate you,
Let's find love while we may.
Because I know I'll hate you
When you are old and grey.

So say you love me here and now,
I'll make the most of that.
Say you love and trust me,
For I know you'll disgust me
When you're old and getting fat.

An awful debility,
A lessened utility,
A loss of mobility
Is a strong possibility.
In all probability
I'll lose my virility
And you your fertility
And desirability,
And this liability
Of total sterility
Will lead to hostility
And a sense of futility,
So let's act with agility
While we still have facility,
For we'll soon reach senility
And lose the ability.

Your teeth will start to go, dear,
Your waist will start to spread.
In twenty years or so, dear,
I'll wish that you were dead.

I'll never love you then at all
The way I do today.
So please remember,
When I leave in December,
I told you so in May. [/spoil]

Erm. What else. Oh... moderation. Yes. Most of the mods are cute. MasterFire. blurk. Even Jirki, he's pretty fun to talk to and argue with. Although if you give an inch, he takes Poland. But... raagh, servy.
*Removes hands from keyboard*
Anyway, I might make a determined attempt to become a moderator at some point. Because they're cute and fluffy. And because I look good in red.

A final few things: I am younger than most people believe. Think of me like D_C 2.0. And if you can't work it out from there, you fail at life. I am... male. Because there are no girls on the internet. Penultimately: England. Just to clear it up. Ultimately: top 5 or so OTers... Rivka, D_C, Spank, winka, qete, TjD and trollbrain.

God-Emperor, that's a long About Me.
I'll just add a few quotes:

  • 'Speak when you are angry-and you will make the best speech you'll ever regret.'

  • 'That seems to point up a significant difference between Europeans and Americans. A European says: "I can't understand this, what's wrong with me?" An American says: "I can't understand this, what's wrong with him?"'

  • 'I don't like principles. I prefer prejudices.'

  • 'Sleep is an eight-hour peep show of infantile erotica.'

  • 'Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia.'

  • 'Everything that has a beginning, has an end.'

MasterFire: watch out Bran, a bus! Also this is not one of Brans quotes, this is my description of him. He gets his name after being hit by a bus and still being here. Also, most certainly not a DC 2.0
Lord Mandos: I used to think he was just kind of a general failure of this forum, but I'm convinced he's just challenged now that I see he's comparing himself to DC+
L33P: ha
Assasin Strike: He's a bit stuck on the whole communism concept, but I guess thats okay. Highly intelligent, I should probably add. :S
Nonsou: Good debater, but I defeated him in an intellectual argument over nothing >:')


Real Name: Brett
Age: 16, Unless you're talking to cougar, then 12
Country: The United states of hate
Religion: Get back to me on that
I started on OT back in 2010 as fire lord, and was the stubborn forum noob that refused to leave. I was one of them, the ones that spout nonsense, the ones you you really hope are trolling even though deep down you know they're not. I was pushed down several times, forced to grovel. To my young, inexperienced mind there were a lot of people on the forums, and they were all against me. I now realize that right around then OT was at a membership low. This was a couple months before sully left, if that puts it into perspective. I left the forum, and joined Exodus, where I experienced the best year and a half of my life, and then Alex jumped the boat so I came back here, to be scorned again. I am a self proclaimed writer, although anyone here will tell you I suck at it. I'm pretty sure cougar remembers who I am, considering we're the last fro exodus still on OT, But he doesn't show it. I'm more of a lurker these days then anything else, and there's not much else you need to know.

I'm the old (sort of) married woman of the forum. I havn't played TW's in about 2 years now but can't bear to leave the forum. I'm a generally chilled out sort of person, like having holidays all over the world, and like singing out loud. I can play the piano and the flute, but can't work playstation controllers very well :( I'm a Christian, but try not to annoy people by shoving it in others faces. I'm not a very girly girl, I hate pink, frilly things, and refuse to wear make-up. I make really good cakes, even if I do say so myself; chocolate mississippi mud cake is my bestest thing :D current things I'm into: Game of Thrones, Red Dead Redeption, Family Guy & Terry Pratchett.
Oh also I'm an Information Analyst for the NHS in Scotland, at least I'm one until they get rid of us all to pay for more nurses XD Which is probably fair enough when I have time to come on here during the day *cough cough*

Lord Mandos: TWOT's positive maternal influence
Assasin Strike: She hails from where I came from, instant win! Other than that, she is fun to have around. I can't remember ever seeing her in a bad mood.

If you must have a personal statement from me, as I suddenly have the time due to unbearable lag on my jolly new TF2:
IRL Username: Michael
Age: 17
Height: 6 foot roundabouts
Occupation: Student
Gender: Male

Sup dawgs (yes I do speak like that), I'm a student from Yorkshire, probably will remain a student for the next 5 years too if everything goes at least vaguely to plan, but this is about my forum self, so I won't bother giving you the minutae of my life in the world outside.

So, yeah, I've been around for a couple of years now, was introduced to TW by a friend, played it for a few months then got bored, joined forums about halfway through that period, I've tried out TW a couple of times with premades after then but never stuck with it really and rarely lasted more than a few weeks. I've been a pretty regular OTer since joining, and joined the Exodus in its second incarnation, and I dare say I've fit in rather amicably in both places (though the meaning may be rather loose in reference to the Exodus). When it comes to describing myself in terms of personality and such, how I view myself and banal things like that, I'm not quite sure what to say nor where to start, although I like to think I know myself pretty darn well considering, but I've never been good at explaining things, my reasoning behind things has often lied with my gut and my heart rather than my brain (oh god that sounds lame) despite being an academically-orientated student.

Anyways, I digress, might as well cover some things I do know how to describe more easily, interests n such. I'm not sure what hobbies I can really claim to have, I don't play any instruments, I don't mess about with computers in any form, I play games purely recreational, none of that professional malarky, and I rarely ever play sports, I'm mostly content to simply relax and enjoy the talents of others. My musical tastes are varied enough I'd say, pretty much anything that neither drives me to tears of boredom/drives me to tear out my own brain through the nostrils/drives my eardrums to implode, though generally my favourite genres will be Rock, Electronica, Alternative, the classics of old, Classical music itself, Punk, a tad bit of Metal, Country, poppy rock, Blues, Folk, Hipster/indie stuff, post rock (y'know what, let's just say all forms of rock, even the stuff from the 50s), and bits of Reggae and Rap, I think that pretty much covers the whole spectrum, oh and foreign languages are never an issue really with me, so all that relavent stuff from overseas is fine too.
[spoil]Some examples I happen to have handy that I've found due to my time here:
Kauan - Valveuni Props to Kafir for posting these in the music thread.
The Gaslight Anthem - The Diamond Street Church Chior No idea who showed me these first as I've known them for the longest of any of these methinks, twas probably someone on this forum, maybe Mandos or LL, iunno.
Andrew Bird - Heretics Found him thanks to a minecraft video posted by either Osdeath or Qete.
Cage the Elephant - Lotus Shown to me by that silly queer xinxy.
Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day Twas either LL or Kafir who introduced me to these via one of the music threads, I don't remember which.
Hilltop Hoods - Nosebleed SectionOne of the few rap groups to grace my MP3, introduced to me via Hugo/huggiesbest4babies.
Streetlight Manifesto - A Better Place, A Better Time Without a doubt one of my favourite bands, revealed to me by Mandos.
John Frusciante - Central Last one I'll post lest this list take anymore of my time, Frusciante's solo shenanigans were linked to me first by LL.

So yeah, this forum has helped broaden and shape my musical taste quite a bit over the last couple of years. [/spoil]

Right, can't really remember what I was going to say next after going through all that music, a lengthy distraction from what is also by effect becoming a lengthy distraction, so let's jump into movies and television now, I generally prefer comedy as I always feel it's better to be entertained through laughter rather than mere tragedy, horror or fancy explosions, that said however my second favourite genre is probably the one filled with fancy explosions, the action genre and thrillers and such, I do especially love numerous films from the 90s, though that probably applies to everything from music to films to games, especially Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Street Fighter, damn that is some nostalgic shit (oh hey that's probably the first swearword dropped so far, not too bad I guess). with games I'm torn between ones where I shoot a lot of stuff or control a lot of stuff, luckily there is plenty of middle ground for both as RTSs like Dawn of War, Command & Conquer, etc, though I'm also partial to the occasional racing game.

Okay this is getting pretty long now so I might as well go the whole hog and challenge branabus for the longest self-description, we've probably already delved into the depths of possibly self-absorbed and long-winded, overtly-waffly, dubiously reliable and/or readable posting here.

So, uh, yeah, aside from unnecessarily shortening my paragraphs I can also probably use some filler by relating to political and spiritual beliefs, unfortunately my beliefs can be pretty much summarised according to more generalising sources as 'centrist democrat' and 'agnostic', though I can probably elucidate further and sneak in more fancy words by explaining myself anyways. I believe, in a sense, that the buck stops with humanity, we are the end all and save all of this here Earth, it is down to us to protect it against the nature of the universe, it is down to us to protect life and existance itself as far as I'm concerned, as the only sentient beings in this here part of the galatic slurry. And as such, I find it incredibly pointless and downright stupid that those in power still bother themselves in pitiful land, fuel and heritage disputes. Space colonisation is on the horizon and yet everyone's still pissy about what China did to Tibet's dog, what the Jews did to Mohammad's favourite slippers and the crazy antics of a group of internet wild cards, I find the fact people refuse to get over these trivial misdemeanours and calamities of the past to be quite dissappointing and very counter-productive. Oh and I especially hate political douchebaggery as exemplified often in opposing party politics, and especially so in the case of America, where one, both or more parties sole concerns is the undermining of the other's policies and the refusal to be gracious losers. When it comes to spiritual matters, agnostic actually does fit well, there may be a God, I don't particulary have high hopes for one nor for a heaven, I find it increasingly likely that the end will quite simply be a void of personal existance, but I also find it's best not to dwell on such depressing matters so far removed from our hands.

I think I better end this here as this is becoming disturbingly long and quite frankly if anyone reads all of that meandering twaddle then they are a true soldier of the literary banalities. I'll end it by saying I don't really put much stock in quotes either, everything is contexual/relative/blah blah. Also I'm sure Alex and Mandos now have enough ammunition to laugh at me for the next year to come.

L33P: Mr. Rainbowtacular of the year 2011
L33P: Noone is ever going to read that.
Lord Mandos: I've always thought his little dog avatar looked kind of pitiful
Assasin Strike: Nice guy, always liked having him around. And from my point of view, is avatar is just fine.
Ristow: A sad sad man. lol
Nonsou: Really nice, and a great person to talk about absolutely nothing in particular about. That probably made no sense, but I think people should know what I am on about.
Skydragon4200: I typed in British Cougar on Google images assuming I would get a Cougar with a British flag colour scheme. I got porn.
ElSee: Loves biscuits.
Xinryr: Coug is a daker, and he is OT's prom king. He's fun to make fun of, but usuaaaally is okay with it. He is also very skinny, which I don't like about him because he doesn't even work for it. He also is very bad at timing skype posts...
MicmasterR: Demanding.
slacker1717: Requested more comments thus I comment also he is British but all in all is not 2 bad despite being British.

Dark Chaos
Born and bred in my mind, Dark Chaos has gone from being my expression to the world to only select portions of me. Over the years, I have poured my heart out beyond its capacity to the letters on this forum. "DC" could be defined as a passionate propaganda artist and passionate to the end, but these days Dark Chaos is different to what it used to be. I have grown up and I have learnt a lot of lessons. These days, this forum doesn't see nearly as much of me as it used to. Is this because my secrets are held elsewhere or do I simply not reveal myself as much in general anymore? To ignore modesty, I will claim to have found a balance in life between selflessness and selfishness, but the balancing act is all in the fact that I do not believe this, I only try and appear that way. In reality, I am mostly likely suffocating myself of expression, living a simple life wherein I crave complexity. But complexity owes itself to be wrong more often than simplicity, and I have always taken the role as a supporter, a defender and a friend than the center of the universe. Due to this, I urge myself to live simply but I am in fact a roller-coaster. I have described myself, though I intend to extend this in the future. Let the task of describing Dark Chaos fall into the hands of those who want to write about DC, because I am only going to fall culprit to a battle between arrogance and modesty.

Branabus: The more advanced, philosophical version of me. God, in other words. (Unlike him, modesty doesn't come into it for me). Go to him for advice and philosophical debates, for he will not stay amongst mere mortals for petty arguments about physical things.
MasterFire: Most certainly has nothing to do with Bran at all, DC will be DC and Bran will be hit by a bus.
Lord Mandos: The coolest Astralalien I know, DC will always have a place in my heart for a Game of Fronts and his epic reading voice.
Assasin Strike: Don't really know him that well, but the guy's a freakin genius. (or highly intelligent)

My name is michael. I'm 6 foot 2, left leaning, very close in age I'm guessing, agnostic (flying spaghetti monster!!!), I don't play any instruments (though I did manage to achieve the most basic fundamentals of bass guitar a few months ago), I don't mess with computers, you mentioned racing games, and that's basically my shit right there, that and the game of Risk, I don't know about your whole space colinization rant though. While it's a great idea and a probable one, for the time being, it may be beneficial to focus on not destroying the earth. And just as a disclaimer, I don't know that humans are destroying the earth, but we might as well try our best to keep care of it for gods sake! What's so complicated about that majority of Americans?!?!?!?!?! Now I'm mad. Thanks cougar.

Real Name: Rebecah
Age: 16
Gender: Female (and don't you forget it! >.<)
Location: Northern California coast
Occupation: High school student; doer-of-random-stuff in a computer shop

Hm, what to say about myself? I've been playing TW since I was 14, I've been on the forums since I was 15, and I've been posting active-ish-ly in OT since sometime this year. I'm one of the new people by OT standards. I have this pretty, fancy purple forum name. No, that doesn't mean I'm a mod. Please stop mixing that up. I'm a blogger. In case anyone actually cares, I have blogged for w42 since February.

As I said above, I work in a computer shop. I'm the noob. You know, the one who's always asking other people to explain relatively basic things over and over. "Wait, what's a graphics card?" "Wait, what's the difference between this RAM and that RAM?" "Wait, what's this thing called?" "Wait, what does this do?" "Wait, do I plug this in here or here or here or there?" "Help, I'm stuck!" My main jobs currently include product photography and organizing the website. I haven't actually built a computer in over a month, and it saddens me.

I'm usually nice and friendly. I like nature. I kiss slugs (pictures in the real life pictures thread). I'm a hippie. I like wearing dresses and skirts because it's fun to twirl in them, but I don't do that very often. I sing, but almost never when people are listening. I'm willing to listen to just about any music so long as the lyrics aren't really bad and it's not obnoxious screamo. I like chocolate. I like most fruit, but strawberries are my favorite. I like a large selection of vegetables. I am a pescetarian (essentially a vegetarian with exceptions for fish and such-not) for mostly moral reasons, but also some health ones. I don't think everyone should be vegetarian, but I do think people need to be more aware about where their meat comes from. :p I tend to have very liberal political views, bordering on socialist/communist/anarchist (depending on the situation in question). My favorite Christian denomination is Quakerism. I enjoy reading and writing. I like math and science. I have an obsession with the ocean. And I'm not sure what else to say.

Xinryr: Most lovable person in OT <3 If I had money I would go live with her in California :3

Dwarven King
Real Name: Brian. Simple, right?
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Location: Only my stalkers are allowed to know this piece of information.
Occupation: Sadly, a cashier at Wal-Mart. .-.

Well, this shall be my attempt at talking about myself at least half as much as Cougar talked about himself. My God, that sentence irritates. <_< Alright, let's start with personal information. Umm...I've graduated High School and I'm currently saving money for college at this time (August 28, 2011...for future references). Let's see, I have a bad habit of only attracting psychotic girls, which is very irritating. .-. I also enjoy listening to Rock, Metal, Rap (mainly older Eminem), Classical (like Mozart), etc. Basically anything but Country and most rap. Oh, and I'm a fan of LOTR and my favorite color is red. I also read a lot and watch anime. Any questions about my personal information? Then quit being lazy and just ask me. -_-

Now, onto my TW life. I first started posting on July 18th, 2007 (yes, I am aware that it says that under my avatar). When I first started posting, there was an E-Wedding around the corner. If I remember correctly, it was between Rivka and Ibo. Correct me if I am wrong. Also, when I first joined, the forum was a much harsher place. It helped weed out the useless spammers and nubs you see these days. How was it harsher? Well, new members were flamed "properly". But it was still fun, and I survived the flaming. Yada yada yada, I posted a lot all over the forum and played the game. Then about a year ago, my activity dropped to nearly zero. I won't go into any details. But now I am back, and apparently quite a few people still remembered me. How do I know? They found me in other places on the internet and talked to me. ...stalkers. <_<

Well, I can't think of anything else to add. So...umm...err...oh yeah! I forgot to mention! Fear the most powerful hammer on the forum! The Ban Hammer! Then fear the second most powerful hammer on the forum! My Dwarven Warhammer! :D And have fun. :3
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Aliases: ElSee, Stupid1324, NumElSee, LC/L_C (and all other variations), Castellan, Lord_Castellan, Pink Pony, Ponyta, Light Cavalry
(Names span various forums, games etc)
Real name: Matt
D.O.B: 28 Sept 1991
Country: England

I couldn't really be bothered to write an autobiography, but when Masterfire started following me around with heavy objects and glaring at me menacingly, I thought I'd conform and do as I was told. I'm currently searching to find the previous 'About Us' thread, in which there may be more information which I can use to fill space. On that note, you should know that I often type in a rather narrative fashion, often going on about what I am currently doing. For example, I'm currently getting very annoyed that you can only conduct one forum search every 60 seconds. The fact that I made a typo first, and then accidentally pressed 'search' twice, is only delaying me.

Found it! So, here's some random quotes about me.
TjDarkness said:
Ah... What can you say about our own pink pony? Well, the thing that most people know is that he's gay. But since we all more or less had hott (butt) secks with him we could say that there's a little gay person in anyone.
Anyway, Lord_Castellan, better known as Matt, M4tty, L_C and other names, is mostly a happy person with grumpy moods. You can count him as one of the major factors around here, being one of our most active persons who has yet to receive a permaban.

Ateb said:
He's not gay, he just likes men.

Lix said:
L_C is loads of fun on MSN, though shy in other situations. Someday I will bring him some Starbucks treats

As mentioned, I'm not gay. Really.
Apparently I'm loveable, I'm cuddly and always smell nice, despite doing by best to annoy others through sarcastic comments. Once a month (or so) I have a bad mood swing and get rather grumpy, though the monthly grumps are getting less frequent, I still have regular mood swings, not just effecting my obvious emotions, but also how I perceive a friendships. One month I'll be fine with someone and the next I'll have a severe dislike for them.

I don't really drink much and wouldn't be able to specifically pick a favourite drink, but if I went to a bar I'd likely ask for a strawberry and lime Kopparberg, failing that I'd ask for a cocktail menu. If none of these were available, I'd likely just get something with vodka, sit in the corner, complain and throw a little tantrum until we went to a better bar. Yes. I'm immature, what of it? Talking of which, it always makes me laugh how 'I'm mature' sounds so much like 'immature'.

I've played Tribalwars in the past, though not a big fan of it any more, I usually get dragged into a world by Cory once a year. I used to play Eve Online for a while, over a couple of decent characters, but eventually got bored. I'm currently addicted to Minecraft, which I play with Osdeath and Lobster, though I also like a lot of RTS games. As such, I'm going through a Dawn of War phase at the moment (where as I had a Civilization 4/5 phase a little while back, and Age of Empires before that).

I can't quite think what else to add in, but having just previewed my post, I can quite confidently say Masterfire will be pleased with my attempt. Fare well and good night.

h0llygh0st: Pink Ponyta.

Fine Frenzy

I live in the Great United States of America, or USA if you wanna shorten it up a bit. I live in North Carolina to be more specific, though excuse me if I don't say the city because lolstalkers. I am about 5'8" or 5'9", somewhere around there. I weigh in from anywhere from 130 to 150 pounds, it depends on the time of the year and what activities I've been partaking in.

My TW history doesn't really matter, as it is entirely lackluster and full of shame and apathy. So yeah...

Anyways, I am Grayson Royal. I was once an ignorant conservative religious prick who annoyed the hell out of everyone. I may still do the latter, but I am far from any of the other descriptions. As of today (June 9, 2012) I would consider myself a liberal, and faith wise I fall into the agonist atheist territory. Though I do find myself struggling with the fact that there is no higher being, as I was raised a Christian and I am surrounded by Christians and there is no doubt in my mind that there is a human want for there to be a higher being. Be it because they want to feel like they have a purpose because of it or because they can explain the unknown by it.

I have passed primary school and am halfway done with secondary school. To be honest though, I have no idea what I want to study in university. I have interests in politics, economics, writing, and video game design. There is a lot I enjoy doing besides those, such as cross country running, playing video games, coming up with good novel concepts, and I love to imagine myself taking over a TV show and what I would do with it.

Um... Not sure what else to add so I'll leave it at that.

Age: 17
Employment: College student/Florist (unrelated Im studying interactive media)
Country: England
Religion: PAH! I dont believe in invisible men in the sky

So Ive been here a while now, started on W8 and sucked really bad. Got banned and restarted, and still sucked really bad.

There were a few worlds I played and I was never any good at TW.

Then I joined the forums to destroy some tribe from the inside, anyway my forum acc. got banned so I made this acc. then I got perma'd on the first acc. for ban evasion and was made to keep this one. So from then on Ive been GC.

I mainly enjoyed the graphics forum and spent much of my forum time making sigs and the likes.

Wandered into OT one day and never really left.

I prefer the light hearted side of things which, I had a break and came back and things had changed a fair bit.

I have run two MUD(ish) games on OT and hope to run some more and uphold the current wimminz thread (which is actually just a nuclear derailment)

And thats me, also I love my car more than anything else :3

Xinryr: Not good at writing about himself.
haza teh great: good at providing pics of teh wimminz for all to enjoy and is probably a pervert (jks)

haza teh great
Aliases/nick names: haza, scotch man
Real name: Harry
Age: 23
Country/region: England/Hampshire
Religion: agnostic

I'm a university graduate with a history degree stuck in a country where every job i'm skilled at has been cut, and so i work in a pub with my younger brother and generally spend my time at work looking handsome and telling jokes. I also moved back in with my parents in June to save money. I've been told that my personality is quite erratic, from compassionate one minute to completely callous the next and i can and will laugh at absolutely anything which is entertaining for me but annoying to simpler people such as my sister who i argue with a lot because of that. I'm trying to save up right now to go travelling in south america and Asia with my best friend so i go out and see people a lot less than i use to which sucks but i'm looking forward to getting away and experiencing the world more as so far the furthest I've been are places like Spain and Denmark... lol. in my free time i do a lot of historical research as i'm hoping to be able to write a few articles for a historical journal and see where that takes me in the future. currently most of my research is on WW1 and the hundred years war.

I play a lot of computer games, xbox 360 and pc. mainly on gears of war 2, black ops and bulletstorm at the minute but i have a rather large game collection so loads of others as well, genre wise though its mainly shooters, RPGs and action/adventure and football on the xbox and strategy and rpgs on the pc.

I have a strong interest in films and music and will always have something playing in the background, I've been told i have one of the most random music collections around with the range going from bobby vee and other 1950/60's music to various forms of heavy/death/viking metal, garage music, pop and dance music, trance, reggae and ska etc etc. pretty much everything though i listen mostly to metal and rock. in terms of films i prefer horror, comedy war, anime and action films (though not in that order). other interests involve reading and going drinking in bars etc (theres a reason i'm known as the scotch man after all)

i joined tw back in april 2008 on w16 back when that world was just opening and have managed to keep my account there for more than 3 years despite trying to leave on numerous occasions and then trying to merge my account with another tribemate (who i met in rl through tw and is now one of my closest friends) but the world is now closing (Oct 23rd) and so my account somehow makes the final cut of players to survive w16. i played on several other worlds as well but none other than w16 now and I will be retiring from the game when that ends in two months.

Real Name: Michael Henley
In Game name: Henley19
Age: 21
Sex: if you're offering!

Random fact: Due to my surname my teachers and friends at college thought I Owned the brand 'Henleys' as thats all I ever used to wear!


Cattypoos: the one I used to be sure was a girl, but wasn't, and then came back as a different name (Rush.) which was really confusing.

huggies best 4 babies

DruidEarth: He's a sweetie
Nonsou: What a cool guy. Only he and Cougar, I find, come up with witty responses that I find witty.

Born and bred in Wales, you can call me a number of things. Isaac (my real name), ibo (my forum personality) the ibot (my superior forum personality) or sheep shagger (my hobby. Apparently.) I'm here on the forum simply for fun and nothing else, I don't care what I do as long as it's enjoyable. I like to think i'm friendly, and easy to get along with, but if you cross me then it's extremely hard for you to get on with me. Ever. But that's just my own opinion, other people might think differently. In real life? I'm about 5'9, blonde, with blue eyes. (check the RL pics thread for the true sexyness) I'm quite 'sporty', and spend most of my time in water, either playing water polo or just doing normal swiming. Musically, I enjoy pretty much anything, I play a number of instruments and I listen to a number of different styles of music. It's all good in my books. Not sure how to wrap this up... buuuuut, yeah. I'm wicked awesome. Honest.

MasterFire: Seeing as this was probably one of the first attempts to get new people in OT, and that it was from Ibo himself, I felt the need to add it to the new About Us, even though the chance of him returning is not that big.


Name: Max
Age: 18 Years
Country: United States of America
Religion: Christian
Music Genres: Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Dubstep, Metal, etc
Favorite Bands: Alkaline Trio, Christina Perri, Owl City, Yellowcard, and Weezer.
Video Games: Team Fortress 2, Pokemon, Dwarf Fortress, Minecraft, The Total War series, Dragon's Dogma, The Elder Scrolls series
Also Pokemon Cards

Used to be quite active around here, but my life activities eventually got in the way. Currently I'm working a summer factory job, but this fall I will be attending the University of Cincinnati majoring in Chemical Engineering and participating in the Honors program. I'd like to start posting more often around here again. Basically since I've left I've become much more liberal and social, and I think I've grown quite a bit in general.
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Well, I is kdeb
I joined the forums as a little noob back then when the forums were relatively young, mainly to spam w7 as part of rivka's pirate crew. Got an invitation to that from a dutchie on the .nl forums. so that is how my forum carreer started. spamming, ending up getting infracted joining OT, where I got a lot less warned/infracted and hanging around. Joined a couple of other worlds, few serious, never got much villages.

At a certain point in time, Masterfire asked me to join the mod team (I guess I matured a bit then) so I did. After that I became elder and such, but I still am an OTer at heart, though nowadays mostly lurking.
Nowadays I spend most of the time on skype, talking to tw peoples.
I guess I am a nice guy to most, and a mean guy to some, though I guess I am failing a bit at being really all that mean. I guess if you want to know about me you just gotta talk to me.

DruidEarth: Koen is the sun!

Knight of Ice
IRL Name: Luke
Age: 19 and a couple of days while I write this
Whereabouts: England (that's as close as you're getting)
Occupation: Uni Student (doing Physics)

Started playing TW on W4 in early '07 with some friends from school, they left after a few weeks but I hung around as you can see. Played W4, as a massive newb, then played W10 and W21. W21 was entertaining being in a group of W4 vets. Joined the forums in early '08 and slowly migrated to OT. Haven't played in 2 years now apart from a couple of weeks a while ago as I got pushed into it. I'm usually spend more time lurking on the forums than I do posting, but I'll post if something gets my attention. I left the forums for a bit at the start of the year (2011) but I'm back again for now. I'm a gamer at heart, spend probably a bit too much time on my xbox 360, and the odd PC game as well, but also have interests in football, cricket and F1. Also like anime, currently watching all DBZ episodes atm as I have nothing better to do in the holidays. And music, preferred bands at the moment being Rise Against and A Day To Remember. Oh, and everyone calls me KoI. Or Knight. But usually KoI, prefer that for some reason.

Age: 22
Height: 6 foot 2"
Occupation: Bum
Gender: Male

I drift in and about, usually making everyone angry or everybody laugh, I don't think there is any balance there, and the latter happens less. I'm Alex, total jerk, angry old man, hipster extraordinary. I probably don't like you, because you were using too many smilies. I've been here since 2009, I don't think its very special, but join date does contradict everything. The Administrators love me, by the way, that's why I am here.

Lord Mandos: L33P/Alex, The grumpy aspie hipster lord of the Exodus crowd. I never really noticed him until he flipped out and started posting pornographic images everywhere. Good for comedic posts that make you laugh, although they're usually harshly at someone else's expense. Does anyone actually call him L33P?
Assasin Strike: Funny guy. Don't really know him that well.

Lord Lorkhan
IRL Username: Ben
Age: 16
Height: 178cm
Occupation: Student
Gender: Male
Nationality: American

Religious affiliation: Agnostic
Political affiliation: Utilitarian, usually left leaning.

Let's see here, I've posted in OT for what, three years now? I was a spammer at first, but then spam got boring and I jumped in to CtWs and debates. I want to say that my posts have gotten less numerous but been of better quality. Nowadays I usually don't spam and only post if I really have something to say, I was the first member of the second incarnation of the exodus, though I really don't post there much anymore, and I'm permabanned on MSG. I'm totally structuring this off Cougar's btw, so I'll say a little bit about my offline self. I'm competent with computers but not like Masterfire or Shadowmorph. I play bass (but it's got six strings!) in a pretty successful (on a regional level :p) djenty-metalcore band and I dress like a hardcore kid. I consider myself a member of the intelligentsia, and do quite enjoy learning, however lame that sounds. I daresay I'm pretty friggin' good at math and geography, and I do chemistry and photography as I hobby. I do art sorts of things occasionally as well, and I have a kinetic sculpture using ferrofluids up here and write for a local counterculture paper with a few friends. I do concrete work in the summer because my brother owns a small concrete contracting outfit, so juggling all that stuff I'm pretty busy so if it takes me a while to respond to something, it's nothing personal. As for music, I like experimental and progressive music first foremost, and when I don't listen to that it's either jazz, idm, technical death metal, metalcore/mathcore, though I do listen to most every genre. (I've really been digging MADE::IN::HEIGHTS recently) Politically I support whatever does the most good for the most people, and generally tend to be open minded, though I admit it may take a while for me to decide whether the idea is good or not depending upon the outcome of my googling and thinking. In a nutshell, practicality above ideals, freedom of information and validity of information is a must.

Also, I'm radically agnostic. Man's unfailing capacity to believe what he prefers to be true rather than what the evidence shows to be likely and possible has always astounded me. We long for a caring Universe which will save us from our childish mistakes, and in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary we will pin all our hopes on the slimmest of doubts. God has not been proven not to exist, therefore he must exist. However, the sword cuts both ways, and the idea that because a deity has not been proven to exist, then he must not, is similarly fallacious.

[spoil]The Red Chord - Hour of Rats [Death metalish]
maudlin of the Well - (Interlude 4) [Experimental]
Animal Collective - For Reverend Green [Experimental]
Squarepusher - Ultravisitor [idm]
Weather Report - Birdland [Jazz]
Between the Buried and Me - Camilla Rhodes [mathy metalcore]
Explosions in the Sky - Last Known Surroundings [Post-Rock][/spoil]

Lord Mandos
(most everyone just calls me Mandos, though)
IRL name: Lincoln
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Gender: Male

I started back in late '08 with Tribal Wars, played the game for about 3 months, then decided it was crap and dropped it. Somewhere in the middle, though, I found myself on the forums and have been hanging around on and off ever since. I'm an American and proud of it, but am firmly convinced the next century belongs to China (Sun Yat-sen said so a hundred years ago, and he was a smart dude). I was member number 2 of The Original Exodus (after dear Uncle Bob) and have probably been its most ardent supporter since it was founded (inb4 cougar or someone takes umbrage). I used to give a crap, but claim not to any more, although the fact that I'm still here speaks rather loudly in belying that claim.

The famous "Lewder = buttmad" picture:
Branabus: I'm not quite sure what to think about Mandos. Occasionally interesting, invariably inactive, odd and foreign. Don't get on the wrong side of him in a debate unless you're pretty confident that you can win. Oh, and don't forget that black is white.
Skydragon4200: Lord Mentos, he freshens your breath.

Aliases: Hex
About Me: Vaguely Interesting. Slightly Unpredictable. Always late.

MasterFire: Can confirm, will take 2 years to respond to anything

Well, Hi there. My name's Nameless. Or Nameless555vs666. Either one's fine. Or, if you've got any others, I'll be fine with those. I'm a 14 year old white english male. I live in West yorkshire, so I dont have a posh accent. I'm anything but a stereotyped-by-america Briton. I wear mostly (Skinny) Jeans and shirts(Not much of a T-shirt person), and whenever I can; band merch.
I'm not picky with my Music, but I have favourites. I like anything from Indie rock to Death metal, the occasional pop artists(Mika = 1 example), but they are few and far between. I hate RnB, dislike most rap & totally and fully detest techno.
My favourite bands are Lostprophets, Rise Against, Slipknot and Nickleback, though I have many that are very close. Although nowadays I love Heavy metal the like, I was originally raised on Classic Rock, and I never fail to love old bands. My particular favourites out of these would be Bon Jovi & Guns n Roses, two of the most inspirational bands I have heard. I long to be able to play guitar like slash on November rain or Welcome to the Jungle, or like Richie Sambora on Dry county. My favourite Guitarists would be either Slash or Jimi Hendrix, though Jimmy Page & Richie Sambora are close behind. I play a little bit of Guitar, though I'm not yet above decent.
For religion, I am not at all. I'm not a believer and never will, unless you can Believe in Science. I'm a very scientific person and not a religious person.
I hate Hypocrites & self-obsessives. I hate Vanity, I generally hate mainstream stuff and dislike people who follow the crowd. I'm a living oxymoron, and have been labelled as many Contradictions, Including: The Happy Emo, Optimistic Pessimist, the Clever Fool and many others.
I am an Avid reader of many different genres, including Manga, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Horror, and anything else, except probably romance. I love twists and Mysteries, and I like theories/Conspiracies. Interesting things. I am currently reading 'The Lord of the Rings', and will be reading 'The Silmarrilion' afterwards. I also write stories in my spare time, though most of them aren't exactly novels yet.
I am, as I tell this, relatively new to this particular forum, having been on it for about a month, and am not very well known, so I hope this can atleast give people an Insight into who I am and maybe it can establish some friendships.
Although I am new on this forum, I do have past experience on other forums, such as YCM(Under Magnet Soldier) and the HDforums(Under ~~Sukai Tero~~). I am a Roleplayer by heart, and am a little upset this forum doesn't have a RP section, but the OT is quite fun. You get a lot more sarcasm in it.

I will now leave you with some quotes:
'I have no Prejudices. I hate everyone equally.'
''Swords are cooler than Guns!' 'Oh yeah? Try taking on a guy with an AK-47 with a longsword.'
'No matter what people say, pirates will never beat ninjas.'

Dont know much else to write, so if anyone else wants to add anything, feel free. I doubt anyone knows me enough though.

Dutch as I may be I am also Swiss, the split is 50/50. I'm an elder mod here, but I frequent OT for other reasons. Though I doubt anyone denies it doesn't need some work every now and then (lets write that up to advertisement from people that only just registered).

To be descriptive of myself I'd start with me playing guitar, bass guitar and drums. I don't really have a preference when it comes to playing certain music, it really depends on what I feel like at the time of playing. Same goes for the music I listen to, one time you'll hear me listening NYHC or Boston Hardcore, the other it'll be The Ventures, and then it'll be some DnB track, or some RJD2 of course. I play in a band, we play hardcore in the likes of mixing old with the new, so Minor Thread with Comeback Kid, Street Dogs, chances are, it's going to be at the speed of Comeback Kid though. Asides that, I'm an avid PC gamer in the likes of Battlefield. Currently working my way through Bad Company 2 (which is going steady), if you're ever up for a game feel free to PM me and we'll have at it. I play pool/billiards from time to time, I drink alcohol from time to time. I love good food (paella for instance).

And asides all that, I really don't know what to tell you. I'd say, check out the OT forums from time to time, I'm sure that if it interests me from time to time it will interest you too.

Branabus: Amusing. And good at computing. And an Elder. Nice guy, all-round.
Assasin Stike: He hates Macs. If you ask him a question, he'll give you a straight answer. No riddles with this guy. He's a nice guy though.
nindel: Very lazy, but very lovable :3
No I in Threesome/Hotaka: That dude typed my name like "No I in threesome" under my little descriptive thing, when it is obvsly "No I In Threesome".

Age: Highschool
Interests: the animes, TWOT, video games, MSPA
Location: Pennsylvania

I'm just an average, God-fearing, American gentlemen without a job, no life, an internet connection, and too much time on my hands. Honestly, I'm on this way too often. Sometimes when I'm not on here I'm taking a walk in the park or jogging. I might be doing something related to Boy Scouts. Maybe reading manga or something. I don't know.

I joined this forum a few years ago. Tribal Wars was recommended by someone on some other forum about some other browser game. I can't remember the name. It was sci fi and I think related to mining with space ships. I think it was a bit like Eve. I have since quit Tribal Wars and that sci fi game. Now I mostly hang around the forum playing RPGs and whatnot. Most of my posts are short, this is the most I've written in a while. I'm not DC.

slacker1717: Decent I like his post style but his affinity for "god" is quite annoying. He is pretty good at pissing people off so he gets a +1 from me.


kiwi can fly.: meep ;3
Assasin Strike: :3:3:3:3:3
Nonsou: OMG, cute.

Well, firstly I'd like to say that I hate my username. People normally know me as 'Clamju' from .co.uks MSG, which is nearly the equal of .nets OT, only not as cool and active. People also know me as Nicole, seeing as I have introduced myself by the name my Mother decided would be suitable at birth. I started posting in OT around September last year, and I'd like to think since then, I have become a member of the OT crowd. My reason for moving on from .co.uks MSG to OT was because a german decided to remove me from that community :(. I frequent the 'player picture threads' most of the time, posting snaps of myself. I should probably stop dying my hair every other colour, but I like rainbows and why can't be a rainbow? Oh, and before I forget, I tried to get jirki banned and I lost. Don't mess with jirki.

abhijith45: Her sig is funny. Oh, and she has red hair.
Assasin Strike: She is entertaining, to say the least. Fun to have convo's with, and I don't think I've ever seen her lose her temper.
ElSee: She's so sexy.

I'm 27, old in OT standards, and one of the few people from India. I have quit TW some months back, due to my pressure of job, which takes about 14 hours of my time.I am a pharmacist, doing promotional work for a pharma company.
I love to eat,(I love beefstakes and pork ribs), drink,smoke, play games, I love to listen to music(some even in languages I do not understand, but i HATE the rappers, Eminem being a notable exception) , i love to go to long drives.
I am a Hindu by birth, but you guys can call it "confused/atheist".
Oh, and I think I will be compelled to marry soon ... hopefully another year of freedom :D

Anything else i should add, let me know.
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Reza the killer2
Other Alias' – Meh too many to write in :D
RL name - Hamidreza
Location – From Iran, live in Kuwait
Religion: Islam
Age: guess… (meh im 17)
What i want to be when i grow up: Some kind of inventor/scientist... Maybe even a nuclear scientist :D

Music: I'm mostly rap. But love Iranian traditional music
Movies: Mostly comedy
Sports: I love football. Football (americans to you its soccer)
Books: Adventure, sci-fy…etc. I read any good book. I also like reading about History
Games: STRATEGY,DTRATEGY,STRATEGY. I also like some first shooter games, pokemon etc.

About me:
I was born in the city of Gerash… Yeah then came to Kuwait and studied.. That’s about it. I love History, Geography and a bit of maths.
I came to TW when world 7 came out. I made a forum account which failed then. Then came back on most other worlds. Helped accs. Jumped on accs and shit.
This acc has been my success fullest till now. Meh I like to spam, and argue with people.
Politically I support the Islamic Republic Of Iran view. And I support Ahmadinejad ( most people think most Iranians hate him which is not true)

Meh can I have some people have a few sentences on me???

Real name: Ristow
Age: 20
Country: Suriname
Religion: Baptized Christian, but I like to think of myself as an atheist

Music: I'm mostly rap and hip hop, but I can listen to anything with a good beat like jazz, reggae, rock, RnB, House, Electronica, Alternative, punk, pop, oldies, etc. Until now the only type of music I have real distaste for is heavy metal(just people screaming and banging on their instruments like they want to break them.WTH??)
Movies: Action, thriller, horror, comedy. Things like that.
Sports: Just a bit of soccer and basketball now and then, nothing major unless sleeping is a sport.
Books: Fantasy, sci-fy and horror. In that order. Don't mind a good detective now and then.
Games: I like my games like my books, with a bit of strategy or shooting mixed into it.

About me: I'm a pretty laid back guy and can't be bothered or made mad easy. You would have to seriously trying to succeed. I don't talk much unless talked to but I stand strongly by my opinions. I'm quite good at studying but am not motivated enough so I easily settle for a 5 or 6(around a C for you people). I would like to do something in literature, like writing(but I'm bad at putting my thoughts on paper and grammatically my english pretty much sucks) or something with computers though my knowledge of them is like less then average so yeah.

I came to TW late 2007, like around november/december. Found the forums the forums in may 2008 and joined OT directly since the forums seemed a bit to strict. My 1st post was in the RPC I think. I quite TW like a year after joining the forums(got bored of being rimmed) but stayed in OT. I like the RPG's like the CTW's and the ones RG(somebody has to get him back) does. I also like the debates that are often started here though I don't participate much.

Edit: Politically I don't know where I stand. I don't mind some socialistic/communistic ideas, but I don't mind some of the capitalistic ideas neither so I'm a bit torn. Not that it matters much its not like I'm going into politics or something.

So since I feeling like not writing about myself but that I should still do it here's few lines about me.

So Im a finn born in march -89. Currently a student, served in the army as NCO. My hobbies are guitar, fine arts and kendo. I joined forums back in W5 and OT when W7 came out as a rebell against RPC which then turned into friendly rivalry and since RPC isn't such a big deal anymore I've obviously won, right? Used to go by the name BurningAngel.

In OT most people tend to see as an aggressive and provoking guy who just loves to flame as I am a staright forward kind of guy. Can't blame them as that is true unless you break that facade and get on my good side. I have a nasty habbit of starting to push buttons of someone who annoys me in someway, but I guess that I can be nice at times. That should be enough.

Cougarbrit: I don't really see him as an aggressive or provacative guy. At all. Ever.
Assasin Strike: Yeah, I'm with Coug. Never seen that stuff from him. Maybe its because I'm on his good side. :D
nindel: Nicest person ever :3
Nonsou: Thinks I'm a guy :x
MasterFire: Thinks he's right


I'm currently enrolled at a christian university working towards a BA in History/Biblical Ministry. I first joined this community in late '07. I frequented the Theoretical threads and had a penchant for arguing with anyone I could. I don't do that as much anymore. I played the CTW games when they weren't quite so complicated, and have participated in a few Werewolf/Mafia threads. I like RPGs and hosting them, but I have a terrible habit of not finishing what I start.
I am perpetually single and slightly conservative. I prefer proper grammar for most communication, though I don't mind terrible grammar for the sake of a joke.

[What I be missing?]

Aliases: Did a brief stint as KangTheMad, then my alt account turned into my main account and here I am.
Real Name: Clayton
Gender: Male
Age: 20 as of writing this
Country: USA
Region: Illinois (the s is silent)
Religion: Athiest (the s is not silent)

About me: Dammit Ewok, do I have to write this? Fine. I'm a history buff, currently thinking about teaching history for a career. That doesn't mean I'm boring. I was never raised religious, nor had any religious leanings. I had a children's bible as a kid, thought the stories were neat, never believed in them. Politically, I'm near socialist, with a hawk lobby leaning. I'm also Soft Cat's secret lover.

Musically, I enjoy a lot of classic rock, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Quiet Riot, Poison, Alice Cooper, along with more modern stuff, Swedish House Mafia, Florence, Chicane. I dislike pop, hipster tripe, rap, Nikki Minaj. And Krispy Kreme is a godsend. I used to play the flute and piano when I was a little kid, but I quit because I didn't like it.

Personally, I used to be in the BSA, quit when I got to high school, just didn't have the time. I still read survival stuff sometimes, and I'm fairly confident of my ability to live in the woods for a month without dying. I haven't tested it out though. I enjoy theater, been in that since I was young. Most recently I was in a college production of The Shadow Box. Love to read, favorite authors are Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Clive Cussler and other. I am a pretty decent nerd, sometimes play a little D&D. I also have a really odd sense of humor. Oh, and the av I have right now, with the crazy looking man, that's a mugshot from The Smoking Gun. Kudos to you, random creepy dude that got arrested.

Other Alias' - IAmATigerRawr, 167s, Red?, Matakwane1, Todner, Jingsky, Res Ipsa, Nyan Ewok, and most recently CuteyGal (dont ask) and some others.
IRL name - Kev
Sex/Sexual preference - Male/Female. :icon_wink:
Location - Edinburgh.
Age (DOB) - Twenty (04/04/1992)

I came to TW in 08 after getting nagged by some friends that joined a few weeks prior. Most quit after about ten weeks, and all within a year. I always have been, and most likely always will be a Noob. I act like I know what I'm doing but I really have difficulty sniping/sending trains less than 30seconds (but hey, barbs don't fight back, right?). I couldn't get enough of W24, I played across many accounts (I kept getting rimmed and then when starting up I'd get offered another permasat account) over a couple years till the world entered it's final stages and I quit(/was rimmed). Apart from W24 I've played in a few other worlds. Currently playing W52. My playing style is quite aggressive. I guess that doesn't really make sense as seeing as though I cant play for hell I'd be best to turtle... but never mind. My forum life has always been a love/hate relationship. I love to troll and the Jirki hates me. I got perm'd before Lewder and I'm proud of that record. I know that I'm not exactly loved round these parts.. :(

I grew up in a town 9 miles from the centre of Edinburgh. About 22k population, a few pubs/take-aways/high schools/barracks - you get the idea. My childhood was very family-orientated. We'd visit relatives every week and holiday'd together and such. I did well in school right until I hit 16 and discovered alcohol and weed. I started failing and by the end of the year I was asked to leave. I joined college. I dropped out of college. I started work. I got the sack. Right now life is far from perfect, and thats where TW comes in. TW, Fallout, Alcohol and women make my world go round. Not ideal, but I put up with it.

I'm probably going far too personal with not enough facts about myself, so I'll give a quick outline of some interests/interesting facts:

- I like to read. Currently working my way through a series by Steven Erikson.
- I prefer to sleep on hard mattresses rather than soft ones.
- Currently in love with The Big Bang Theory and an avid Tumblr user.
- Borderline alcoholic. I smoke but I'm not addicted (honestly).
- I used to have a crush on Ashley A from Recess.
- Whisky.
- When I was three I was the tallest kid in the UK for my age. I was in the paper.
- My claim to fame is being 3k bigger in points than Seagryfn on W61.

I'm also fascinated by people. Everybody. Not in a weird way. I don't stalk (m)any people, but I get so enthralled by the way people interact with other people. The relationships between them and actions that are made and how they affect things. It's always interesting to sit back and take a subjective look at those around you. Having said that it may seem predictable that I get on well with people. Whilst I do, I'm still completely clueless about how my own actions affect other people. Strange, huh?

I thought I'd include some quotes from a few people I've met during my travels:

stop using your damn alias ewok you annoye everyone and oyu succed to contribute nothing even in a general section thread.

You are not an Ewok, you are SirEwok, the nub who can't understand that bans mean you can't post at all

SirEwok in S²ORMe? I bet Deus are quaking in their boots now.

We all know and accept that Ewok has a multi, correct?

Ewok's a cool girl.

I hate Ewok...

Ewok is one of those posters that just makes me rage inside whenever he appears.

go back to Endor, Ewok
I like to make friends<3
Sorry for taking up space with this otherwise useless post. I don't pretend to assume that this will be read.

I think I'm a pretty nice guy. I'm also pretty slow. Does that mean that nice guys DO finish last (in a race)?
HAH! My description is a joke, look at me! I'm so witty and original. And look there, I was sarcastic about myself! This is great, now someone stoke my ego and feed me compliments.

SirEwok: He thinks he's cool.

Real Name: Arnold
Religion: Catholic
Me & Politics: Don't care and not my subject or otherwise Communist
Future Indie Game Developer; I have set my life's dream regardless of whether or not I fail.

I come here mainly for self humor and to talk and/or debate about what I think really matters to me personally. I am a game fanatic, I enjoy having some entertaining value in my spare time. I have some strong opinions about which game is reasonable and which is an utter failure. I'm planning to attend College this year and take up Computer Science as I got accepted (yay!). I merely joke around most of the time I'm here, some people think I'm being cruel but that's only because they haven't been around here very long to know. Sometime in the future I would like to be able to get a group going for any of our currently popular games such as COD: Black Ops and Crysis 2. Hopefully I'll be able to attain a forum party and surely be able to goof around during the mist of gameplay when I feel like it, as it makes the gameplay more enjoyable.

Added the above information since August 28 as I might not be here anymore, I will have to choose my free time more wisely since I'll be having less of that.

Assasin Strike: What can I say? He comes here for his own personal enjoyment, and seems to enjoy it. He just loves to annoy people. At least, thats the vibe most people get. ;)
Hotaka: Heavily enjoys counting threads.
Branabus: Been here for a while. Moderately nice person, unless he's in a bad mood. Mainly posts in the Last User to Post Here Wins thread and the Count to 10,000. And that's about all that I know.

Name: Kevin - Slacker (also RL nickname)
Age : 18
Occupation : Tour guide
Intrests : History,Books, Music ,fascism lulz

I'm slacker and I suck at TW. This is where my story begins with essentially my lack of skill at this game. I was introduced to this game by a friend of mine after discovering on our bike rides to school that we both enjoy similar games. I was a crellan player while he was a TW player. After a while we decided to play TW and we did and we sucked and got owned repeatedly. After my friend quit TW I played solo for a time. Somewhere in there making a forum account to ask questions and rage at people who killed my spear men and took my clay. I played for around 6 months before I quit but shortly before I Left I found out about OT.

My first few months in OT I was not very well liked. I spammed like mad posting in every thread and just pissing everyone off. I had a great time of it but eventually it got boring. I eventually stopped posting as much and started to actually contribute sort of. On this forum there are many debates and in many cases the forum is almost totally behind one position where everyone backs it. I'm normally that one guy that tries to defend the other side. Half the time I really don't care most of the time I know little about the subject. But I continue anyways because really if debates ended all the time with everyone going yeah communism FTW this forum would be a boring place. When that one guy goes and starts posting about the positives of fascism then shit gets interesting.

Now away from my forum personality I am a very different person. On here I am out going loud mouthed and obnoxious I start arguments and post a lot. My real life is quite the contrary and is almost the exact opposite. I'm normally very quiet and listen to music and read books a lot. In school I was the kid face down on his desk sleeping with headphones on. Thats basically me I normally don't express my opinions on subjects IRL that I do on the forum. The forum has helped me with this however and I now more strongly present my opinions IRL.

Assasin Strike: Ah, slacks. In contrast to the old school spammers, he's new school. Always liked him though. :)
Nonsou: His arguments against religion, to me, make him look biased.
abhijith45: I don't see reasons why everyone gets pissed off by Slacker's opinion. Sure, maybe one or two opinions are absurd, or else its kinda ok. There are people who have confirmed that Slacker>Lewder however. :p
Skydragon4200: Slackers gonna slack.

Sweet Deception
Aliases: Freaky Harmony, Sweet Deception, UberSmexyMegaPwn,...
Real name: Viktor
Age: 17, soon 18
Height: 190cm or 6 foot 2" i think
Country: Serbia
Occupation: No, just a visit
Interests: Dota, music, anime,...
Gender: Male

'Bout me:
Well, im a lazy guy who would just lay around all day and do nothing. Im not really interested in tw but i like the community and i like to have fun on skype with others and thats the only thing that keeps me here. Im a highschool student (electrotecnic), last year now and i feel like everything has come to the end.
Ive been playing tw for 4 years now (my 1st world was 24 but i started in 22, 23, 24 and 25 alse because i was hooked up on it). After some time it became boring as ive played in over 60 worlds now, on 4-5 different servers. Because im not addicted as i used to be i play max 1 world at time and usually the newest one (because i like start-up :p). If i have nothing do to on tw i usually go and play Dota (real-time strategy, been playing 7 years now but not extremely active), music (im into all music other then rep and hip-hop because i love faster music (techno/rock/house, something to make me get up and dance)) and animes but im not really a big fan of animes, just watch 1 from time to time because i watched a lot of movies and animes have more interesting stories (my fav anime is Code Geass). I like sports too, it doesnt matter which one because im kinda good at all of them (but i trained football/soccer).

that would be all, dont know what else to write :p

IG Aliases: Burn Season, Blatant Alias, Hybrid Theory (and many, many more)
Actual Name: Andy
Nicknames: Dave, Kermit, Umbrella
Age: 19 (at time of typing)
Location(s): Cambridge (home town), Southampton (University)
Occupation: Physics Student

I suspect out of all the people in OT, I've actually played TW the most (having played consistently for several years across 30 odd worlds). I'd like to think I'm a fairly laid back, nice guy. I'd like to think that. People who know me a little bit tend to be fooled by this exterior and accept it. Those who know be better describe me as an ass-hole, albeit a likable one.

As for my interests; at university I'm fairly active. I rock climb, go for regular runs and attend the university Muay-Thai club. At home I'm a lazy S.O.B sitting around playing games and reading books. I read alot of books. Mostly confined to Fantasy, but I do make the occasional foray into science fiction. These two areas also happen to be my favorite film genres. I'm one of those sad people that can scroll through the IMDB and tick off most of the films in the top 250. Not just of all-time, but in Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror and action (to a lesser extent that last one).

Musically: metal for the most part

Politically: Economically right wing, socially left wing.

Other little facts about me are: I have 3 scars on my chin (all separate events), my wallet has a sticker that says "Not Stupid" on it (from The Age of Stupid), chemically straightened hair (naturally have a full on afro a.k.a a jew-fro as I'm white) and I get a dimple at the bottom of my right cheek when I smile.
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kiwi can fly.: <3 believe me, she's the most awesome woman in the internet (funny, she's not hyper/sensitive liek any other woman o.0) i like.
Assasin Strike: I have never seen this woman when she is not drunk, getting drunk, or planning to get drunk. Fun to talk to, though. I'd say she's an OT favourite.

Something something cayenne pepper

Well now... about me aye? Well at this moment in time I am 21 years old, I love rock and metal music, I'd say i'm fairly well known on the forums, I'm easy very opinionated but I can understand others views, I can never seem to decide whether I want my hair short or long, I love going to gigs and festivals, I like to think I am also well liked. I like to freerun (although not as much as I used to), go out with mates and do alot of gaming, I can't think of anything else to write on here so if you have xbox live hit me up my gamertag is Silentless

Age: 21
Height: 6' something
Occupation: Student
Gender: Male

I'm a University Student reading Software and Network Engineering. I am an elder mod and have been for over 2 years. Before this I was a regular mod, for the w3 forums, as well as a level 2 IG moderator. I first became a mod on the 26th May 2007. I decide to leave when I first started college, however, found the time to rejoin the team. I currently Elder the General and Community sections of this forum.
I first joined TW in April of 2007 when I was brought to the website by a few friends. They had been playing for quite some time, but have now left the game. I first joined W6, and then moved on to the older worlds, namely playing w2 with Slackux. Unfortunately, my game record on w3 was short lived when I was offered the forum position. I currently do not play any worlds.

DruidEarth: Aubrey is strange and silly. He's also weird. He'll be somewhat distressed to find that I'm teasing him, but he's so adorably sweet that it's kinda hard not to. :3 He's very nice and friendly if you can convince him to actually interact with you rather than hiding in his little shyness bubble.
Cougarbrit: Not as shy and introverted as druid probably makes out with him to be.
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