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I have always hated co-playing. Never done it on any world I played. Earlier worlds it was advantageous to have a co-player, which to me always seemed unfair but it was something I could deal with. I had the option to co-play but didn't. I knew this would impact my gameplay but not majorly. Also in the earlier days I remember when new players got nobled, they would sometimes join an account in the tribe to co-play and learned a lot. So it was beneficial.

But then having 3-4 players on one account started (which allowed farming 24/7) giving a massive advantage. Then pushing accounts came about which in my mind is cheating the game.

So to me it's simple. Ban co-playing. The account sitting option is there so your account can be watched when you are away. Use that! - its there for that reason. The more accounts on a world, the better the world, I don't think anyone would dispute that. But having 3-4 players on an account drastically reduces the number of account on a world and most of the time these 3-4 players have experience at the game....


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Isn't coplaying illegal anyway? I thought there was a rule that you couldn't tell anyone your password...


Banning co-playing is not feasible and has been discussed and debated for apparently at least 10 years now. I am not necessarily fond of co-playing myself though I have participated, which honestly gave me the room I needed to retire from the game. Some experiences were great others...less so.

Also co-playing is not illegal, the rule last I read is no one playing ON your world is allowed to log in to your account on the same game world. Sharing passwords in game used to be illegal would have to re read the rules to confirm if it is still a thing. Though sharing your password in general is not against the rules.


First rule mention while seeming very straight forward actually has clarifying rules at the bottom of the page>
It is forbidden to share passwords or other login credentials with other players. There is no obligation for the support team to assist in such cases.

At the bottom of the rule page it explains how you leave 1 account on a world and take over another account on the same game world which would require sharing passwords. This gives some explanation of the flexibility of the first rule, and maybe the first rule should be brought up as a poor choice of wording that might need adjustment. I am sure last time I played the first rule was worded different not requiring an addendum a whole page away. If you follow the link in the rule below they explain that Tribalwars does not SUPPORT co playing but does have guidelines to make sure that players stay within the rules while performing such actions.
When switching from one account to another, the password of the account must be changed. The player is only allowed to switch to the new account 24 hours after this change took place. The old account must remain active on the world and the new account cannot noble it. Please review all regulations on this process as listed here, before taking any action.

I do find the reversion of the ennoblement rules to their original wording to be interesting and feel maybe they are not exactly the best laid out in the sudden stop and maybe the guidelines to the mods are looser then the wording permits. I feel that that rule should maybe allow for some public looseness and tighter instead of tight rule and loose modding if that is the case.

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On the Cueball account we always had 2-3 players on it *Same players*, we always started a new world with us all on the account from the start. I don't like the ideal of when players join a new world with each of their own accounts full knowing they will all merge into one account, But it happens move on is the way I look at it. What I really don't like is dummy accounts being made to help main accounts, But what can you do? Its just part of the game and over come it, Take it like it's part of the challenge of the game. Just my thoughts.